‘Survivor’ Castaway Alexis: ‘I Think I Twerked Just the Right Amount’


Alexis Maxwell (CBS)

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I remember back in the day when players didn’t leave the game because of murderous rage or fear of their loved ones replacing them on Redemption Island. Back then, people were voted out by a jury of their peers for strategic reasons.

Good times.

I spoke with the most recent victim of one of those old-fashioned eliminations the morning after her torch snuffed. During the conversation we discussed why she was targeted, Morgan’s anatomy, and twerking…

Gordon Holmes: Alright, which one are you? The one who didn’t quit?
Alexis Maxwell: (Laughs) That’s me.
Holmes: OK, good. Last night you were so emotional after being voted out, as anyone would be. What’s it like to see Lindsey throw in the towel in the same episode?
Maxwell: It’s a stark contrast to how I exited. Seeing someone quit is never good. Part of the reason I was crying so much is I was thinking of all the fans that wanted to play and I felt like I let them down. I took a spot away from someone and blew it. So, I couldn’t imagine being a quitter.

Holmes: Was the vote a blindside or did you see it coming?
Maxwell: It shouldn’t have been a blindside. I should’ve been smarter than that, but it was 100%. I had no idea. The whole Tribal I was thinking of how proud I was of myself for making the merge. I was so excited. I was thinking of post-merge plans. I really didn’t think it was me going home.
Holmes: Was it your relationship with LJ and Jefra that made them choose you?
Maxwell: Yeah, I think I was too upfront about it. I thought when I was telling the Brains that I could pull in Jefra, I thought it was helping my case. It put a bigger target on my back.

Holmes: We’re five episodes into this season and I have no read on Morgan. Help me out here.
Maxwell: When I was out there I really didn’t know anything about her either. (Laughs) We didn’t really talk very much out there. She didn’t really talk to anybody. She had very interesting gameplay. Nobody considered voting her out because she was very not threatening. I said in one of my scenes that I wanted to keep her till the final three because there’s no way anyone would vote for her for the million. She’s a goat. Her gameplay was good for getting her far, but I don’t think it was strategy.
Holmes: She wasn’t connecting with anyone.
Maxwell: She really wasn’t. I don’t think her heart was in it. I thought she was going to quit. It didn’t seem like she wanted to be there. One time we won a challenge and I think she was sad because she wanted to go home.

Holmes: Was there ever any talk of the Beauties sticking together after the swap?
Maxwell: There was no talk of it at all which was obviously very dumb of us. I guess we all had a perfect wedge between us. I think we all thought we were doing the same thing which put them in the power position. They got so much information without having to give information out.

Holmes: So, your plan was to have twerking be a major component of your strategy?
Maxwell: (Laughs) It got me on the show because I used that in my application video. It was kind of funny. It’s what me and my friends do for fun. I didn’t think it’d be a topic of conversation on “Survivor.” (Laughs)
Holmes: I don’t know where the line is, Alexis. That’s an unanswered question. Did you twerk too much? Did you not twerk enough?
Maxwell: (Laughs) I think I twerked just the right amount.
Holmes: I feel like that’s something you can build on.
Maxwell: 100%. It’ll get me jobs in the future. I’ll have a nice career.

Holmes: Were there any visible cracks in the Brain alliance?
Maxwell: It seemed like Tasha and Kass were a solid unit. It seemed like Spencer was their puppy.  And that’s why I thought Spencer was good to talk to because he wasn’t running the alliance.

Holmes: What role was Sarah playing as the lone Brawny member?
Maxwell: It put her in a good spot. There was no threat to send her home. I didn’t want Sarah to get to the merge because she had so many people on the other side. But when Lindsey and Cliff disappeared it really hurt me and helped her.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with LJ.
Maxwell: Horse whisperer. (Laughs) The horse dude.
Holmes: Jefra?
Maxwell: My girl.
Holmes: Jeremiah?
Maxwell: Annoying.
Holmes: Spencer?
Maxwell: Mixed feelings.
Holmes: Kass?
Maxwell: She’s funny. I like her.
Holmes: Brice?
Maxwell: My favorite! I love Brice.
Holmes: Join the club. Latasha?
Maxwell: Powerful.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Morgan.
Maxwell: Boobies. (Laughs)
Holmes: C’mon, Alexis. This is a family site.
Maxwell: (Laughs)
Holmes: Here we had a nice classy interview going.
Maxwell: I think it went well.

Holmes: What’s your takeaway from your time on the show?
Maxwell: I don’t think a lot of what I learned pertains to real life. I learned how to play better the next time. But the lessons won’t be applicable to my life. I learned to not think of the best-case scenario. I learned to be more paranoid and not see the good in people. But I would never bring that to my real life. I like my young, positive outlook.

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