‘Survivor’ Castaway Caleb: “Hali Sucks at Everything”


Caleb Reynolds (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: What was the mood like before Tribal last night?
Caleb Reynolds: I was about 75% sure that I was going home. Tai was being very odd with me before we left. None of the other people were talking to me. When you’re going to go home, people just leave you alone.
Holmes: How was Tai being odd?
Reynolds: I went up to him and said, “Hey man, how’s it looking?” And he said, “Yeah man, you’re going to stay. I think you’re overthinking it.” He said, “You’re a strong player, you’re going to help us win and no one wants to get rid of you.” Going into it, I had a feeling there was something fishy because normally when Tai talks to you he looks at you. And that time, he was looking away and fidgeting and stuff. On my way to Tribal I took everything with me. That’s how not-safe I felt. I honestly felt like I was going home. I was hoping there was some type of catch that Hali might go home. It wasn’t a blindside. Especially after Tribal started and people started talking.

Holmes: Tai and I talked before the game and he said that you and he had agreed to do what’s best for your game and to not be upset about it afterwards. But, he said your wife could be upset.
Reynolds: (Laughs) Ashley’s take on it is she’s not happy with Tai due to the fact that he did say he was going to keep me safe. He did promise that he wouldn’t write my name down. He did all these things, but she also says that he has to do what’s best for his game. At first she was like, “Ugh…why did Tai do that?” But it wasn’t an anger thing and more of a “Gosh, you were supposed to be his friend.” She knows it’s a game and he has to do what’s best for his game. Although, she could see him doing it at final five or final four. Then yeah, get rid of me. But that early in the game? She was like, “I can’t believe he did it so early. With all you guys talked about and him being at the wedding.”

Holmes: At Mana, you were viewed as Tony’s right-hand man. Was there ever a chance to use that to your advantage and say, “Look, my alliance was voted out. Hali’s buddies with all of the former Mana players.”
Reynolds: A lot of people were thinking Tony was crazy, Tony’s looking for idols. And nobody was talking to Tony, so I thought this was a chance to get on his good side. I didn’t think they’d send him home so early. I figured I could shield myself with Tony because he’s such a big target. And I did trust Tony. I trusted Tony with my life in that game. But, when people started going, “Tony and Caleb are hanging around. We’ve got to split them up.” I started to distance myself. So, when Tony would say, “Hey Caleb, you want to go down here and crab hunt.” (Editor’s Note: Caleb does a pretty solid Tony impression.) I’d say, “No man, I’m tired. I don’t feel like getting up.” He’d come back five minutes later and I’d be climbing up coconut trees. So, I really tried to distance myself from him.

Holmes: Sierra and Hali claim that they have no relationship outside of the game. Is everyone buying that or is there some suspicion?
Reynolds: They never said that there’s no relationship between the two, they just made it seem like their relationship was so long ago that it was irrelevant that I made the statement. Sierra would say, “Tai was just at your wedding several months ago. Why would we want you two to play together?” And I’d say, “You and Hali have matching tattoos from the time that you played. Why would we want you two to play together?” I used her line against her. Her response was, “Oh my gosh, Caleb. That was so three years ago.” I wish they showed things like that at Tribal Council. I know they have their story, but there’s so much they left out.

Holmes: What was your relationship like with Sierra?
Reynolds: I called her Judge Judy. She came up to me and said, “Aren’t you going to plead your case to me?” And I said, “I don’t have to plead my case to you, Sierra. You’re just another girl out here on this island that’s playing the same game as all of us.” She said, “You’re in jeopardy of going home, aren’t you going to talk to people?” I said, “I have talked to people. I haven’t talked to you. You know why I should be here. I shouldn’t have to plead my case to you. Hali sucks at everything. It’s evident. She sucked at the first two challenges. She’s the reason we lost dang near all of them. If you want to win, and you want to be strong and you want some loyalty, you’ll keep me.” And that was it. She walked off. At Tribal I said, “Jeff, this woman comes up to me and says, ‘plead your case to me.’ Who is she? She ain’t Judge Judy?” Everybody was laughing. Production was rolling. They didn’t show any of that, they wanted to show Tai stab his best friend in the back. I tried to plant seeds, but Brad Culpepper had everybody doing whatever he wanted. And he wanted to be the alpha male.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Brad.
Reynolds: Manipulative.
Holmes: Debbie?
Reynolds: Who is she?
Holmes: Malcolm?
Reynolds: Outgoing.
Holmes: Varner?
Reynolds: Amazing.
Holmes: Sandra?
Reynolds: Vibrant.
Holmes: Hali?
Reynolds: Know it all.
Holmes: Tony?
Reynolds: Funny.
Holmes: Sierra?
Reynolds: A follower.
Holmes: Ciera?
Reynolds: Fun.
Holmes: Troyzan?
Reynolds: Mysterious.
Holmes: Aubry?
Reynolds: She was smart.
Holmes: Michaela?
Reynolds: Firecracker.
Holmes: Tai?
Reynolds: Goofy.

Holmes: I want you to know I told Jeff Probst he was a sick man for having digging in the first challenge.
Reynolds: (Laughs) What did he say?
Holmes: He claimed that didn’t even occur to him.
Reynolds: You noticed I found the bag, and then I gave someone else a shot.
Holmes: Smart.
Reynolds: I did my part. It’s someone else’s turn.

Holmes: Are you prepared to finally admit that “Survivor” is better than “Big Brother”?
Reynolds: Um…you know what? I don’t believe I’ll ever admit that one is better…I have goods and bads for both. I’d say I enjoy “Survivor” much more. It’s more my thing. You know what? I guess “Survivor” is better than “Big Brother.”
Holmes: Aha!
Reynolds: (Laughs)
Holmes: We’re finally on the same page.

Holmes: Did it make you feel better to learn that Tai’s chickens were going to be dinner that night?
Reynolds: (Laughs) Yes, it does make me feel better.

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