‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 2: Triple Tribes Edition


"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Kass is voted out this week, Jenn and Max will each receive eighteen points and Gordon will receive ten points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Jenn had Shirin in spot seventeen, Max had her in spot thirteen, and Gordon had her in spot fifteen. So, the current score is Team Jenn 17, Team Max 13, and Team Gordon 15.

Important Note: These rankings are not based on who is most likely to win the entire season. Players tend to rank the players based on their safety in the next episode.

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Jenn’s Score = 17

Any questions for Jenn? Drop her a line on Twitter: @jenncantdance

Max’s Score = 13

Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell

Gordon’s Score = 15

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Terry: I’m going to preface this with the fact that since there is a tribe switch-up happening next, I have no clue what to do here because I have no idea who is on what tribe. So… this is just…uh…I’m completely guessing on this (expletive deleted). Terry is great. He is strong. He is a guy’s guy. No one is going to be voting out the strong guys at this round in the game.   1. Jeff: Varner is Cochran in confessionals and Will Sims in challenges. If Jenn can make Terry her #1 for no other reason than he reminds her of her dad I can make Jeff Varner #1 just because he’s so much fun to watch on TV.
 1. Kelley: Oh good, a tribe swap. And this isn’t the traditional three-becomes-two or even a Spice Girls merge where two become one. This is two turns into three? Who’s safe? If you have the numbers now, what’re the odds you’re going to end up with enough of your alliance to keep you safe? Bad news all around. As Kelley’s the only person packing an idol, she’s the only one I feel comfortable ranking first.
  2. Kelley: She still has an idol and has been going alright so far. I think she is just fine for this next vote. Hopefully.
 2. Jeremy: Even when Jeremy is crying he’s angry. That’s what I love about him. I also love that he has the good sense to go off and do his crying in private to prevent himself from slipping up and spilling the beans about Val’s pregnancy. Everything Jeremy is doing is motivated by strategy. And yet he’s not coming across as a gamebot. That bodes well for him.
 2. Keith: A tribe swap is perfect for someone as easy-going as Keith. Even if he lands in a bad numbers situation, he won’t offend anyone enough to be their first target.
  3. KEITH NALE: Everyone loves Keith and he is surprisingly a beast in challenges. There is zero chance in hell that he is going home at this tribe swap and if he does I’m not doing Power Rankings anymore because what’s even the point without Keith this early? Sorry, Gordon.   3. Kelley: Kelley sold out Shirin and Spencer faster than Dimples sold out the Dirty 30 after fans started complaining about the nasty tone of our season. Where was this Kelley in San Juan Del Sur? How great would it have been to have heard her say to Missy, “You won’t see me talk to my dad for the rest of the day. In fact, if you want, I’ll never talk to him again. Ever. For the rest of my life.”
 3. Ciera: OK, worst case for Ciera is if she ends up on a tribe with either all the bros from old Bayon or all Ta Keons. Otherwise, she’s pretty safe. There’s no reason to target her with Vytas doing down dog at Ponderosa.
  4. Andrew: Again, see Deitz. I don’t think the strong dudes are going anywhere.
  4. Terry: The good news: Terry overcame one of the biggest deficiencies in his game to win the allegiance of an excluded tribe member. The bad news: Terry’s now saddled to a Brazilian Dragon.
 4. Peih-Gee: She’s another one of those people where there isn’t a strong reason to get rid of her first. She’s just gotta stay cool and leave everyone’s bracelets alone.
 5. Jeremy: Jeremy is in the boat with Deitz and Savage. Can you imagine if the tribe swap happens and it’s Terry, Andrew, Keith, Jeremy, Tasha, and Joe all on one tribe? I would feel so sorry for the other tribes. I think all six of those listed above are smooth sailing straight to the merge. And then the merge will happen and then all hell will break loose. It’s gonna be great.
 5. Keith: I just want at least one great Keith confessional per episode. Is that too much to ask for?
 5. Jeff: Varner’s playing some next-level “Survivor” at this point. Right now, he’ll be able to work with any of the other seven Ta Keo folks he ends up on a tribe with. And, he’s done it subtly enough that others won’t run to the Bayonians and scream that he’s a threat.
 6. Tasha: See Above. Plus she seems to not have made any waves yet. Seems to get along with people. This should be fine.
 6. Tasha: One day Tasha will tell the story of how she met the love of her life to a rapt audience. “He was standing on the beach wearing nothing but a manbun and he was leading our entire tribe through a series of yoga poses. He was the most beautiful thing I ever saw…” She pauses, dabs at the corner of her eye, and then sobs uncontrollably. “I’m sorry, it just that he’s…he’s my everything.” Everyone within earshot will clutch their hearts and sigh, except for Stephen, who will interrupt to ask if anyone knows where the bathroom is.
 6. Kimmi: Kimmi’s still on this show? Everyone in pre-game was worried about how annoying she’d be, but annoying doesn’t send you home first anymore. In fact, it will often get you dragged to the end. She should be fine.
 7. Woo: I just don’t get Woo. I like how he straight up was like “NO” to Spencer and Shirin last episode though. Tells me he’s not putting up with facades and (expletive deleted). That should help him out a bit.   7. Monica: I once heard Purple Kelly tell the story of how she got on the show. “I was walking around at a mall and someone came up to me and said ‘You’d be great on ‘Survivor!”” she explained. Then, without missing a beat, she continued, “Clearly they were wrong.” Monica may have worn purple on Galu, but she is no Purple Kelly. LET MONICA SPEAK.
 7. Kelly: There have been more twists and turns in Kelly’s first six days than in her entire stay in Borneo. However, she’s been handling it like a champ. Her alliance is back on top and if they all end up scattered in six different directions, she’ll have some time to plan her next move.
 8. Ciera: What is even the point of ranking the following four people when we have seen nothing from them yet?
  8. Joe: Deleted Joe confessional: “Before I left for Cambodia Mike and I talked about changing up my strategy so that I don’t run into the same problems that I had after the merge in ‘Worlds Apart.’ So instead of just being amazing at challenges this time I’m also going to be amazing at camp. That should eliminate any thoughts about me being a threat, right?”
 8. Monica: Not much to go on when it comes to Monica. With all the chaos in this upcoming episode, I’d imagine that’s good news for her.

  9. Monica: Was she even in the last episode?
  9. Spencer: By surviving last week’s council, Spencer became the Shirin to Shirin’s Max. But don’t count The Lad out quite yet: Spencer is at his best when the odds are stacked against him. Just pray he doesn’t end up with Kass after the swap.
 9. Abi-Maria: I’ve been seeing the smile Abi gave to Shirin in my nightmares all week. Super creepy. My life goal from now on is to stay on Abi-Maria’s good side. Anywho, she probably won’t be anyone’s first target at a swap unless she stabs someone in the face over a real or perceived slight.
  10. Kimmi: See “Monica Padilla.”
  10. Ciera: Every week when I type out the names of the castaways to do my Power Rankings I always end up one short. Every week I forget the same person.
  10. Kass: I can’t believe how high Kass is in my rankings. I never thought I’d see the day. But, she seems to be getting along famously with her Bayon tribemates. And after the swap, if she can keep those good vibes flowing, she won’t be an obvious target. Well, unless she lands on Spencer’s tribe, but he’s got bigger problems than her.
 11. Kelly: Apparently Monica, Kimmi, Ceira, and Kelly are just not going to exist for a couple episodes. Whatever.
 11. Kelly: Head back to camp, I got nothing for ya.
  11. Stephen: Only Spencer needed a tribe swap more than Stephen. Now that he’s got it, he should be the town crier to warn everyone else about the Challenge Stallion alliance. Of course with Stephen’s luck, he’ll end up on a tribe with Joe, Jeremy, Savage, Tasha, Keith, and Biff Tannen.
 12. Joe: Joe. You made hammocks for everyone and then caught a bunch of fish AND THEN WON THE CHALLENGE. STOP. STOP IT. STOP. YOU ARE PUBLIC ENEMY #1 AND IT’S EPISODE THREE.
I think he’s fine for now, but if he makes it to the merge, I think he’s doomed.
(Sorry, I still love you, though.)
 12. Kimmi: There’s no way that they’d let Kimmi go home without first giving us some big, sloppy, finger-wagging, over-the-top, Lawn Guyland moments, right? RIGHT?
 12. Spencer: He won’t get a completely clean slate with the tribe swap, but odds are he’ll have more Bayons around him than Ta Keos. He should act like the Ta Keo alliance is much closer than it really is to turn the Bayons against them.
  13. Stephen: Dude is talking too much. Making himself a target. Questioning the motives of a man who misses his pregnant wife. Come on, Fishbach. You’re not playing with a bunch of intellectual and strategy-always Spencers. You’re playing with four macho men, who don’t have time for your (expletive deleted). If the tribe swap doesn’t put you in the graces of people like Spencer and Kelley and Ciera, you’re digging yourself a hole and probably going home.   13. Woo: Woo went from Alec Christy Mouthbreather to Drew Christy Badass in the blink of an eye last week. I know that a lot of people were impressed by the way that the Weas rebuffed Shirin, but let’s be honest: all he really did was turn down an opportunity to make a big move™ for the illusory safety of an alliance that’s being led by a disloyal power-drunk Fred Flintstone look-alike.
 13. Tasha: Oh man, I hope this tribe swap doesn’t cost Tasha her 9:30 Joe-ga class.
  14. Peih-Gee: Something about her just stirs up controversy. Maybe it’s just Abi. I’m not sure. But if she’s on a tribe with Abi and Varner I think she could be going home soon. She is just going with the tribe votes, making no moves on her own. That can carry her to the merge, hell to the end, but I don’t see it happening. However her hair looked flawless last episode.
  14. Stephen: At this point it’s obvious that we’re being set up for a Stephen versus Andrew showdown. But is Stephen the new Ryan Shoulders or the new Lill Morris?
 14. Terry: Kudos to Terry for showing some compassion to Abi and making a new bestest buddy for life. But, what’s he going to do now that his freshly reunited alliance is about to be torn apart? Maybe he can fit into Jeremy’s plans.
  15. Jeff: I love me some Jeff Varner. That move last week was just perfect. I’m just afraid that if he ends up on a tribe with the folks at the top of the list he will be in trouble.
  15. Andrew: Andrew is using the hammer and nails and other tools that Bayon won at the last challenge to build a locker so that he has something to shove Stephen into.
 15. Jeremy: Alright, you’ve probably noticed that the challenge threats are at the bottom of the rankings. That’s because swaps can ruin the importance of challenge dominance. People become less concerned with winning and more concerned with getting to the merge with their buddies.
  16. Spencer: Spencer you got so lucky, but this could easily happen again next week.
  16. Peih-Gee: Peih-Gee is slippery. In episode 1 she got caught stealing from her fellow tribe members and yet her name never came up at council. In episode 2 she got caught expletive deleted-talking Abi and yet somehow the vote came down to Spencer and Shirin. No, I don’t really think for a second that Peih-Gee stole Abi’s bracelet. Nor do I think that she should have been targeted for her social faux-pas. I am, however, starting to wonder why she is in the middle of nearly every Ta Keo argument.
  16. Andrew: Oh…the bitter irony if the same man who brought down by the Outcasts twists was brought down by the first-ever tribe expansion. I won’t feel too bad for him, he still has his model/law student wife.
 17. Abi-Maria: Abi. You gotta chill out. I will be shocked if you make it to the merge if you keep this up. Unless someone gets just as crazy and is like, “(expletive deleted) let’s take her to the end.”
 17. Abi-Maria: Abi has Terry’s protection…for now. We all know that Terry is a man of his word. But will he be able to keep his word the next time Abi Abis?
  17. Joe: Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe…you need to wait for a season with Redemption Island to come back.
 18. Kass: I think she is going to go soon. Even after that “she has feelings” edit.
 18. Kass: Kass.
 18. Woo: Challenge threat, possibly down in numbers after the swap. Sonic might be gone-ic.

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