‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame 2015 Ballot – Ethan Zohn


2012 "Survivor" Hall of Fame Inductee Ethan Zohn (CBS)

NOTE: Voting for the 2015 “Survivor” Hall of Fame has ended. Be sure to check back Monday, December 14, 2015 to meet the first new member.

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The “Survivor” Hall of Fame is proud to have 2012 Inductee Ethan Zohn as a member of the Executive Voting Committee. As a member of this exclusive committee, Ethan (along with Host Jeff Probst and other “Survivor” luminaries) has accepted an awesome responsibility. The committee’s votes will make up 50% of the final tally for entry into the prestigious Class of 2015. The other 50% will come from “Survivor” fans like you.

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Ethan Zohn’s 2015 Hall of Fame Ballot

Rudy Boesch – (“Survivor: Borneo” and “Survivor: All-Stars”): When the tribe was scrambling to make a shelter to sleep above the flea-infested beach and and find water to boil and drink in order to survive the elements, the oldest contestant ever, Rudy, dug a 6-foot trench in the beach, lined it with palm leaves, and slept in it. Then he proceeded to drink the unfiltered, un-boiled water from a tiny stream. “I used to drink water with dead bodies floating in it…this stuff is fine.” What more do I need to say?

Lex van den Berghe – (“Survivor: Africa” and “Survivor: All-Stars”): Lex was a major factor in helping me win “Survivor: Africa”…not so true in “All-Stars.” We aligned on Day 1 and stayed true for the remaining 38 days. Lex was made to be a villain, but he was just playing aggressive and performed well in challenges. In my mind Lex used the concept of “Voting Blocks”…but we just called it “voting, with a side order of trusted alliance.”

Tina Wesson – (“Survivor: The Australian Outback,” “Survivor: All-Stars,” and “Survivor: Blood vs. Water”):  One of the few players that has embraced all aspects of the game and performed well (minus “All-Stars”…but the former winners had no chance). A strategic manipulative force masked in a cute, happy, athletic body. She played Old School and New School and with family members. And she did well!

Visit the  “Survivor” Hall of Fame for executive ballots from Jeff Probst, Parvati Shallow, Rob Cesternino, Russell Hantz, “Boston” Rob Mariano, and others.

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