‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Episode 10 Recap – The Case of the Paranoid Policeman


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Last Week: The cast was stalked by a pile of sticks that carried a magic idol. Also, Jeremiah said, “Good bye, ya!”

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands.

The Solarrion Tribe (wearing black)
Jefra – Miss Kentucky Teen USA, 22
Kassandra – Attorney, 41
Latasha – Accountant, 37
Spencer – Economics Student, 21
Tony – Police Officer, 39
Trish – Pilates Trainer, 48
Woo – Martial Arts Instructor, 29

Things start off with the Jeremiah-less Solarrion returning from Tribal. Kass tells Spencer that she  knew he had the idol because he wasn’t as mean to her as he usually was. He’s impressed with how well she read him. Dude, if people can read you by your level of meanness, your social game might be a tad off.

Kass then follows that up by saying that college-aged men are the most selfish people. In the background you can hear Twitter revving up.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will bid on items in an auction. The person who bids the most will receive the item. It really isn’t much of a challenge.

Tony lets us know that he’s going all-in for the challenge advantage. Smart.

First up is popcorn, candy, and soda. Trish wins it for $80.

Next we’ve got a covered item. Jefra gets it for $100, but Latasha was bidding on it. (Not smart.) Probst uncovers it and it’s a quesadilla, guacamole, and a margarita.

The third item is also covered. Kass takes it for $20. Probst gives her the choice of a second item. She goes with the original item and gets a steak sandwich and ice tea.

Probst puts the item Kass didn’t pick up for auction and Trish claims it for $60. It’s water and rice. Hilarious.

Woo wins ribs and a beer for $40. For some reason they play some slow, sexy sax music as he eats it. He and Probst exchange lustful adjectives, but Woo doesn’t receive a Brandon Hantz shoulder massage.

The advantage is next. Instead of letting the top bidder take it, the top bidders will have to pull rocks for it. Spencer and Tony both bid the full amount. Latasha chooses not to.

Spencer and Tony pull rocks and Tony wins it.

The auction ends and Latasha gets nothing. Well, maybe they’ll let her keep the money.

Back at camp, Kass is super psyched that she got to eat and Spencer got a rock. Aw…it’s like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

Meanwhile, Tony is annoyed that all of his alliance mates got to eat while he got to watch.

Tony sneaks out to read his advantage, and it’s not help in the challenge, it’s yet another idol clue.  He goes a huntin’ but comes up empty handed.  I swear, this season has more idols than reward barbecues have fixin’s.

Later on, Tony is a little concerned that a women’s alliance is forming. Spencer feeds Tony’s paranoia by telling him that Jefra was willing to make a big move at final seven. Spencer’s a smarty.

Annoyed with the women possibly conspiring, Tony runs out and finds himself his 43rd idol. He promptly shows it to his alliance and tells them it’s for everyone.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will dig up bags in the sand. Once they have all five bags they’ll use the balls that are inside the bags to complete a table maze. First person to get all five balls to the end wins immunity.

The challenge starts off and everyone is doing well except for Kass and Trish.

Latasha is the first one to start the maze.  She’s so far ahead that she manages to get two balls to the end before a second person even gets to the maze portion.

Woo eventually makes it close, but Latasha’s lead was too much to surmount. Latasha wins immunity for the third straight time.

Politicking around camp seems nice and easy with everyone targeting Spencer, but Latasha is doing her best to plant seeds for an all-lady alliance.

Sure enough, Tony doesn’t like the idea of Spencer going home and the men being down in numbers four to two. So, he wants to target Jefra. Man, keeping Spencer and Latasha around is dangerous.

That night at Tribal Council, Tony says that Spencer told him that Jefra was going to flip on him. So, he reaches into his bag of tricks(TM) and pulls out one of his 73 hidden immunity idols.

Spencer believes the chaos in the dominant alliance is great.

Jefra is worried that the people on the bottom are trying to stir things up.

Spencer thinks he played well and can go home with his head held high. But,  if he and Tasha go home the people who finish fifth and fourth made a mistake. Wow, great line.

Voting Time: Kass votes for Spencer, Spencer votes for Jefra, and the rest of the votes totally happened, but we’re not going to get to see them until the credits.

J-Pro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Spencer, one vote for Jefra, one vote for Spencer, one vote for Jefra, one vote for Spencer, one vote for Jefra, and the twelfth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan” and the fifth member of the jury is…Jefra.

Verdict: I don’t hate that move. At a final five, Trish’s best play is to team with Jefra and Kass. So Tony had to break that up when he could. However, he’d better hope that Trish maintains the loyalty that helped them survive the LJ blindside.

Also, I don’t like the mega idol, the secondary idol, the tartar-control idol, or the caffeine-free diet wild cherry idol.

But, I love this season.

Who’s Going to Win? Unless Latasha continues her winning ways, I think we’re headed to a Woo/Tony/Trish final three. If Tony can keep from rubbing too many people the wrong way, he’ll take it.

Power Rankings Results: Ciera had Jefra in spot five. I had her in spot six. So, the current score is Team Ciera 80, Team Gordon 87.

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