‘Survivor’ Castaway Sarah: Kass Was ‘Wreaking Havoc Around Camp’


Sarah Lacina and Jeff Probst (CBS)

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The problem with being a swing vote is that it’s a position that draws a lot of attention and can easily be taken away.

Police officer extraordinaire Sarah Lacina learned that the hard way.

I spoke with the former member of Cops R Us this morning and got her take on last night’s blindside, Tony’s lies, and her surprise BFF…

Gordon Holmes: Last night’s Tribal was just…wow. Did you have any idea that Chaos Kass was going to throw you guys under the bus?
Sarah Lacina: No, I didn’t. I kind of picked up that the other tribe was going to vote for me once they realized I wasn’t going to flip. I tried to hold off as long as I could. I knew from before they hit the beach that I was staying. I didn’t want them to know because I’d rather them come to me than someone else because I was afraid of them flipping. And sure enough, that’s what happened. But, I was sitting at Tribal Council and it was a total roller coaster. LJ and Tony are patting each other on the back thinking, “Ha! We got ‘em.” And then the first name Jeff reads is Jefra, and I turn around and give them a little smirk. And it took forever for Jeff to read the votes, and I’m thinking, “We already know Jefra is going home. Just say it.” And before he reads the final vote, I look back at Jefra and she’s got tears in her eyes and I’m thinking, “See ya.” Then he reads “Sarah.” It took me a minute to process it. I’m telling myself, “You have to get up because you have to leave now.”

Holmes: In hindsight, were you trying to take charge of the alliance or did you think these conversations were just spirited discussions? Because whatever it was managed to alienate Kass.
Lacina: I didn’t feel like we were alienating her at all. We were having conversations as a six-some. I felt strongly about it being time to get a power player out. I knew how dangerous LJ and Tony were. I wanted them out of the game. I was going to stand firm to that. This is my game, it’s an individual game for everyone. And I’m not going to let the fate of my game sit in someone else’s hands. If they think I’m going to take a backseat, then I have to look at my options and go somewhere else. I sound like a diva saying it has to go my way, but I felt the vote needed to go the way I wanted it to.
Holmes: From what I’m seeing on the show, I’d be assuming that Kass would be the last person to jump. You’ve got numbers with the six, then she’s in the smaller alliance with the Brains.
Lacina: No. Spencer, Jeremiah, and I were very close out there. And we said we’d take it to the final six as a group. Then as a threesome, we had discussed getting Kass out earlier because she was causing so many problems around camp. And not just with me, she was just wreaking havoc around camp. I knew it was not going to end up good the way it was going.

Holmes: What was it like to come home and watch on TV how much Tony was lying?
Lacina: I’ve spoken with Tony since, so I knew I was going to see him talk bad about me or lie. I was surprised by how much he did lie to me. If it were anyone else I wouldn’t have put that much trust in him, but the fact that he’s a cop it was like, I’ve put my life in the hands of other police officers. And they trust me with the same. We had heart-to-heart, hour-long conversations about that. I really felt connected with him. So, I did not expect him to be lying as much as he did. I wasn’t nice to him either, I called him a “dumb ass” and “stupid.”  So, I wasn’t a peach to him either.
Holmes: But you meant “dumb ass “ in the nicest way possible.
Lacina: (Laughs) Yeah, exactly.
Holmes: Is that why you were so convinced that he didn’t have an idol?
Lacina: Yeah. Tony does not come off as super smart. He comes off as sneaky. Lindsey said, “I don’t think he could count to 20 with his shoes on.” He’s definitely a lot smarter than he looks.
Holmes: In the pre-game you made it sound like you were going to get rid of Tony quickly because he was a cop. What changed?
Lacina: I wanted nothing to do with Tony. It changed when I found out we were on the same tribe.  It turned into a “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” situation. I wanted him in my back pocket so I could keep an eye on him.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Trish.
Lacina: Hilarious and loyal.
Holmes: Woo?
Lacina: Chill.
Holmes: Tony?
Lacina: Sneaky.
Holmes: Latasha?
Lacina: Determined
Holmes: Spencer?
Lacina: Bud.
Holmes: Morgan?
Lacina: Awesome…wait…bad ass.
Holmes: LJ?
Lacina: Horse whisperer.
Holmes: You’re not the first person to give that answer.
Lacina: (Laughs) I know!
Holmes: Let’s finish with Kass.
Lacina: Ridiculous.

Holmes: Let’s jump back in there. You said Morgan is “awesome.” During these exit interviews it seems like most people didn’t click with her. Did you two get along?
Lacina: Morgan is the (expletive deleted). Between her, Trish, and Jefra, those are my best friends from the show. Morgan and I are like the duo you would never expect to get along. We mesh super well. We think the same things are hilarious and we hate the same people.

Holmes: What has the reaction been like from other police officers?
Lacina: My co-workers at my local department are great. They couldn’t be more proud. They felt like I honored our badge and played an honorable game. I’m happy with their reaction. And other states, people have contacted me and said, “Thank you for staying true to your badge.”

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