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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Keith is voted out this week, Spencer will receive 5 points and Gordon will receive 1 point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Spencer Bledsoe had Drew in 7th place. Gordon had him in 14th. So, the current score is Team Spencer 32, Team Gordon 39.

Spencer’s Score = 32

Any questions for Spencer? Drop him a line on Twitter: @SpencerBGM

  Gordon’s Score = 39

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Josh – You can’t have a show without its narrator, right? Josh can do no wrong, and if the dark cloud of his old tribe didn’t do him in, I’m not worried about the inevitable risk in a swap.
  1. Keith – I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m pretty sure “Survivor” only does tribe swaps to make Power Rankings so hard. Now, my usual rule of thumb is that the challenge threats on the tribes that are down numbers are in trouble. But, this season that person might have a loved one on their new tribe. So, I’m not going to lean on that rule as heavily as I usually do. Anywho, Keith has an idol, so he’s probably fine.
 2. Jeremy – When Jeremy isn’t shouting in confessionals, he’s voting in the majority and remaining the social nucleus of his tribe. Hopefully that trend continues after this week’s shake-up.
  2. Missy – I’m thinking Missy is safe this week too. She’s probably the only person on good terms with everyone from the old Hunahpu. And, I don’t think anyone is going to be worried about her going on an immunity run.
 3. Natalie – Everyone’s favorite (remaining) twinnie achieved her goal of ousting the kingpin (Drew) last week, proving she has some pull. I trust Natalie’s social skills at this stage, particularly without a John Rocker to trash-talk.
  3. Baylor – It’s been a rocky start for young Baylor, but she seems like she’s going to be in pretty good shape at the tribe swap. If she ends up with her people, they can vote out someone from Hunahpu. If she’s in the minority, she isn’t as much of an obvious threat as someone like Josh or Alec.

 4. Kelley – The kingpin’s departure is an objectively sad affair. He entertained us with his masterful flint negotiation, timely challenge-throwing, and impeccable work ethic. One of San Juan Del Sur’s best characters will be missed. But not by Kelley. With her arch-nemesis ousted, things are looking up for Ms. Wentworth.
  4. Natalie – Oh, Natalie. Remember all those people you were calling…uh…bad words during challenges? Well, some of them are probably on your tribe now. You see, unlike “The Amazing Race” sometimes “Survivor” makes you switch partners. You’d better make nice with the Coyopans quickly.
 5. Keith – He’s got an idol now! We’re still waiting for Keith to do “the worst thing in ‘Survivor’ history” per the super tease at the end of the premiere, and it’s always possible he slips up and follows in the footsteps of Ole’ Johnny Rock. Still, Keith should theoretically be the author of his fate this week.
 5. Kelley – I’ll never quite understand why Drew hated you so much. All I could gather from the exit interview is that he didn’t like that you and he ate the same amount of food. How dare you? Your challenge this week is; if you can save your dad, should you? Last time, loved ones were a liability.
  6. Julie – Julie is like a twisted anti-Pinocchio; her lips grow every time she speaks the truth in confessionals. She’s a good narrator who just voted in the majority and could definitely be in a solid spot after the swap.
 6. Julie – It was so sad to hear Jon say that Julie doesn’t have a loved one. Everyone should have a loved one.  There’s gonna be so much turmoil this episode with the meltdown at Hunahpu and the tribe swap. She’s in a prime position to let the explosions happen, then sneak in to pick up the pieces. Also, let’s not forget that she voted for Drew, so that might mean she’s in with Team Jeremy.
  7. Baylor – With Alec keeping her in check and teaching her life lessons, Baylor’s days of “half-assing” it are surely over. She’s been solid week after week, and should have the finesse to get her bearings on a new tribe fast.
 7. Jeremy – Jeremy knew that Drew was going to throw the challenge last week. That’s why he sat out. What was the purpose of that? So he could get rid of Keith? To give everyone a reason to hate Drew? Anywho, I’m a little worried for him this week because he has an enemy (Keith) who has a family member in an alliance that has finally experienced some success.
  8. Jon – I may have Jon in the middle of the pack, but his stock is tanking fast. He was the only person to vote for Keith last week, which means he can’t have too many airtight allies, and his best bro Drew was just sent packing. Dude needs to make new friends fast.
 8. Josh – Tribe swaps tend to be bad news for the leader of the losing tribe. That’s you, buddy. Add that to the fact that it’s possible you might be paired with your fit significant other, and you might have an Aras/Vytas situation where we have a duo that’s just too physically imposing to keep around.
  9. Missy – I’m short Jon, but I’m long Missy. Missy made it through her first Tribal Council solidly, and her stock is only going up. Approaching the merge, it doesn’t matter much that she isn’t a challenge beast. It matters a lot that she is a social beast.
  9. Reed – Reed did not vote with Team Jeremy. He voted with Keith. Does that mean we might have a firemen/Broadway alliance? Hook and Ladder and Jazz Hands?
  10. Alec – This surfer bro couldn’t have found a better time to try a new beach; he looked to be slowly approaching the outside of Coyopa, so the swap could do him a lot of good.
  10. JaclynYou’ve got the numbers now, but were you instrumental in getting them? We really haven’t see enough of you to build a full picture of how well you’re playing. Are you riding Baylor’s coattails? Have you been making friends with Josh, Wes, and Alec? I simply don’t know.
  11. Reed – Reed’s another guy whose vote last week completely confuses me. To be fair, Josh once inexplicably voted for Baylor and he nonetheless emerged from the ashes. Hopefully Reed can climb himself out of a similar hole with Julie.
  11. Alec – Alec is a challenge threat and he won’t have anybody except his current alliance looking out for him. Jon and Jaclyn might be on his side due to Jon’s previous bro-liance with Drew, but Jaclyn and Alec were on opposite sides for a while.
  12. Wes – He’s been quiet as a mouse, and I fear that could be the calm before the storm. He had a decent thing going on Coyopa, but not a great one, and if he doesn’t land on a tribe with his idol-equipped pop, Wes could be in trouble.
  12. Dale – Everybody voted with the majority during the Rocker blindside except for Rocker and Dale. So, Dale’s clearly on the outs with old Coyopa. Right now he’s got to be hoping that he can separate himself from those youngsters and the age-old swap mentality of “Get rid of the challenge stallions” takes over. Quick Aside: I’ve been trying to get the nickname “Challenge Stallion” started for myself for years. It just won’t stick.
  13. Dale – Dale is probably the guy most grateful for a swap, and yet I still anticipate him walking on thin ice. He voted alone last Tribal, and to top it all off Brice Johnston dubbed him the season’s biggest “freak” recently on “Rob Has a Podcast.” If he isn’t careful his newest accolade will be “5th person voted out.”
  13. Wes – Right now, Wes’s worst case scenario is that he ends up on a tribe where Jeremy’s in control.
  14. Jaclyn – If I rank Jaclyn last and she stays one more time, I will eat this rock. And lose all hope that I, David, can beat Goliath – Power Ranking master Holmes. At the very least I’ll (probably) stop ranking her last.
  14. Jon – Whoa…Jon was last on my depth chart of “People I Expect to Have a Post Tribal Meltdown.” But there he is, chewing out his fellow Hanahpu peeps. He’d better hope he ends up on a tribe with Jaclyn and as many of her Coyopa pals as possible.

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