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Last Week: Wes bested the old, a Twinnie trolled, and Rocker was rolled…

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Hunahpu (wearing blue)

Drew – 25, Sales Rep
Jeremy – 36, Firefighter
Jon – 26, Financial Assistant
Julie – 34, Owner of Spray Tan Business
Keith – 53, Fire Captain
Kelley – 28, Marketing Manager
Missy – 47, Owner of Cheerleading Gym
Natalie – 28, Crossfit Coach
Reed – 31, Broadway Performer

The Coyopa (wearing yellow)

Alec – 22, Student
Baylor – 20, Student
Dale – 55, Farmer
Jaclyn – 25, Media Buyer
Josh – 32, Actor
Wes – 23, Firefighter

Alec kicks things off after Tribal, saying it was cool to get rid of Rocker because they weren’t winning anyway. That’s what most head coaches do. Boot their biggest, strongest players. Well, Don Mattingly, at least.

The next morning at Hunahpu, Natalie finds the original flint! Drew wonders if they can trade their second flint back to Probst for the fishing gear. Yeah, Probst is known for his benevolence in these situations.

Also, some girl named Kelley said something. Is she a camera person?

Then we’re off to Hero Council…Arena…whatever. Coyopa claps when they see that Rocker is out. Julie says she’s cool with it because she didn’t love the way he played his game. Julie is smart. Rare are the “Survivor” champs who have threatened to knock someone’s teeth out.

Before the challenge starts, Drew asks if they can trade the flint for fishing gear. Probst won’t go for it because he didn’t keep the receipt.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will use grappling hooks to retrieve three bags of balls. They’ll then use a catapult to launch the balls into a series of baskets. First tribe to sink all their shots gets a choice between comfort items (pillows and blankets and whatnot) and campfire food.

Always a catapult, never a trebuchet.

It’s going to be Jon vs. Jaclyn. Dale taunts Jon telling him he throws like a girl. Ah…casual sexism.

The challenge is relatively close, with it coming down to the final basket. The drama is awesome with Jon eventually snagging the win.

Jon says that Jaclyn can take care of herself at Exile. Probst, for some reason, asks if that hurts her feelings. Uh…why would it?

Jon chooses Drew to go with her because he’s a big help when he isn’t sleeping.. So, those two have got to be in an alliance, right?

Also, Hunahpu picks the comfort items so they’ll have something to share with Drew. CAUSE HE LOVES TO SLEEP!

Back at Hunahpu, Julie says she’s glad she doesn’t have to deal with Rocker’s baggage anymore. She’s sad that everyone is anti-John Rocker. Uh…how is that new to her?

Drew thinks it sucks being on Exile because it’s so hot. Dude, you’re like 20 minutes from your beach.

He also lets us know that being a ladies’ man tends to work to his advantage. But, he’s not going to put the moves on his buddy’s girl. Meanwhile, CBS is hard at work blurring the back of Drew’s swim trunks.

He then tells Jaclyn that he’s going to throw the next challenge so they can get rid of the untrustworthy girls on his tribe. Man, rough episode for women.

We head back over to Hunahpu, where Keith is going on a little idol hunt. He digs around, but he eventually comes to the conclusion that Jeremy already has it. He tells Reed, Missy, and Natalie his theory.

CUT TO: Reed immediately ratting out Keith to Jeremy.

As you’d imagine, Jeremy is not psyched about this information.

Later on, Keith does some more digging…and finds the idol! Hilarious.

Over at Coyopa, Alec accuses Baylor of snatching the immunity challenge invitation. She says he’s acting like a woman. What’s with the sexism?! Et tu, Baylor?

Immunity Challenge Time: One person from each tribe will swim out, race up a platform, then dive into the water to retrieve rings. Once all four rings are back to the starting point, it’s a game of ring toss. Winner gets immunity, loser goes to Tribal.

Also, Jeff is wearing a black shirt.  Never plaid. Never paisley.

Kelley, Jon, and Jeremy will sit for Hunahpu.

The challenge starts off and it’s all swimmin’ and hoop ranglin’. Baylor give Coyopa a bit of a lead over her mother, but Reed is faster than Jaclyn.

Alec makes up a lot of time against Natalie and retakes the lead. Then Wes easily manages to maintain the lead over his father.

Our ring tossers will be Dale and Drew.

Drew is taking his sweet time. It isn’t subtle. Meanwhile, Dale manages to sink all four shots to win immunity for Coyopa.

When it’s all over, Drew tells us he did it because he’s the kingpin of Hunahpu. Oh man, can’t wait to talk to him tomorrow when he’s eliminated.

He also doesn’t care if they know he threw it because he’s a bada–. Yes, throwing challenges without telling people always goes over well.

Back at camp, Jon, Reed, Keith, and Missy are discussing getting rid of Julie. No! As in, no!

Drew doesn’t think there’s a reason to get rid of Julie. He thinks the most dangerous person is Kelley. Who?!

Jeremy says that he wants to go for Keith and everyone should have his back. Drew disagrees because Kelley is a mastermind. Kelley is a mastermind! Drew is a kingpin! Is it opposite day? Did the luxury item include meth?

Natalie thinks it’s stupid that Drew is afraid of the girls because they don’t have the numbers. Yup. OK, there’s some common sense. It’s not opposite day.

Missy and Natalie both want to target Drew.

Later, Drew says he wants to get rid of Kelley so “All of these b—-es don’t know what to do other than come to us.” Oy. So dumb. Also dumb is the fact that Kelley was close enough to hear it.

Drew then tells Missy that he doesn’t trust her enough to vote the way he wants her too.

In other news; Drew’s audition tape for “Heroes vs. Villains 2” is epic.

That night at Tribal Council, fire does this thing where it represents life. It’s kind of a ritual.

Julie thinks that Jon and Drew are BFFs. Jon might want to distance himself from that comment in the near future.

Drew believes they could have had better retrievers during the challenge. Oh, he can’t hit the ring toss post, but he can throw things right under the bus.

Jeremy calls out Keith for saying he has the idol. He thinks that’s crazy because they’re aligned. Well, now everyone knows they’re aligned.

Keith thinks Jeremy would target him if he had an idol. Jeremy says he wouldn’t target an alliance member with an idol. Um…Josh totally did.

Drew says he’s heard Keith’s name and Julie’s name at camp.

Kelley thinks they need to get rid of bad energy. She also noticed that Drew isn’t talking strategy with her.

Jon doesn’t know what’s going on. Yeah, file that under “Not Shocking.”

Voting Time: No votes are shown!

J-Pro tallies, returns, and smirks. We’ve got one vote for Julie, one vote for Kelley, one vote for Drew, one vote for Keith, one vote for Julie, two votes for Drew, and the fourth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water” is…Drew.

No! Who will be king of the pins! (Or is “King Pinned” better?)

Verdict: Wow…Drew threw a challenge, four people got votes, and the main alliance is in turmoil. Hunahpu should go to Tribal more often!

Who’s Going to Win? If Jeremy can bring in Julie as his new fifth, he should be fine. However, tribe swaps always seem to ruin good games.

Power Rankings Results: Spencer Bledsoe had Drew in 7th place. I had him in 14th. So, the current score is Team Spencer 32, Team Gordon 39.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter at @gordonholmes.

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