‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Final Round – Wentwin? Jeremillionaire? Big Spender Spencer?


"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

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Finale Rules: For the finals, each player will rank the remaining Survivors in the order in which they think they will finish. The first contestant is the winner, the second received the second most votes at Tribal, etc. Each correct placement is worth two points.  The person with the most total points for the season will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week:  Jenn had Abi in spot six, Max had her in spot three, and I had her in spot four. The current standings are Team Jenn 130, Team Max 124, and Team Gordon 119.

Jenn’s Score = 130

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Max’s Score = 124

Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell

Gordon’s Score = 119

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Jeremy: I’m surprised they didn’t just give him the money at the start of the season.
  1. Jeremy: Congratulations, Jeremy! Not only have you managed to make it to the finale with a strong alliance, a hidden immunity idol, and jury goodwill; according to the edit, you haven’t so much as burped or farted for the last 36 days. Jeremy is a human being, and human beings aren’t perfect. Jeremy the “Survivor: Cambodia” castaway, on the other hand, has been nothing short of golden. When was the last time we saw someone get so positive an edit? I’m thinking Kim Spradlin.  1. Spencer: He’s been fighting an uphill battle since Varner Varner’d him on day six. He’s the most likely person to win these last few immunities. And, axing Jeremy is a move that many jurors will respect. He won’t sweep it, but if things go the way I’ve predicted (and they rarely do) he could be the next sole survivor.
  2. Kelley: I think one of these top two are the winners, whichever one makes it to the FTC. There’s no way someone would bring both of them, and there’s no way they would bring each other, so we shall see.
  2. Spencer: Spencer has won challenges, made Big Moves™, and demonstrated emotional growth. So why won’t he win? Because Jeremy.
 2. Kelley: Right now the belief seems to be if Kelley or Jeremy get to the end, one of them will win. I’m not totally sold on that. Stephen said he didn’t appreciate how good of a job she had been doing until he watched her on TV. That being said, I still think she’ll have some jury love from Kass, Ciera, and Abi…ooo…I don’t know…it’ll be close…
  3. Tasha: She’s basically the Dan or the will of Her season. You’d be stupid to not have her at Final Tribal Council, because I think there’s zero chance she could win.
  3. Tasha: Tasha has played a perfect game…if her desired outcome was the make it to the final three and not receive a single vote. Exit interviews aren’t canon, but few of the eliminated castaways have had kind words for Tasha. What has Tasha done to rub so many people the wrong way? I understand why Varner has an issue with her, but why are the rest of the Second Chancers so anti-Tasha? It probably didn’t help that her number one adversary was the mayor of Ponderosa…  3. Tasha: Tasha actually might have a vote or two against Kelley and Spencer. But, with a certain Chaotic Juror working against her, she’ll have an uphill battle.
  4. Spencer: Spencer is great, and has played a great game. However, I don’t think he has a chance up against Kelley or Jeremy.
  4. Kelley: It’s going to hurt when Kelley doesn’t make it into the final 3. Along with Jeremy, Kelley has dominated this season. But while Jeremy has never experienced true adversity, Kelley has had to scramble since the beach people disintegrated way back on day six. To me, that makes Kelley’s performance even more impressive than Jeremy’s. Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremy are savvy enough to recognize that she crushes Spencer or Tasha in a jury vote and makes things uncomfortably close for Jeremy. And so for no reason other than the fact that she would probably win Kelley will not be able to swing the numbers in her favor and will become the final member of the jury.
 4. Jeremy: No idols can save you at final four, Jeremy. And, everyone knows you’re the most dangerous person out there. Ciera said that going to final three with Jeremy was a guaranteed second-or-third place finish. Stephen knew this, and that point will not be lost on Spencer and Tasha. If he doesn’t win that final-four immunity, this will be where his impressive run ends.
 5. Keith: Keith is fantastic, I love him. He’s been my favorite all season and I can’t wait to see him and Big D in a couple days. But I cant see anyone letting him get to the Final Tribal Council not because Jeremy and Kelley wouldn’t beat him, I just don’t see it happening. He’s a little too good at challenges and a little too likable. I think if he loses a challenge he will be next to go.
   5. Kimmi: According to Jeff we’re about to see something that we’ve never seen before in 31 seasons of “Survivor.” Whatever happens I think it will have something to do with the remaining idols and is going to lead to Kimmi going home.  5. Kimmi: Probst said we’re going to see something we’ve never seen before during the finale. The theory that makes the most sense to me is Kelley and Jeremy both play their idols and cancel out all of the votes. So…then what? A revote with Jeremy, Kelley, and the challenge winner safe? Spells bad news for the fourth person in the four-person alliance.
 6. Kimmi: I don’t think there is any way her and Keith aren’t the first two out of the final episode. No way.
   6. Keith: Imagine Keith makes it to day 39 and then in a stunning speech to the jury reveals that his country bumpkin persona is nothing more than an act. “When I said ‘No logic whatsover’ at the final seven reward challenge,” Keith explains to the jury with perfect, erudite diction, “that was the cognitive equivalent of Tyson’s sling in ‘Blood vs. Water.’ I have something to confess – I’m not a firefighter. I’m actually a professor of Comparative Literature at LSU Shreveport.” Unfortunately that’s not going to happen. What is going to happen is that there is going to be an IC that involves a puzzle or memory. Keith will lose and be sent to the jury.  6. Keith: Oh Keith. I love ya, buddy. Must be frustrating to never vote for the person who is eliminated. Unfortunately, I don’t think the rules will allow you to vote for the first person who will go home on Wednesday either.

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