‘Survivor’ Castaway Jenn – “I Tried to Steal a Taxidermy Squirrel from a Bar Last Night”


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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Jenn Brown: Gordon! What’s up?
Gordon Holmes: I’m alright, how are you?
Brown: I think I tried to steal a taxidermy squirrel from a bar last night. But, I’m alright. (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs) Exactly the response I was expecting. What was the total number of whiskey bottles consumed at Ponderosa?
Brown: (Laughs) Oh God, let’s not play that game. There were seven cast members there and we had a blast.

Holmes: Let’s talk about Wednesday’s horrific, nightmare episode of “Survivor.”
Brown: Oh my God.
Holmes: We’ll start with Mike and his decision to try to trick Carolyn and Dan into buying their letters.
Brown: I thought that was smart.
Holmes: It’s clever, I don’t know how smart it was. What was the reaction at the time?
Brown: I wasn’t paying attention. (Laughs) I had my drink, I was stoked. I didn’t give a (expletive deleted) what those people were doing. Everyone else seemed to think that all hell had broken loose and that was the worst thing to happen in the history of everything. I didn’t care. I was like, “Do it, Mike! That’s great.” I would’ve done the exact same thing if I cared. And then everyone was like, “You’re a horrible person, Mike!” I think the only mistake he made was giving it back. Dude, you didn’t reap any of the benefits and you got all of the heat. That was a reason for everyone to hate Mike. I thought everyone way overreacted.
Holmes: Was that the move that caused Dan and Sierra to flip over to Rodney?
Brown: Dan said that’s why he left Mike. I don’t know if I believe him. Once Joe was gone we needed a new threat. I don’t know what happened there, honestly. We just knew that Mike was next. Shirin isn’t a challenge threat, so let’s get rid of Mike. They weren’t going to come with us ever anyway. It was fun to watch though.

Holmes: Were you working with Mike at all before the auction?
Brown: Nope. Not at all. But Mike was exiled from the group. Right when we came back from the auction, Mike outted Rodney, which I also thought was smart. He made Sierra and Dan see that they were on the bottom of that six-person alliance. So, Mike was outcast and nobody would talk to him. Shirin was already outcast for reasons unknown. I have no idea why everyone hated her. And then I outcast myself. I was like, “I don’t want to be around you awful people.”

Holmes: When Will blew up last night, why was he focused on Shirin? It seems like all three of you were having doubts about Will’s food reward.
Brown: I wasn’t there. I heard Will stomping down the beach, swearing…from like half a beach away. I was like, “I’m out.” I don’t like fighting. I bailed to the cave and found out about it twenty minutes later when Shirin came to me crying. I don’t know if I believed it at the time. I believed it happened, but I didn’t believe it was that bad until I heard it from everyone.

Holmes: Had Will shown any aggression like that before?
Brown: Will was always the sweetest person to me. He gave me extra food.  He was so nice. And to this day he’s still incredibly kind…to me. He blew up because we went looking for more food because we were bored. It was like a treasure hunt for us. But the thing that blew my mind was that he acted that way to Shirin with so much malice and hate that came from some deep, dark place and he was horrible to Mike. He yelled at Mike. And then to me he pulled me aside and was like, “Jenn, I respect you. I’m not going to blow up at you like that. I just wanted to let you know that I still love you, girl.” Then he walked away. I did the same (expletive deleted) thing that they did! What?! What?! Why?! Why didn’t he yell at me?!
Holmes: Probably because it was more socially acceptable within that group to single out Shirin.
Brown: Shirin and I got such opposite treatment for the same scenario. It made no sense to me. He was so horrible to Shirin. Even when I released the chickens…
Holmes: Wait, what?
Brown: They didn’t show it, but I released the chickens. They were my babies. And nobody got mad. They were like, “Oh, Jenn.”
Holmes: You rascal.
Brown: I was like “What the (expletive deleted) guys!” Carolyn was like, “Oh Jenn, you’re so crazy.” I just threw out your food!
Holmes: You were expecting more, “Damn it, Jenn! Chicken liberator!”
Brown: (Laughs) “Chicken liberator” is the worst thing I’ve ever been called.
Holmes: (Laughs) You had it coming.

Holmes: So, last week you wanted to win immunity so you could give it to Joe. When I talked to him, I don’t think he 100% bought that. Was that your plan?
Brown: A million percent. At that point, I was like these people are mean people. Not all of them. Some of them were just mean. They were mean to each other. I didn’t like how they were treating my friends. So, I’m going to do everything I can to mess with what they want to do. They want Joe gone? Cool, I’m going to make sure he doesn’t leave. I just wanted to see what I could get away with. I stole all the food. Me, Shirin, and Sierra? We stole everything and we buried it under the ladies couch. We’d go out and eat our dinner there.
Holmes: The ladies couch?
Brown: Oh yeah, when you saw Mike and I talking this past episode and you saw me laying on a piece of wood? That was the ladies couch. Only ladies were allowed. We allowed Mike to be there a couple of times.
Holmes: That sounds delightful.
Brown: We had a lot of bonding moments. Sierra will deny this, but since I cooked all the food…her, Shirin, and I realized, these guys are suffering so hard…the last week of the game, let’s make sure there’s no food so they will maybe die and we’ll be fine. So, I’d throw in more scoops of rice. We’d hide things just to make sure we ran out of food. It was so much fun.
Holmes: So, you might be responsible for the first “Survivor” starvation death.
Brown: Right?! When they found out they were pissed.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with…
Brown: What words will not be “expletive deleted”? I know (expletive deleted) will be “expletive deleted” and (expletive deleted).
Holmes: Yeah, those are two big ones.
Brown: But, what about “bitch”?
Holmes: We bonded in Nicaragua, so I’ll give you a pass on that one. Just stay away from those first two.
Brown: That’s so nice. Everybody plans their (expletive deleted) word associations.
Holmes: Which defeats the purpose!
Brown: I know! But we know it’s coming.
Holmes:  Alright, make me proud. Let’s start with Nina.
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Vince?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: I don’t like where this is headed. Rodney?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Mike?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Shirin?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Joe?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Max?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Dan?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Sierra?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Will?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Tyler?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Carolyn?
Brown: (Expletive deleted).
Holmes: Hali?
Brown: She loves nature.

Holmes: (Laughs) That was terrible.
Brown: That was one of the worst things I’ve ever done. I’m sorry you had to be there for it.
Holmes: Yeah, but we got through it together. We’re stronger people for it.
Brown: We are. We bonded. I feel like we have to go to counseling.
Holmes: I agree. I’d like to talk to someone about it.
Brown: We need to discuss this on a couch with a guy who has elbow patches.

Holmes: When you went down in the numbers after the merge, were there any other inroads to make with anyone or were they all locked off?
Brown: My fate was sealed. There was nothing we could have done. Shirin and I and Hali tried every route. We did literally everything we could. And even to this day, they say to us, “You did everything you could have.” You can only run into a brick wall so many times before you’re like, “(Expletive deleted) this.”

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