‘Survivor’ Castaway Figgy: ‘I Was Boston Rob and Taylor Was Amber’

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: How are you?
Jessica Figueroa: I could use a margarita.
Holmes: You and me both.

Holmes: Seems like you should’ve taken Probst up on his offer to get married last night. No way anyone is getting voted out after that.
Figueroa: (Laughs) Something like that, right! I was like, “Hey, ‘Survivor’ first, let’s make it happen.” I got the boot. I kinda saw it coming, then I kinda didn’t. So, I’ve got mixed emotions.
Holmes: What kind of heartless bastard would vote out a bride on her wedding day?
Figueroa: Adam Klein. That’s who.

Holmes: What happened between the challenge and Tribal? Did you know something was up?
Figueroa: Adam knew he was in the power position. When we first swapped tribes we didn’t see that. We just thought it was three Millennials. But, there were two Millennials, two Gen-Xers and Adam…someone who tried to vote you out. So, when we all came back, I was like, “Adam, who do you want to vote out?” I had to make Adam feel like he was on top of the world. “Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.” At that point I was at his mercy. “You want me to feed you grapes? You want me to fetch you water? What would you like me to do?” It was that game at camp. Then he and Ken would go on walks. So would Jess. And Taylor is just chilling, flipping his hair, and eating coconuts.
Holmes: What was your read on Adam right before Tribal?
Figueroa: When we walked in, I had this gut feeling that it was me. I turned to Taylor and said, “I think it’s going to be me.” And he said, “No, you’re going to be OK.” And we walked in and it didn’t feel real. It felt like I died and my ghost came out of my body. It was such a bad feeling.

Holmes: Taylor said that Adam would have problems with the other Millennials if he voted for you. Without giving anything away, at that time did you think you had friends that would try to avenge you?
Figueroa: I think my little tri-force of Taylor and Jay would try to avenge me. My boys will have my back…and they will ride into the night! I think they will definitely do some justice for Figgy.

Holmes: Did you or any of the other Millennials suspect that Adam had an idol?
Figueroa: No, we did not. Like David’s paranoia where he needed to get an idol, we were all that way. We had speculated that he may have had one early in the game, but we didn’t know for sure. And we were like, let’s not look for one at Takali, it’s probably not here. But yeah, nobody knew. I wish I would have.

Holmes: What was your relationship like with Taylor after the game?
Figueroa: Um…you know…life…on an island is one thing and life in the real world is another. So…yeah…(Laughs)…we dated a little bit longer than the show. And real life got in the way. So…yeah.
Holmes: Still friends?
Figueroa: (Silence)
Holmes: (Silence)
Figueroa: That’s interesting. (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs)
Figueroa: You could say no.
Holmes: That’s a shame. Because “Survivor” has a better track record of successful relationships than “The Bachelor.”
Figueroa: Well, when real life relationships get in the way and you find things out outside that things aren’t all peachy…that can really affect a relationship.

Holmes: Were there any things that happened out there that we didn’t see that you wish we had?
Figueroa: Maybe me strategizing would have been nice. You go back to episode two and you see me, Michaela, and Jay signing a peace treaty and strategizing about the Mari vote. People would say, “Boston Rob and Amber, are they going to be like them?” I was Boston Rob and Taylor was Amber. I strategized and he listened and batted his blue eyes at everybody and would do what I said. Even Adam said it in episode five. “You’re going to do whatever she says.”

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Jay.
Figueroa: My boy.
Holmes: Zeke?
Figueroa: Sneaky.
Holmes: Mari?
Figueroa: Bye.
Holmes: Jessica?
Figueroa: Smart.
Holmes: Taylor?
Figueroa: (Laughs) There are so many words I want to say.
Holmes: You can use as many as you like.
Figueroa: Hmm…
Holmes: I feel like I should’ve gotten you that margarita.
Figueroa: You should have! All I want to say are things that are aside from the game.
Holmes: There are no wrong answers here.
Figueroa: (Laughs) Oh man… ARGH! Why are you doing this to me! It’s morning.
Holmes: We can come back to him. Will?
Figueroa: Rat.
Holmes: Adam?
Figueroa: Sweet.
Holmes: Michelle?
Figueroa: My girl.
Holmes: Hannah?
Figueroa: Spaz. (Laughs)
Holmes: Michaela?
Figueroa: Machete.
Holmes: Ken?
Figueroa: Bossy.
Holmes: And we’ve come back around to Taylor.
Figueroa: Can I say, “A little bitch”?
Holmes: You absolutely can.
Figueroa: I think that’s a good way to put it.

Holmes: Jumping back into that, you called Will, “A rat.” We really didn’t see much interaction between you two.
Figueroa: He’s a rat! He’s hunting down cheese on the island. He’s running around in the middle of the night. He’s a little rat. He’s someone to keep an eye on. I consider him to be a little mouse. He’s all over the place.

Holmes: What’s your takeaway from this experience? Unlike “The Bachelor,” this show seems to change lives.
Figueroa: You just reminded me, I wish they had shown when I went spearfishing and I caught two fish. Even from that experience, I literally can do whatever the (expletive deleted) I want. I went spearfishing! I was afraid to get out there and I took away so much mentally and about myself. When I was out there, you didn’t see me meditating and doing these things. I became one with the island out there. It was really cool to do all of this growing. And I’m ready to redeem myself at this point.
Holmes: So you’re ready to book a return trip to “Survivor”?
Figueroa: Hell yeah. You kidding me? I’m waiting for Jeff to call me right now…after I’ve had my margarita, of course.
Holmes: That wedding would have guaranteed a return trip.
Figueroa: I know! That’s why I said, “A ‘Survivor’ first, let’s go.” And Taylor was all, “Wha?! Duhhh…”

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