‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Breaks Down the Tribe Expansion – Idols, Camps, and More


"Survivor: Second Chance" (XFINITY)

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SPOILER ALERT! A picture of five of the six new Ta Keo members is hidden in this interview somewhere. If you don’t want to know who they are, you might want to click away.

We’ve seen tribes go from four to two, we’ve seen them go from three to two, and we always see them go from two to one. But this Wednesday we will witness the first-ever tribe expansion when we go from two to three. So basically the new tribe (Angkor) is like the Colorado Rockies and the Miami Marlins.

I had a chance to talk to the man himself, “Survivor” host and executive producer Jeff Probst, about this twist and what it’ll mean for the eighteen remaining Second Chancers.

Gordon Holmes: Hearing “Drop Your Buffs” is either someone’s biggest fear or their greatest wish. Nobody is indifferent.
Jeff Probst: You’re absolutely right.  Three of the most powerful words in the game and it all comes down to luck.  This is definitely a shot to the gut for a couple of people who end up on a tribe that is certainly at least perceived as weaker.  For another Survivor this is the change they were hoping for as it gets them out of a situation in which they felt on the outside.  And for one other…it’s more of the same.  From one bottom to another.   It changed up the game quite a bit.  You can NEVER get comfortable on “Survivor.”  Never.

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Holmes: Going from two tribes to three tribes has never been done before. Will the Angkor tribe get some kind of advantage or will they have to start camp from scratch?   
Probst: The Angkor tribe is starting from scratch.  Same supplies that were waiting for them on the beach on day one, but without any of the supplies they were able to get off the boat at the marooning.  It’s a MASSIVE set back.  All their energy now has to go to building a new shelter which could hurt them at the immunity challenges.
Holmes: Yikes, that’s harsh.

Five of the Six Members of the New Ta Keo Tribe (and a mystery person behind Kelley) (CBS)

Holmes: Kelley already has the Ta Keo idol. Will there now be clues at both the Angkor and Bayon beaches?  
Probst: Yes, there is still a clue at Bayon and a new one is waiting for them at Angkor.

Holmes: Vytas and Shirin are two pretty big names to go home early. Are they high-up on the list for the “Third Times a Charm” season?  
Probst: Ha!  No plans for a “third-chance” season but yes it was a bummer to see them go.  When we put this idea together we knew that every week it would be a painful loss as everybody is great.  But when you think about it, that’s all you could ever ask for in a season! It’s only getting started…

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