‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ Episode 6 Recap: Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Last Week: An idol was found in the Wright place, the tribes were split in three, and CeCe said, “See ya.”

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Ikabula Tribe (wearing green)

Bret – 42, Police Sergeant
Hannah – 24, Barista
Jay – 27, Real Estate Agent
Michaela – 25, Vacation Club Sales
Sunday – 45, Youth Pastor
Will – 18, High School Student

The Takali Tribe (wearing purple)

Adam – 25, Homeless Shelter Manager
Figgy – 23, Bartender
Jessica – 37, Assistant District Attorney
Ken – 33, Model
Taylor – 24, Ski Instructor

The Vanua Tribe (wearing orange)

Chris – 38, Trial Lawyer
David – 42, Television Writer
Michelle – 28, Missionary Recruiter
Zeke – 28, Asset Manager

We start things back off at Vanua beach where everyone is in good spirits because the vote was unanimous. David declares the end to the Millennials vs. Gen-X twist and renames it “People I Trust vs. People You Trust.” Neither of those is very catchy.

Meanwhile, Zeke is blown away that the Gen-Xers threw away their advantage on the only tribe where they had a numbers edge.

Over at Ikabula, Jay shares a heartfelt moment and says he wants to take care of his tribe like he takes care of his family back home. He then says he’s going to win “Survivor” for them. Have we talked about how much I love Jay?

Later, Jay manages to find his tribe’s hidden idol. Unfortunately, Will is with him when he does. Even more unfortunately, Michaela walks up on the two of them.

Michaela lets us know that Jay is in her alliance, but if he turns on her, she’ll happily snitch. Wait…she’ll run around until the seeker catches her?

Reward Challenge Time: A caller for each tribe will stand on a platform and shout directions to their blindfolded tribemates. The tribemates will stumble out to gather puzzle pieces and will undoubtedly crash into crotch-level obstacles. Once all of the puzzle pieces have been retrieved, one player will complete the puzzle while STILL WEARING THEIR BLINDFOLD. The first tribe to finish the challenge will receive a variety of snacks. The second tribe will receive chocolate chip cookies. The third tribe will receive bruises.

Jessica will sit for Takali, Hannah and Bret will sit for Ikabula.

Before we start off, Figgy admits that she’s really happy that her girl Michelle is still around instead of CeCe. Probst asks Michelle if she’s worried that Figgy’s honesty will get in her in trouble, to which she responds, “I think the truth works well in this game.” Sure…

Quick Aside: Probst is wearing a white shirt. It’s like a chase figure.

Michelle, Figgy, and Jay are our callers. Other than that, there isn’t much to describe except for stumblin’ and wipin’ out.

Takali is the first to return all of their pieces, but Ikabula isn’t too far behind them. Vanua eventually joins them.

During the puzzle portion, Hannah claims that she’s feeling faint. Probst tells her to let him know if she wants him to call in the medical team.

Zeke and Michelle manage to come from behind and complete the puzzle for the win. Jay and Michaela claim second place.

Figgy is not happy that her tribe lost their big lead.

Doctor Joe is brought in to check on Hannah. Luckily, it seemed like she was only having breathing issues due to the excitement of the challenge. She sums it up as saying that she was just having a panic attack.

Over at Takali, Taylor and Figgy decide to come out to their tribe as the couple known as “Fig Tails.”


Hilariously, they’re comfortable coming out because Adam is on their side and they have the numbers. #famouslastwords

Figgy breaks the news to Jessica and her response was, “You think?” Ken’s reaction is similar.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will race across balance beams and retrieve bags of coconuts. Once they have all six bags, they’ll maneuver three balls through a table maze. The first two tribes to complete the maze will win immunity.

Adam will sit for Takali, Will and Sunday will sit for Ikabula.

The Survivors are ready, and they go. Not much to describe at first except for balancin’ and runnin’.

Jay gives Ikabula a big lead, but Taylor manages to jump ahead for Takali. Power of love!

Figgy and Jessica are the first to try the maze. They’re eventually joined by Michaela and Hannah and Zeke and Michelle.

Michaela hilariously barks orders at Hannah, and it works. Ikabula wins immunity.

Figgy and Jessica seem to be working well together, but Michaela decides to even things up by offering advice to Vanua. Huh…

Apparently the advice helped, because Zeke and Michelle were able to come from behind to win immunity.

Probst asks Michaela why she was helping the other tribe, and she says that she’s trying to keep Millennials safe. Ken points out that there are Millennials on his tribe, but Michaela isn’t worried because they have the numbers. #famouslastwords

Michaela was also worried that Russell Hantz was about to be victimized by an all-woman alliance on “Heroes vs. Villains.”

Back at Takali beach, we learn that Adam is the swing vote between the two sides.

Taylor wonders if Adam is way smarter than he has given him credit for and is thinking of flopping. Man, if Taylor thinks you’re dumb…I’m not sure how you come back from that.

Jessica and Ken make a play to get Adam on their side, telling him that they’ll never write his name down.

Adam proves that he’s psychic by saying, “The whole world is probably screaming, ‘Get out the power couple!’”

That night at Tribal, Taylor is pretty confident that the Millennials are all going to stick together. Because that’s what they’re known for; thinking of others.

Figgy even forgives Adam for voting for her earlier.

This segues into Probst asking if Taylor and Figgy are in love. What is this, “The Amazing Race” blind date season where that was the first thing the couples were asked when they arrived at the mat?

Fun Fact: Probst loves love. The guy’s a romantic.

Probst says that Millennials are so fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants that they could get married right now. He even offers up his services as an ordained minister to make it happen.

The couple doesn’t bite, so we miss out on the first “Survivor” Tribal Council wedding. Maybe if they’d offered a wedding cake.

Figgy doesn’t think that it’s a big deal that they’re a couple because they’re just voting together like every other alliance.

Adam admits that he’s in the middle. Wait, why would you say that if you’re not flipping?

Taylor makes the point that Adam shouldn’t flip because there are more Millennials left in the game and that would put a target on his back.

Adam claims that he really likes who he’s voting for tonight.

Voting Time: No votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Ken, one vote for Figgy, one vote for Ken, one vote for Figgy, and the sixth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X” is…Figgy.

So unchill, Adam.

Adam offers to explain himself to Taylor, but Taylor doesn’t seem interested in what he has to say.

Figgy simply says, “Win” to Taylor.

Verdict: This season, man. It seems like every vote has been a blindside. And a tribe swap where none of the previous alliances have stuck together? Good times.

Add to that people worth rooting for (Adam, David, Jay, Michaela, Zeke, even Ken a little bit) and you’ve got one of the best pre-merges ever.

Power Rankings Update: Michele Fitzgerald had Figgy in spot 13, Shirin Oskooi had her in spot 9. So, the current score is Team Michele 53, Team Shirin 49.

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