‘Survivor’ Castaway Drew – ‘I Definitely Said Some Things I Regret’


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“Good morning, class. Welcome to “Survivor” 101, I’m your teacher Mr. Holmes. If you’ll crack open your books to page 12 we can get started.

“Rule #1: Don’t be lazy around camp. Your tribemates will hate that and it’s an easy thing for them to bond over. While you’re napping, they’re working and hating you.

“Rule #2: If you’re going to talk smack on someone, don’t do it close enough so they can hear you. Nicaragua is a big place. Find somewhere private.

“And Rule #3: Don’t throw challenges. Your tribe is going to lose eventually. Why risk it?”

In a season marked by some bad…bad gameplay, (I’m looking at you Rocker and Val) Drew took the cake last night with the spectacular way in which he drove Hunahpu to vote him out.

I spoke to the self-professed “Kingpin” the morning after his elimination and had a chance to ask him about why he targeted Kelley, why his view of his gameplay was so different from that of his tribemates, and why he made those…um…questionable…comments…

Gordon Holmes: Was last night’s vote a blindside?
Drew Christy: I definitely saw it coming. I knew that the girls were going to go against me. I kind of blew a couple things and was definitely a little delusional with the lack of food and sleep and water. There were a lot of variables out there, but I wasn’t ready to go home that night.
Holmes: We didn’t get to see much of what was going on at Hunahpu, so who did you think was on your side?
Christy: I thought Reed was on my side. Jon…I thought Keith was on my side. I thought Jeremy and Missy were borderline. I didn’t really know about the rest of them.

Holmes: Before the game starts, everyone thinks they’re going to dominate challenges and slit throats. Then you get out there and the elements knock you for a loop.
Christy: Absolutely. It had a big effect on me physically and emotionally. Up until day five I had exactly that attitude. I was going to kick some butt and take some names. I went too hard in the beginning. You’ll see me on the 3rd episode and they’ll show me sleeping a little bit because I was so dead.
Holmes: It seems like every season someone is called out for being lazy. From my couch I’m like, “Hey, don’t be lazy.” But, that’s easy to say from my couch.
Christy: (Laughs) I think that they show you what they want you to see. They didn’t show me opening coconuts for the girls, or going to the water well, or collecting fire wood and keeping the fire going all night. Building the whole shelter with just Jon and myself. They didn’t show a lot of that stuff. But, they did like to call me out for being lazy. I think in the heat of the day in Nicaragua when it’s like 110 degrees you just want to conserve your energy and try to live.
Holmes: But Alec called you out for your work ethic back home.
Christy: I think Alec and I are always going to call each other out. It didn’t take my by surprise. At one point I guess I could’ve been looked at as the lazy guy. I was just out there making friends and having the experience of a lifetime.

Holmes: Why do you think the women were against you?
Christy: I think I was threatening to them. I think I was strong in the challenges. Socially, I had things going on for me. They saw that if I had made the merge I would’ve been teaming with Jon and Jaclyn and my brother. I think that threatened people. I definitely made some detrimental mistakes. One, throwing the challenge. And being kind of delusional and a little bit overconfident…maybe very overconfident with some of the things I said and did. You live and you learn. You’ve got to move on.

Holmes: You were referring to yourself as a “Kingpin.”
Christy: (Laughs)
Holmes: Where did that confidence in your game come from?
Christy: (Laughs) I don’t know where that word came from either.
Holmes: (Laughs) Cause it’s pretty awesome.
Christy: I have no idea. I seem to be a different person. I didn’t have anything to eat for eleven days. I was dying of thirst. I hadn’t slept for more than 30 minutes that entire time. I was losing my mind out there. And when things didn’t go the way I wanted to, I kind of lost it. They put big personalities in the game for a reason. Hopefully I was entertaining.
Holmes: Was anyone leading you to believe you were in charge?
Christy: I don’t think so. I think I’m a king in my own mind.

Holmes: At one point you referred to the women as “B—hes.” Watching that back…
Christy: I wish they would have put some other dialogue out there. Everyone had something nasty to say about everybody else. That’s just the name of the game. You say some things you might regret later. I definitely said some things I regret.
Holmes: Did you know that Kelley was nearby when you made that comment?
Christy: I really don’t remember that at all. It was almost like a blackout. I was watching it like it was a drunken night type of deal and my friend was wearing a GoPro and he said, “This is what you did. Check it out.” (Laughs)
Holmes: So, what was your reaction watching it last night?
Christy: Oh…just shaking my head. The editors are going to show you what they want you to see. I get framed as the bad guy or the dumb guy. But, I think I was pretty cool, calm, and collected until day ten or eleven until I started to lose it. It was humbling to watch myself. I think my negative qualities got a little bit amplified out there. My biggest challenge out there was myself. Jeff said it right when he said, “Drew’s biggest problem is going to be Drew.” He was pretty right on point with that.
Holmes: I’m not comfortable with you complimenting Jeff Probst during this interview.
Christy:  OK, that was the only nice thing I have to say about him. (Laughs)

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Natalie.
Christy: Underrated.
Holmes: Jeremy?
Christy: A character and emotional. Calculating.
Holmes: Keith?
Christy: A good old southern boy.
Holmes: Missy?
Christy: She’s the mom. She wants to take care of everybody and cry.
Holmes: Julie?
Christy:  “Survivor” Barbie.
Holmes: Jon?
Christy: I called him The Hulk out there. His face looks like The Hulk. And he can do any Disney character, he can sing their whole performance. He was amazing with some of the things he can do. He’s really talented.
Holmes: Reed?
Christy: A fairy. (Laughs)
Holmes: Kelley?
Christy: B—h.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Alec.
Christy: He’s the man. No, his nickname is “Squirrel.” So I would call him squirrely.

Holmes: You targeted Kelley last night. You called her a “B—h” two seconds ago. What was going on there?
Christy: We just butted heads. I was eating the same size portions of food as she was and I was mad about that. I knew that she was underplaying herself. I knew that she’d seen every episode of “Survivor” ever. I knew that she knew a lot about the game and just really wanted Jon and I out. I didn’t like her for that reason.

Holmes: For Reed you said, “Fairy.” Just so we get the intent behind that; is that an inside joke between you two?
Christy: It’s for one of his dives that he made into the water. It’s an inside joke.

Holmes: Your brother is making quite a run at it over at Coyopa. I know you two are competitive, but you’ve got to be proud of him.
Christy: Oh yeah, I’m really proud of my brother. He kind of didn’t know what he was getting himself into going on the show. He definitely has made me proud. It’s something I won’t forget doing with him. Stay tuned in and watch that little squirrel go.

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