‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 4 – Dragon Angkor Down? Edition


"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Jenn Brown and Max Dawson. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Ciera is voted out this week, Gordon and Max will each receive seven points and Jenn will receive twelve points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Jenn and Gordon both had Varner in spot seventeen. Max had him in fifteen. So, the current score is Team Jenn 48, Team Max 44, Team Gordon 36.

Important Note: These rankings are not based on who is most likely to win the entire season. Players tend to rank the players based on their safety in the next episode.

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Jenn’s Score = 48

Any questions for Jenn? Drop her a line on Twitter: @jenncantdance

Max’s Score = 44

Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell

Gordon’s Score = 36

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. KEITH NALE: I’m gonna put Keith up here cause I like him. Likable guys aren’t leaving the game right now.   1. Jeremy: Jeremy said it himself: he’s the JT to Stephen’s Stephen. By extension that makes the branch the avocado. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what kind of bone-headed move Jeremy makes when he returns for Heroes Vs. Villains 2 as a universally-beloved perfect-game winner.
“Rodney–This is a huge turning point in this game…”
 1. Jeremy: Jeremy entered the game wanting a big-guy alliance, but now that he has an idol he won’t have to rely solely on meat shields. Keeping a strategist like Spencer or Stephen around could be a smart move, but which one?
  2. Jeremy: He lost the reward for his tribe and that made me sad. But he still has an idol and an alliance I think. I’m not sure. I forgot. But whatever, he’s great.
 2. Spencer: Alpha males use each other as meat shields. Beta males use each other as nerd shields. Spencer can easily turn any argument for voting him out into an argument for voting out Fishbach. “Sure I’m a student of the game! But I don’t write a blog for People Magazine and co-host a podcast with Rob Cesternino!” “Sure I’m a smart guy! But I didn’t go to an Ivy League school!” “Sure I’m strategic! But I never engineered a cross-tribal Exile alliance and flipped a 6-4 split in my favor!”
 2. Kelley: Kelley’s got to be thinking, “Hmm…with this group they give you bracelets instead of accusing you of stealing them.” Could this be laying the groundwork for a “Sneaky Sneaky Chaos” alliance?
  3. Kelley: I also would’ve thought Kass was up to something sneaky. However, I never would have thought she would do it in plain sight. Double however, your tribe cannot lose and you also have an idol so you’re here and the end.
  3. Joe: Last Wednesday 9.07 million viewers simultaneously found themselves contemplating the same mystery: What happened to Joe’s armpit hair? Wonder no more. As revealed on “Survivor With All the Fixin’s,” my weekly recap podcast for the On The Block Network, Joe does in fact have armpit hair. It just wasn’t visible on camera. Another behind-the-scenes insight revealed on the podcast: according to “Worlds Apart” champ Mike Holloway, Joe sat out the Hero Challenge in order to remind his fellow competitors that Terry is still a challenge beast. This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been waiting to see from J.A.: an indication that he’s working to shift the target from his back to someone else’s.
 3. Joe: No Joe? No show. Are you telling me that there wasn’t any Joe-ga going on at some point during those three days? Or Joe crafting a refrigerator out of a hollow log?  Or Joe cuddling a puppy? Nothing? Look for ratings to drop this Wednesday.
  4. Terry: Terry!
  4. Keith: Terry sired the final three. Keith sired the reigning Louisiana Chicken Nugget Eating Champion. I know which accomplishment I’m more impressed by.
 4. Tasha: Honestly, Tasha and Andrew should both be way higher on this list. There’s no way either one of them is going home this week…
 5. Tasha: Girl, you need to get rid of Abi-Maria. Come on. Take Woo and then just vote her out. For the sanity of the tribe. And me. And the country.
 5. Terry: Terry’s performance during the Hero Challenge proved he’s barely lost a step since Panama. While good for the middle-aged male ego, his heroics showed everyone that he’s still a massive threat in the individual game.
 5. Andrew: …well…unless…Woo finds the Angkor idol. But that couldn’t happen, right? …right?!
 6. Andrew: I’m just surprised at how tired he was after the challenge because he played college football. 30 years ago.
 6. Kelley: Kass made Kelley a friendship bracelet for her birthday. Awww! How sweet! But what if it wasn’t a friendship bracelet? What if it were some kind of voodoo amulet that caused its wearer to develop a Boston accent, a horse trainer fetish, and an irrational hatred of hairdressers? What if the only way to break its spell were to drink the blood of a llama? I don’t know man you try writing these things every week and see what you come up with.
 6. Keith: Keith’s Ta Keo alliance has the numbers and Keith isn’t one to ruffle (or rustle) feathers. He’s fine. And adorable.
 7. Kass: That was really nice of her to make a bracelet. She’s making friends. I like that she walked up and gave the gift then immediately walked away. I would do that.   7. Ciera: I wonder if Ciera is voting for Donald Trump? Or maybe Ben Carson? I wouldn’t put either past her. I mean, you do realize that she voted FOR HER MOM!?!?
 7. Ciera: Not much camera time for Ciera last week, but how can you possibly compete with “Kass’s Fun Time Arts and Crafts Minute”?
 8. Spencer: He’s trying to throw one of the unseens under the bus. That’s alright I guess.
  8. Stephen: The good news: Stephen has an ally who wants him to feel like he’s in the loop. The bad news: Stephen has an ally who makes him feel like he’s in the loop by sending him on a wild chicken chase for an idol that’s already been found.
 8. Kass: So, I watched quite a bit of “Survivor: Cagayan” this week and I liked Kass a lot more than I remembered. Did her new vibe seep into my brain? Has it seeped into everybody’s brain? Well, everybody except for Max…
  9. Monica: GUYS, SHE SPOKE AGAIN. And it was about nothing really. I didn’t even listen. I just stared at her pigtails.
  9. Kimmi: Last week’s preview gave us a glimpse of the Kimmi we’ve all been waiting 14 years to see again. Here’s to hoping that this week proves to us that while you can take the girl out of Long Island you can never take the Long Island out of the girl.
 9. Stephen: Another solid week for everyone’s favorite stick-sparing, chicken chaser. He’s gotta be wondering what his next step is going to be. He won’t be the first to go if Bayon goes to Tribal, but will he still be Jeremy’s buddy when there’s a merge?
  10. Joe: That was the least I’ve ever seen of Joe in an episode. 13-year-old girls around the country are sobbing and going over his Instagram to see if they can re-like and re-comment on his pics in hope Probst will see it and then dedicate the rest of the season to just b-roll of him doing stuff.
  10. Kelly: I wonder if Kelly still thinks that alliances are gross?
  10. Spencer: It looks like some business goes down this week at Bayon that involves Kimmi and a mysterious “She.” Let ’em fight, Spence. You should be over in the corner whistling and not making eye contact.
 11. Stephen: Eh. I don’t think he’s in a good spot. But he’s not in a bad one and he’s not on a losing tribe so whatever.
 11. Andrew: I played college football. #humblebrag
  11. Terry: Man, why would they make Terry and Andrew square off in a hero challenge? That couldn’t have been good for Probst’s heart.
 12. Ciera:
 12. Abi-Maria: Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection transmitted by cats to their human companions. Toxo alters the functioning of the human brain in ways that cause carriers to behave irrationally or even self-destructively. Scientists suggest it also might be responsible for the strong attractions cat fanciers feel for felines. Infected humans think they’re lavishing attention on their adorable kitties. In reality they’re helping to propagate a nefarious brain parasite that’s causing them to make disastrous decisions.
 12. Kimmi: So, this week’s preview features Kimmi saying that some woman is a “snake in the grass.” Well, there are only two other women on her tribe…
  13. Kelly: I’ll write something about her when she’s in an episode.   13. Woo: What Woo said to Angkor: “Keep me because I’m loyal.” What Angkor heard: “Keep me because I’m clueless.”
 13. Monica: …this woman has been with Kimmi since day one. She doesn’t trust Spencer, but why should anyone? He’s known for being smart and savvy.
  14. Kimmi: See above.
  14. Monica: At long last, Monica speaks! Rejoice, right? Not so fast. The subject of her long overdue confessional? She doesn’t trust Spencer. Monica! Never, ever say that you don’t trust Spencer on camera! It’s like saying “Beetlejuice” three times: One minute you’re doing a confessional. The next you’re going from two tribes to three. Or having an early merge. Or eating dinner at Ponderosa.
 14. Kelly: …and while this woman is new to Kimmi, she doesn’t seem like the “snake in the grass” type. Color me intrigued.
  15. Woo: Again. He’s still at the bottom. His tribe is still definitely losing.  Nice speech though. I’m surprised he cared that much.
  15. Tasha: There’s a meme circulating on social media right now that perfectly encapsulates Tasha’s predicament. “Live by the Abi…Die by the Abi.” (Credit: Reddit user Jack_Payback) Thus far every castaway who has attempted to ride the dragon has been burned by her fire. If history is any indication then Tasha should be next.
 15. Abi-Maria: Unpredictabi.
  16. Abi-Maria: I am hoping so hard that they vote her out this episode. She’s just a drama machine and I cannot stand it. Get over your (expletive deleted). Get over little things like “you talked to him and I wasn’t right there why would you do that I don’t trust you ever.” CHILL OUT.
(Disclaimer: this is just how I feel about her current portrayal on the show. She is just lovely in person, I really like her. I’ve never played “Survivor” with her. The feelings are separate.)
  16. Kass: Kass.
  16. Woo: Woo actually brought it last week at Tribal. I was shocked. Now his only hope is an immunity win or an idol find. There’s no way to break Tasavage up and they won’t want Woo running around winning challenges after a merge.

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