‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 7 – Jenn-eral Chaos Edition


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Carolyn is voted out this week, Josh and Reed will each receive one point and Gordon will receive two points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Josh and Reed had Hali in seventh place while Gordon had her in eighth. The current score is Team Josh 58, Team Reed 62, and Team Gordon 63.

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Josh’s Score = 58

Any questions for Josh? Drop him a line on Twitter: @joshuacanfield

Reed’s Score = 62

Any questions for Reed? Drop him a line on Twitter: @thereedkelly

Gordon’s Score = 63

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Carolyn: I want Carolyn to do something epic, and she definitely has it in her.  She, along with Tyler, has positioned her self so well.  Hopefully she is able to maneuver her way through the Blue Collars and into the final Tribal Council.   1. Carolyn: Still feel like this lady is sitting pretty.  She rules from the middle and I love it.  I need her to keep an eye on Tyler though (he’s a cunning one) and continue to hear offers from sub-alliances to stay informed.
 1. Sierra: I’m not going to read too much into that failed female alliance. It required a bunch of people to jump and too many pieces had to fall into place. The question is; does a failed attempt like that hurt Sierra’s chances with future jurors? Sierra can make it to the end, but her resume is lacking right now.
  2. Sierra: She had a decision whether or not to go with the girls last week, but she stuck with her Blue Collars.  I think it was the right decision for her.  All the guys in Blue Collar want to keep her around.
 2. Tyler: He seems to predominantly have his finger on the pulse of the tribe and move accordingly.  His two-some with Carolyn (and her idol) is his most valuable commodity.  He needs to spend this when it is worth the most.
 2. Carolyn: There’s gotta be something up with this Rodney four-person alliance, right? If I’m Carolyn, I work to get a final five with that group and Dan. Then use my idol to take control and take Tyler and Dan to the end. That big move could help her win the whole thing.
  3. Mike: He has done a great job keeping his alliance in tact.  I still think that he is too obvious in his leadership, but in a game that changes day to day, and an idol in his pocket, he could get to final Tribal Council.   3. Sierra: Appears to have picked the right side in the Blue Collar alliance.  There are too many bros out there so I can see them really wanting to keep her around to help take one another out later.
 3. Dan: Remember when Dan was mad because Mike was telling him how to talk to women? Hilarious. Anywho, Dan’s really got a unique persona going with this “World’s Meanest Nice Guy” thing. I’m betting Dan will earn a seat at the final Tribal and receive zero jury votes.
  4. Will: Another great goat.  He has done nothing in this game.  The only reason he is here is because, well, why vote him out?
  4. Will: Is not a game-maker socially and he’s terrible in challenges.  This makes him a smaller target, unthreatening, and potentially desirable to sit next to at the end.
 4. Will:  Ah, Will. After this week’s vote you’ll be half way there…(Whoa oh!) But you don’t have a prayer.
 5. Tyler: He is lurking in the shadows and getting ready to pounce.  I can’t wait to see how he plays this.  He’s in a great position.
 5. Mike: So glad that he searched so hard and finally found that idol because it’s risky to be seen as a ringleader.  5. Rodney: Want to read something amazing? Check out my exit interview with Hali and read about how much she loves her some Rodney. Could “Boston” Rod trump “Boston” Rob by winning his first time out? Doesn’t seem so far-fetched right now.
 6. Dan: Dan would be a great goat to take to the final Tribal Council.  Everyone should want to take him along with them at this point.  He has pissed off enough people, that he wouldn’t even get one vote.
 6. Rodney: He feels like he’s too hotheaded and emotionally flailing about right now.  This is a quick way to ruin your game.  Calm down and don’t attract any more negative attention.
 6. Tyler: I think Tyler is making all the right moves. I just don’t know if he’ll be rewarded for it. He’s playing a smart, safe game. But is smart and safe enough to win a jury vote?
 7. Rodney: His vendetta against Mike may be the only thing that could save Joe and Jenn this week, if he decides to act now instead of waiting till 7.
 7. Dan: He sure has made the girls angry out there via some extremely misogynistic behavior.  If he’s not too annoying to be around, this makes him an awesome person to sit next to at final Tribal.
 7. Shirin: So many metaphors last week. Shirin was clearly the skin of the bologna, trying so hard to hang on while Rodney wanted to heartlessly rip her away. Good on her for sticking to her guns and not letting him do it. But now what? Rodney isn’t going to make his move until final seven. Shirin could be long gone by then.
 8. Shirin: What is Shirin going to do?  She isn’t a huge target, but she’s also not in the numbers.  If she keeps her mouth shut, opportunities may present themselves.
 8. Shirin: I’m not sure where to exactly put her this week.  Something tells me that her social mishaps may bother others enough to take her out before other threats, but it’s hard to say.  8. Mike: Everyone is scared to death of Joe, but Mike is the one they should be gunning for. His social game is really solid.
 9. Jenn: Unless something drastically changes, Jenn is outside the numbers and the biggest female threat.
  9. Jenn: This is when she needs to dig deep and either splinter off some votes with Joe and Shirin to orchestrate a well-crafted, split-vote blindside or start pointing at one of her own as the biggest threat to deflect that target to buy herself more time.
 9. Jenn: I’m sorry, “Survivor” editors, I just don’t buy Jenn quitting this week. Maybe I’d be convinced if there was a clip of Probst saying something like, “You’re giving up your shot at a million dollars?”  But there’s none of that. And I don’t think Jenn is a quitter.
  10. Joe: Clearly the most athletic and likable person this season, and for that, he is the biggest target, and everyone wants to see him go.
 10. Joe: It rough when you’ve been labeled at big threat and you’re down in the numbers.  Unless he keeps winning, desperate times call for desperate measures.  I hope Joe is ready to really shake things up back at camp.
 10. Joe: Winning every challenge from here to the end is not a sustainable strategy. What if the next challenge involves creative catchphrases and Carolyn wins it? I like what Joe was doing with his reward picks, but he might’ve gotten greedy. Taking one less outsider would’ve been better. Even if they didn’t flip, you could’ve sowed seeds of doubt.

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