‘Survivor’ Castaway Lindsey – Rodney Is a “Two-Timing Scumbag”


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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One week it looks like you have an awesome girl power alliance with a Boston-based fourth and the next you’re screaming at people and threatening to feed them their own jaws.

“Survivor” is kind of awesome that way.

I spoke to Lindsey the morning after her elimination to get her take on the logistics of her jaw-eating plan, what happened at Blue Collar, and why people thought she might have an idol…

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Gordon Holmes: I thought you, Sierra, Rodney, and Kelly were running the show at Blue Collar. That obviously wasn’t the case. When did things split up?
Lindsey Cascaddan: For a little while we were a core four.
Holmes: Was it Rodney’s comment about women should  hold themselves to a higher standard that broke things up?
Cascaddan: You have to kind of choose not only who you’re going to play with, but also the type of person you’re going to play with. And I just wasn’t willing to play alongside Rodney and come home and have to explain that. I don’t want my friends and family to say, “You didn’t stick up for women, you didn’t stick up for humanity as a whole. What’s wrong with you?” And the Blue Collar tribe, Rodney aside, we kind of all came to that conclusion. Nobody wanted to go home and say I worked with Rodney. But, I think a couple of people decided to work with him because at the end of the day, who’s going to vote for a guy like this?
Holmes: If he is rubbing everyone the wrong way, it seems like he’s the dream person to take to the end.
Cascaddan: Right.

Holmes: I enjoyed our time together in Nicaragua, but I have to call you out on this; how can you feed someone their own jaw? They won’t have a jaw.
Cascaddan: (Laughs) You know, I think there are a couple of lines that just came so unfiltered because of exhaustion and starvation and…you know…you’re right. But, I stand by the fact that if I was his mother, I would’ve broken it and fed it to him for breakfast.

Holmes: Last week it seemed like everyone had an issue with Mike. Did you notice that Mike and Rodney were patching things up and seemingly getting along?
Cascaddan: No, Rodney and Mike weren’t pow-wowing around camp. Kelly, Sierra, and I sat Mike down at one point and said, “Dude, you’ve got to chill. We haven’t lost. Our camp is running flawlessly. You have to just take a couple of breaths and stop yelling at everybody.” And I think that Mike did the smart thing and adjusted his game. He didn’t want to piss people off all the time. But Rodney and Mike weren’t pow-wowing around camp.

Holmes: When you were discussing the fire with Mike, he was really offended by your statement that God hadn’t been tending to that fire. Have you received any feedback about that comment?
Cascaddan: I actually have not. I did get one email and all it said is “I hope you’re ready for what’s coming because of the comment.” And I’d like to reach out to that person and say, “Nothing has come to me because of that comment.” It wasn’t there to offend any religious people. It was there to say, “That’s great that you have God. We all can have God, and maybe we all do. But that’s not why the fire is being tended to. It’s being tended to because I’m tending to it.”

Holmes: Put me in your shoes for that challenge where you’re tied to a person who’s obviously injured, but you can’t even raise your buff to get a look at how serious it is.
Cascaddan: It was pretty awful. I asked her immediately after she was hit if she was OK and she said, “Yeah.” So we literally brushed it off and kept going. When I heard, “She’s bleeding,” we didn’t know who they were talking about. Kelly didn’t even know she was bleeding. It wasn’t until Jeff was like, “Blue team take a knee. Medics come in.” I asked if she was hurt and she said, “No.” Then she asked if I was hurt and I said, “No.” I think we just had so much adrenaline that when they said it was Kelly it was terrifying. You’re blindfolded, you’re wondering how bad it is. You’re also in the middle of a challenge and your game is on hold because your partner in crime is hurt. This is not good. And even in a challenge for chickens…chickens seem really important on day nine or day ten of not eating. So, I had concern for Kelly and our team.

Holmes: Did you ever think you’d become best friends with a barrel racer?
Cascaddan: I didn’t. But, I’m so happy I did. I love Sierra. I’m so Team Sierra. I can’t even tell you how much I love her.

Holmes: Help me understand Dan. One minute he’s making a savvy move and the next he’s calling everyone stupid for the way they’re building a shelter.
Cascaddan: Dan as a game player is extremely Switzerland. He’s right in the middle, he doesn’t want to have an opinion on things. He doesn’t want to form an alliance that’s actually an alliance. His outward opinion and what he said going into Tribal was, “I’ll vote for anyone who isn’t me. As long as I don’t go home, I don’t care.” I think that Dan is such a fan of “Survivor” that he doesn’t play as player, he plays as a fan. It’s really difficult to work with him. It’s difficult to play any kind of logic with him. He is funny and he is a good guy. He’s a great husband. But, he’s a little bit maddening.

Holmes: They split the vote last night between you and Sierra. Did they have a reason to think you had the idol?
Cascaddan: I played hard. I looked for the idol every single day. And for the most part, nobody else looked for the idol unless they were with me. So, they had every reason to believe that I had the idol. And if I had a clue I would’ve had it. I was relentless.
Holmes: Sometimes the clues will be found hidden in a reward. Were you looking through them?
Cascaddan: We searched high and low whenever we got a reward. The first time we kind of knew it wouldn’t be on our one little fishing gear. But, we still looked. And then when we got the comfort, I looked at that huge pile of stuff and said, “It’s in there, I’m going to find it.” I ripped apart that whole thing myself. And I’m telling you there was no clue.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Kelly.
Cascaddan: Quiet, in the middle…funny…but kind of irrelevant.
Holmes: Mike?
Cascaddan: Hard-working, annoying, funny, and he’s very blue collar.
Holmes: Dan?
Cascaddan: Dan is…annoying. (Laughs) He’s maddening. He’s extravagant.
Holmes: Sierra?
Cascaddan: Beautiful, smart, funny…she’s perfect. She’s what Rodney would say is an “angel.”
Holmes: She holds herself to a higher standard.
Cascaddan: (Laughs)
Holmes: Let’s finish with Rodney.
Cascaddan: Rodney is gross. He’s all for himself. He’s a two-timing scumbag.

Holmes: Did you learn anything about yourself during your time out there?
Cascaddan: I learned a lot about myself. As a mom and someone who runs her own business…as a daughter…I just learned that being away and being kind of lost and being with strangers and…really being alone. You’re around these people, but you’re really alone. I found out what was really important to me. Being away from my daughter was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Hands down. And I learned that ultimately in my life it is more important to stay true to who you are than to win a million dollars. I think that mindset is something that not a lot of people can say that they have. I really am a strong woman and I am proud of that.

Holmes: You were my pick to win.
Cascaddan: I know!
Holmes: And my pick always loses.
Cascaddan: (Laughs) You jinxed me! Jerk!
Holmes: And I feel terrible about it. So, I’m going to make the standard deal where if you play again…
Cascaddan: I promise you’ll see me again.
Holmes: And when we do, I’ll pick someone else.
Cascaddan: Yes! Do that.

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