‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Episode 13 Recap: Anonymous and Outfoxed?


"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

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Last Week: Family members were greeted and then some of them eated*, a female alliance was pitched and then possibly ditched, and Joey Amazing passed out and then was cast out.

*Not a word.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Orkun Tribe (wearing orange)
Abi – Philippines
Jeremy – San Juan del Sur
Keith – San Juan del Sur
Kelley W. – San Juan del Sur
Kimmi – The Australian Outback
Spencer – Cagayan
Tasha – Cagayan

The evening’s fun starts off back at Orkun Beach after Tribal. Abi doesn’t feel bad about Joe going home because, “Payback is a bitch.” Feel free to write your own joke.

Everyone else is psyched because they all now have a chance at winning immunity. Really, Kimmi?

They go over the night’s votes, and Tasha realizes that Keith voted for her. This does not please her. I probably wouldn’t be giddy about it either.

The next morning, the San Juan del Surians point out that all three of them made the final seven. Yeah, well…half the Australians are there too.

Later, Jeremy and Spencer are having serious buyer’s remorse now that Joe is gone. I feel the same way at breakfast when I order something sweet like pancakes, but then I see someone else order an omelet. Every time. Their regret is more focused on the possibility of a female alliance.

Reward Challenge Time: The players will run through an obstacle course while hooked to a rope. They’ll then use sandbags to knock over a series of blocks. The first person to knock off all their blocks will be taken to a Cambodian temple and will enjoy food and a sleepover.

Fun Fact: Keith won this challenge in San Juan del Sur.

We start off and there’s not much to explain except for obstacle navigatin’. Keith is the first one to the sandbags. He’s followed by Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremy.

Jeremy and Spence have trouble with their slack allowance, but it doesn’t matter because Keith plows through the blocks to win reward.


Keith is allowed to take two people with him. He chooses Kelley because she chose his wife to come to camp last week. He also chooses Spencer for no real reason.

While trying to explain why he picked Spencer, we learn that Keith doesn’t know Tasha’s name. That’d be me on “Survivor.” I’m the worst. No joke, my wife and I have a code where I’ll squeeze her hand quickly three times if I need her to give me someone’s name.

Look on the bright side, Tasha. If he doesn’t know your name, he can’t vote for you. Well…he can’t vote for you again.

Back at camp, Kimmi makes the point that Keith is the new Golden Boy and he needs to go. He’s more like a Golden River Boy. Apparently that’s a chewing tobacco. Yes, I had to use Google for that joke.

At the reward, Keith points out that the temple looks like somewhere Indiana Jones has been. Fortune and glory, Keith.

The trio is blessed and then treated to an elegant Cambodian dance. Afterward, they sit down to a delicious meal. Spencer, Kelley, and Keith all say they’re cool being the final three together. Well, what are you supposed to say?

Keith wants to get rid of Jeremy first. However, Spencer wants to target Tasha. Brains tribe explodes!

They decide to bring Abi in as a fourth. What could possibly go wrong?

At Orkun, Tasha asks Abi if she can chat with Jeremy alone. Abi says it’s cool, but her face, body language and death glare say otherwise.

Abi goes off, and Tasha and Jeremy immediately discuss getting rid of her. Well, I guess Abi was totally justified with her death glare.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will race down an obstacle course that is floating in the water. When they get to the end they’ll retrieve a key. They’ll then return to the beach and unlock five puzzle pieces. The first person to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

Fun Fact: This puzzle was one of the choices in the first challenge in “World’s Apart.” But, nobody chose it.

Another Fun Fact: Actually, Parvati Shallow chose it in the press challenge. It did not end well for her.

We start off and Jeremy and Spencer jump out to a lead. However, Spencer wipes out and Jeremy takes over. They go back and forth with Jeremy getting to the puzzle first. Spencer is right behind him. He manages to figure out the puzzle in less than fifteen seconds and win it.

Note: People are saying that the puzzle was too simple. But, I watched crew members struggle with it for twenty minutes in Nicaragua.

Whoa…Tasha is having trouble out in the water. The safety crew is sent out after her. They get her up onto one of the platforms and medical is called in.

Apparently she swallowed a lot of water, but she’ll be fine. Thank goodness.

Politicking around camp has Tasha wanting her, Jeremy, Spencer, and Kimmi to vote for Abi while Keith, Kelley, Spencer, and Abi want to target Tasha.

Abi is wondering who to take to the final three. Well, she might win against doing your taxes and getting punched in the face.

Later Tasha and Jeremy lay out their plan to Spencer. Ooo…Spencer the Swing Vote.

That night at Tribal, Spencer admits that he was worried about what he missed at camp while he was at the reward.

Tasha is feeling better, but she thought she was drowning.

Spencer thinks any event in “Survivor” could cause change.

Keith says the vote will get them back to where they need to be.

Jeremy is under the impression that there are five voting blocs right now.

Tasha believes that a lot of people are keeping their options open and aren’t locking in their loyalty.

Keith is confident that his alliance will win. Spencer admires his confidence because he’s nervous.

Jeremy isn’t sure which of his alliances he should be confident in. Oh…how many alliances you got there, Jeremy?

Voting Time: Kimmi votes for Abi, Keith votes for Tasha, and the rest of the votes will have to wait till the credits.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Abi, one vote for Tasha, one vote for Abi, one vote for Tasha, one vote for Abi, one vote for Keith, and the fourteenth person eliminated from “Survivor: Second Chance” and the seventh member of the jury is…Abi.

So, Abi voted for Keith while Keith and Kelley voted for Tasha. So…I’m assuming the dominant foursome must’ve had Abi on their side and convinced her they were targeting Keith.

Verdict: This season is just too crazy to predict. Not sure why Abi went when there are other big threats that you don’t want to take to the end around.

And now we’re heading into a final episode with six players and two idols still in play? Color me intrigued.

Who’s Going to Win? I’m holding out hope that Kelley can work some magic with that idol of hers, but Jeremy is lookin’ good.

Power Rankings Results: Jenn had Abi in spot six, Max had her in spot three, and I had her in spot four. The current standings are Team Jenn 130, Team Max 124, and Team Gordon 119.

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