‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 4 – Rodney Finds His Angel Edition

"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Carolyn is voted out this week, Josh and Reed will each receive one point and Gordon will receive three points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Josh had Lindsey in spot seven. Reed and Gordon had her in spot nine. Reed has Max in spot four while Josh and Gordon had Max in spot five. The current score is Team Josh 37, Team Reed 40, and Team Gordon 44.

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Josh’s Score = 37

Any questions for Josh? Drop him a line on Twitter: @joshuacanfield

Reed’s Score = 40

Any questions for Reed? Drop him a line on Twitter: @thereedkelly

Gordon’s Score = 44

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Carolyn: She is on fire.  She has the biggest balls on her original tribe and now on her new tribe.  She takes charge and people follow her.  She has the idol, she’s in the numbers…she’s good.  I just hope her alliance doesn’t realize she must go or she’ll beat all of them. #strongpowerwoman
  1. Carolyn: Is PLAYING this game.  I LOVE it!  She wanted Max gone before the swap and still made it come to fruition after it.  She needs to shore up some numbers and continue to quietly run them from the middle while keeping her game-head on a swivel.
 1. Jenn: She’s got an idol, she’s got the numbers on her current tribe, and her boy seems safe on the other tribe. Her tribe is the weaker of the two, but she has people she can eliminate until the merge. Everything is comin’ up Jenn.
  2. Sierra: Sierra is now the Jaclyn vote on her tribe.  The swap was the best thing for her, now she has options, and all the men are begging her to be in their numbers.  I’m interested to see if she will play this smartly, if she does, she could go really far. #thenewjaclyn
 2. Tyler: It’s great he sees the value of bringing together the downtrodden; it’s a very solid strategy. I could easily see him targeting Joaquin if no other options present themselves first.
 2. Hali: Hali is sooper dooper safe with her surfing buddy at her side. But, she’s going to eventually have to think of a way to avoid the “Jenn’s sidekick” label.
  3. Tyler: I don’t think this swap hurt him at all.  He’s more soft-spoken than most of his new tribe and since he can hold his thoughts inside, he is going to sail through until the merge. #undertheradar
  3. Jenn: Good for her for using the chicken murder as cover for finding that idol.  She has a cool-chic personality that I see continuing to be used as a successful tool in her new tribe.  Hopefully that idol wont hurt either.
 3. Carolyn: I thought Carolyn, Max, and Shirin were beyond tight. Why else would they not think anything of it when she didn’t go on idol hunts? Anywho, she’s good for a while and if she gets to the merge with her boys Joaquin and Tyler, she could make a long run.

  4. Kelly: Kelly skyrocketed to the top slots of favorite players on this season for me after last Wednesday.  She is strong, smart, calculated, and she’s here for the long haul.  #yougogirl
  4. Joe: He’s just that guy who can do everything that we consistently love to watch on this show.  Can see him keeping his head down and simply slipping into the numbers on this new tribe.  Go Joe, go!
 4. Kelly: Boy, did Kelly make the right call last week. She saw which way the wind was blowing and smartly went along with it. She’s going to be fine for a while and will have a ton of options after the merge.
 5. Joe: Hopefully Joe is still good on his new dominant tribe.  There’s a lot of testosterone going on there, but he should be able to lay low enough to not get the target on his back.  Will the other members of his tribe find him as too much of a threat? #manbunbeauty
 5. Kelly: #UndercoverKelly!  Loving her cool and collected game.  Making smart and decisive choices as she goes along.
 5. Sierra: Over the course of two episodes, Sierra received a knife in her back, a harsh critique, and the worst apology ever. However, here she is in possibly the most powerful position in Escameca. I wouldn’t be surprised if she said, “I’m in with you new guys as long as Dan goes home first.”

 6. Hali: Hali will be in the numbers on this tribe.  It’s Jenn, Carolyn, Kelly, Will, and Hali right now, I don’t see that changing.  She seems to be Jenn’s number 2, which is a great position for her to go far in the game. #numbertwostaysinthegame
 6. Hali: Her game seems to be percolating along well.  She doesn’t appear to be too threatening to others, is likely underestimated, and I think she works this to her advantage well.
 6. Tyler: I don’t know how it happened, but Tyler has become the master manipulator. He’s got Carolyn and Joaq already and he has all kinds of options on new Escameca.

 7. Jenn: Jenn is in the numbers on her estrogen-filled tribe, and along with Carolyn I see her as the leader.  She’s good for another vote or two, but will she and Carolyn butt heads for power? #blondeandstrong
 7. Sierra: Power couples are a threat and these savvy players know it, that’s why Lindsey went home.  Sierra is so lucky she’s gotten a new tribe. Some guys would be smart to utilize her because historically dudes can’t stick together.
 7. Joe: Who won the tribe swap? Joey Amazing won the tribe swap. If he’d ended up on the wrong side, he could be dead in the water. But, he’s on a tribe that might never lose and even if they do, there’s already a ton of internal drama that he isn’t involved in.
  8. Mike:  He’s great in challenges, and even though he speaks his mind a little too freely, he’ll stick around a bit longer because of the disaster of personalities on his new tribe.  It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top with this alpha male tribe.  #biggerintexas
 8. Mike: If I were him, I would start working my way into new numbers and put distance between me and Dan while still keeping up that relationship privately.
 8. Mike: Hey Mike, don’t tell Dan to apologize, he’s twice your age and has talked to way more girls than you.


CUT TO: Dan giving the worst apology in the history of apologies.

 9. Rodney: Oh Rodney (smh).  It’s amazing watching someone who has no clue how offensive he is.  To be that unaware is not good in this game, and it’s going to get him in trouble.  He’s pissed off Sierra and most likely will rub the rest of his new tribe wrong. #sexisttroubledman
 9. Rodney: He says he’s Tom Brady, but TB doesn’t panic under pressure.  Plus, if this bromance is to be believed, these knowledgeable players aren’t going to stand for another emerging power couple.  For your own sake (and your poor Mother’s), please stop talking so much.
 9. Joaquin: I used to think Joaquin needed the swap more than anyone, but Carolyn proved me wrong. Now he has to be careful with this Rodney bromance if he’s ever going to meet up with Mama C. again.
 10. Joaquin: Will Joaquin get lost in this tribe and be an easy vote out?  He thinks he’s slick and isn’t afraid to tell us, so let’s see it man, show us how amazing you are and get in the numbers. #tombradynotsomuch
  10. Dan: I kind of cringe any time he speaks.  Too many socially awkward things to address, too little space.  Right now I’m listening like a gay … that means I’m yawning over his stereotypically hetero-chauvinism.
 10. Dan: What is the point of bringing up Sierra’s shortcomings in challenges that your tribe won?! Dan has flashes of brilliance that are followed by forehead-slapping mistakes.
  11. Will: This guy keeps moving through the game when I always see him on the bottom.  He keeps sliding by, and has received so many breaks.  Thankfully he must be playing a great social game and his tribe wants to keep him around. #lucky
 11. Will: Ok, so clearly no one is looking at him as a challenge threat.  Week after week he always seems like he’s skating on thin ice socially as well.  Still not much working in his favor.
 11. Rodney: If Escameca loses immunity (and that’s a big “if”) will it come down to Sierra choosing sides, or will Mike convince the others to break up the Roaquin bromance? (Although, I’ll admit I’m dying for Rodney to get to the end and lose so I can break out a Patriots’ perfect season analogy.)
  12. Dan: He means well right?  But everything he says turns out to be disastrous for him.  The only way he will stay in this game is if the strong men in his tribe try and get out the other strong men in a power struggle. #whatiscomingoutofyourmouth
  12. Joaquin: He continues to compete for the bottom spot for me, I just think his tribe may be stronger currently (unless puzzles are a weakness).  He blasts through challenges, but not sure how he’s going to fit into the new tribe, especially if he he’s seen as a power couple with Rodney. These diehard fans know better.
 12. Will: To paraphrase Shawn Michaels; Will is like a piece of luggage. Nagarote has to carry him through every challenge. Is that enough to send him home next?

 13. Shirin: I had big hopes for her during pre-game, sadly, she proved me wrong. #adios
  13. Shirin: Her awkwardness in social situations has finally started to rear its head. She was too obviously aligned with one person (who is now gone for that reason).  With this group of players, subtly is key.  This might be too much to ask from Shirin, who may be whistling Dixie back at Ponderosa.
 13. Shirin: Things aren’t looking good for the nudist bunny murderer. She lost her closest ally and her tribe was decimated in the last two competitions.  Her best bet is some kind of whistling immunity challenge.

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