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‘Survivor’ Castaway Caleb: “Hali Sucks at Everything”

March 16, 2017

Caleb Reynolds (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: What was the mood like before Tribal last night?
Caleb Reynolds: I was about 75% sure that I was going home. Tai was being very odd with me before we left. None of the other people were talking to me. When you’re going to go home, people just leave you alone.
Holmes: How was Tai being odd?
Reynolds: I went up to him and said, “Hey man, how’s it looking?” And he said, “Yeah man, you’re going to stay. I think you’re overthinking it.” He said, “You’re a strong player, you’re going to help us win and no one wants to get rid of you.” Going into it, I had a feeling there was something fishy because normally when Tai talks to you he looks at you. And that time, he was looking away and fidgeting and stuff. On my way to Tribal I took everything with me. That’s how not-safe I felt. I honestly felt like I was going home. I was hoping there was some type of catch that Hali might go home. It wasn’t a blindside. Especially after Tribal started and people started talking.

Holmes: Tai and I talked before the game and he said that you and he had agreed to do what’s best for your game and to not be upset about it afterwards. But, he said your wife could be upset.
Reynolds: (Laughs) Ashley’s take on it is she’s not happy with Tai due to the fact that he did say he was going to keep me safe. He did promise that he wouldn’t write my name down. He did all these things, but she also says that he has to do what’s best for his game. At first she was like, “Ugh…why did Tai do that?” But it wasn’t an anger thing and more of a “Gosh, you were supposed to be his friend.” She knows it’s a game and he has to do what’s best for his game. Although, she could see him doing it at final five or final four. Then yeah, get rid of me. But that early in the game? She was like, “I can’t believe he did it so early. With all you guys talked about and him being at the wedding.”

Holmes: At Mana, you were viewed as Tony’s right-hand man. Was there ever a chance to use that to your advantage and say, “Look, my alliance was voted out. Hali’s buddies with all of the former Mana players.”
Reynolds: A lot of people were thinking Tony was crazy, Tony’s looking for idols. And nobody was talking to Tony, so I thought this was a chance to get on his good side. I didn’t think they’d send him home so early. I figured I could shield myself with Tony because he’s such a big target. And I did trust Tony. I trusted Tony with my life in that game. But, when people started going, “Tony and Caleb are hanging around. We’ve got to split them up.” I started to distance myself. So, when Tony would say, “Hey Caleb, you want to go down here and crab hunt.” (Editor’s Note: Caleb does a pretty solid Tony impression.) I’d say, “No man, I’m tired. I don’t feel like getting up.” He’d come back five minutes later and I’d be climbing up coconut trees. So, I really tried to distance myself from him.

Holmes: Sierra and Hali claim that they have no relationship outside of the game. Is everyone buying that or is there some suspicion?
Reynolds: They never said that there’s no relationship between the two, they just made it seem like their relationship was so long ago that it was irrelevant that I made the statement. Sierra would say, “Tai was just at your wedding several months ago. Why would we want you two to play together?” And I’d say, “You and Hali have matching tattoos from the time that you played. Why would we want you two to play together?” I used her line against her. Her response was, “Oh my gosh, Caleb. That was so three years ago.” I wish they showed things like that at Tribal Council. I know they have their story, but there’s so much they left out.

Holmes: What was your relationship like with Sierra?
Reynolds: I called her Judge Judy. She came up to me and said, “Aren’t you going to plead your case to me?” And I said, “I don’t have to plead my case to you, Sierra. You’re just another girl out here on this island that’s playing the same game as all of us.” She said, “You’re in jeopardy of going home, aren’t you going to talk to people?” I said, “I have talked to people. I haven’t talked to you. You know why I should be here. I shouldn’t have to plead my case to you. Hali sucks at everything. It’s evident. She sucked at the first two challenges. She’s the reason we lost dang near all of them. If you want to win, and you want to be strong and you want some loyalty, you’ll keep me.” And that was it. She walked off. At Tribal I said, “Jeff, this woman comes up to me and says, ‘plead your case to me.’ Who is she? She ain’t Judge Judy?” Everybody was laughing. Production was rolling. They didn’t show any of that, they wanted to show Tai stab his best friend in the back. I tried to plant seeds, but Brad Culpepper had everybody doing whatever he wanted. And he wanted to be the alpha male.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Brad.
Reynolds: Manipulative.
Holmes: Debbie?
Reynolds: Who is she?
Holmes: Malcolm?
Reynolds: Outgoing.
Holmes: Varner?
Reynolds: Amazing.
Holmes: Sandra?
Reynolds: Vibrant.
Holmes: Hali?
Reynolds: Know it all.
Holmes: Tony?
Reynolds: Funny.
Holmes: Sierra?
Reynolds: A follower.
Holmes: Ciera?
Reynolds: Fun.
Holmes: Troyzan?
Reynolds: Mysterious.
Holmes: Aubry?
Reynolds: She was smart.
Holmes: Michaela?
Reynolds: Firecracker.
Holmes: Tai?
Reynolds: Goofy.

Holmes: I want you to know I told Jeff Probst he was a sick man for having digging in the first challenge.
Reynolds: (Laughs) What did he say?
Holmes: He claimed that didn’t even occur to him.
Reynolds: You noticed I found the bag, and then I gave someone else a shot.
Holmes: Smart.
Reynolds: I did my part. It’s someone else’s turn.

Holmes: Are you prepared to finally admit that “Survivor” is better than “Big Brother”?
Reynolds: Um…you know what? I don’t believe I’ll ever admit that one is better…I have goods and bads for both. I’d say I enjoy “Survivor” much more. It’s more my thing. You know what? I guess “Survivor” is better than “Big Brother.”
Holmes: Aha!
Reynolds: (Laughs)
Holmes: We’re finally on the same page.

Holmes: Did it make you feel better to learn that Tai’s chickens were going to be dinner that night?
Reynolds: (Laughs) Yes, it does make me feel better.

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‘Survivor’ Caleb: “I Feel Like I’m the Most Loyal Player on this Season”

March 2, 2017

Caleb Reynolds (CBS)

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Name: Caleb Reynolds
Age: 28
Hometown: Hopkinsville, KY
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” – Medically Evacuated
Best Known For: The first person to play a second time who didn’t attend Tribal Council his first time.

Gordon Holmes: I understand you’re now a married man. Congratulations.
Caleb Reynolds: Thank you. I married my best friend.
Holmes: Does it feel different?
Reynolds: We walked a straight line. We didn’t live together, even when we were engaged. We waited until marriage. About eight months before we got married we made the commitment to not have sex until we got married. We committed that to one another. Those things are different. I get to sleep at the house and I get to cuddle with her. I get to spend all night with her. We get to have the intimate moments with each other and not have to worry about that sin in the back of my mind. Or my mom yelling at us or her mom yelling at us. That’s pretty much the big difference.
Holmes: I got married last August and…
Reynolds: Nice!
Holmes: Thank you. But I assumed it would just be kind of like super dating. This is the person I date forever. But, it’s very different. Every decision I make takes two people into account.
Reynolds: Yeah. The big difference is I have never put anyone on my bank account. When I put my wife on it…wow…she has access to everything.
Holmes: Yeah, I own a house in Delaware that I’ve been trying to sell, and now she owns a house in Delaware. You’ve got this partner in everything. It’s awesome.
Reynolds: Yeah, now it’s two of you talking through everything. Heck, I can’t even buy cologne without her feedback. Or like buying a car, I’m the one saying yes, she’s the one saying no.
Holmes: Is she the one winning?
Reynolds: Yes! I don’t think I’ve grasped that just tell her she’s right stuff. Everyone tells me, “Just tell her she’s right.” That “Happy wife, happy life,” stuff. I just have a hard time being like that.
Holmes: Like “Survivor,” you need to pick your battles.

Holmes: I’ve been coming here since “Survivor: Gabon” and we run a lot of challenges. For my money, digging is the most exhausting thing. I think that’s because you don’t know where it ends. If I’m running to a post, I know how much I’ll have to push to get there. Is there any fear of pushing yourself too hard again?
Reynolds: Yeah, I guess in the back of my mind a little. In a way, that’s a good quality. That’s just me. When I’m out here I want to be myself. I just want to win. I think everyone does. There’s going to be come a point in time where I realize I can kill myself. I almost lost my life that time because I wanted to push that hard. But, in the heat of the moment you don’t think. I think the big thing from me is separating reward challenges from immunity.

Holmes: What was your first impression when Jeff told you the theme was Game Changers?
Reynolds: Oh man, I thought to myself, “Why am I that? What have I done?” Many of these people, they know why. The winners, they know why. People who made big moves, they know why. I was just nice to everybody. I treated everyone with respect. I worked around camp and I busted my butt in challenges. We had interviews with Jeff and he explained it as, “There’s only been one of me on this show in the history of ‘Survivor.’” He said, “We’ve never had someone go out leaving it all at the challenge. And you did that at every challenge. That’s why you’re a game changer.” So, I just accept it.

Holmes: What are your thoughts on this cast?
Reynolds: We’ve got some great winners. We’ve got one or two winners who I don’t think should have gotten the title. And we’ve got a few people who I think should have gotten it.
Holmes: Who shouldn’t have won?
Reynolds: I think Sandra. In “Heroes vs. Villains” when she was playing with Russell Hantz and “Boston” Rob, it should’ve been Russell Hantz. She floated through, she may have done something here or there. She didn’t win any challenges, but the jury was so bitter. They were so mad at Russell that they gave it to her. And I know Russell Hantz, so I want to ask her, “What makes you a game changer?”
Holmes: Did Russell give you any advice?
Reynolds: He just reached out to me and said he liked my character. He told me some people that he thinks I can trust. The ones that he’s played with that stabbed people in the back. He gave me his opinions on each one of them. He loves Tai and thinks we should stay close even though people are going to want to separate us. But he didn’t give me any gameplay advice. I haven’t watched “Survivor” from way back. So, the people he spoke to me about, I said, “I don’t know anything about them,” and he gave me some tips. But heck, I wish I had more info.

Holmes: Anyone you’re hoping to work with?
Reynolds: Maybe Sarah, she’s a really strong girl. She was faithful to the people she gave her word to like Tony. She kept that on her badge, that means something to her. When she says, “I swear on my badge,” she meant it. And of course Tony didn’t. You can’t play this game alone and if you play with all the guys it’s going to get picked up really quick. As far as the guys, possibly Ozzy or Malcolm. They’re strong, physical players like me. I think two or three strong competitors can go a long way. Heck, I might make an alliance called “The Athletes” at the merge and win them all.
Holmes: I’ve always said the one thing “Big Brother” does better than “Survivor” is the naming of alliances.
Reynolds: I might pull one of those up this season.
Holmes: The Bomb Squad.
Reynolds: That’s right! All of us pretty much made it to the end except for Devin because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
Holmes: Anyone else you want to work with?
Reynolds: Cirie, she might be the best strategic player to ever play this game. So, with that being said, I’m not the biggest strategic player. But, I bring some cards to the table. I think we could get together. I’ve heard she likes me. She likes that I’m a veteran. I think I’ll reach out to her and let her be the strategic mind.

Holmes: You’re one of four Kaoh Rong people out here. Does that work to your advantage? Does it put a target on your back?
Reynolds: Tai’s my buddy and everyone knows that. He was at my wedding. I went out so early with the heat stroke that not a lot of people realize what I’m capable of. And I think that unknown is better than what is known about a lot of these people. Everyone that’s playing right now they’ve shown their cards, they’ve stabbed people in the back. I think I have one of the smaller targets.

Holmes: We don’t know anything about Michaela and Zeke. How do you approach them?
Reynolds: Neither one of them looks physical. Which for me kind of scares me because that’s needed at the beginning of the game. Yeah, you’ve got to set up your pawns right, but all of that is unnecessary if you’re not winning challenges. So, if they’re not bringing much to the challenges, they may get picked off early.

Holmes: There’s always talk of pre-game alliances in returnee seasons. Have you done any of that?
Reynolds: As far as calling people…a couple of people have reached out to me. And I just said, “Sounds good.” I didn’t get to play much last time and the last thing I want to do is jump the gun and align with people I don’t know.
Holmes: Who reached out to you?
Reynolds: Am I supposed to say?
Holmes: Nobody’s going to see this until January, so it won’t hurt your game.
Reynolds: Sandra, go figure. Andrea…and Sierra Dawn. They all heard we were playing again. And I’ll say this, they didn’t pre-game with me. Sandra did. But the thing they said was, “If you got the call, let’s chat.” That’s the last time I heard from any of them. But, I was really surprised. I figured a lot of people would. I feel like I’m the most loyal player on this season.

Holmes: You’re under lockdown, but people smile and wink at each other. Have you been doing any of that?
Reynolds: Oh man…Brad Culpepper winked at me. Troyzan did a little thumbs up thing. I think that’s it. I winked back and gave a thumbs up back. I play the game. But I don’t know any of these people. Well, Tai. Of course I wink at Tai. We do everything.

Holmes: Alright, I came up with some reasons people might use to get rid of you. I’d like you to defend yourself.
Reynolds: Oh, OK.
Holmes: Caleb almost died in Kaoh Rong. He’s going to have a lot of people’s sympathy if he gets to the end.
Reynolds: I’m definitely not going to get sympathy. I did that to myself. I pushed myself harder than anyone there. I think as far as challenges, you don’t want to get rid of me early. I’ll get you to the merge.

Holmes: There are four people from Kaoh Rong here. There’s no way they’re not working together. Let’s trim their numbers and get rid of Caleb.
Reynolds: Two of those people were in the end of the game. And if you don’t think they can get there again, you’re mistaken. Tai stabbed his own alliance in the back more than once. He’s a flip flopper, you can’t trust him. And Aubry, she’s probably one of the smartest people here. And Debbie, you’ve got a fruit loop there. You’re not going to find anyone that’s more loyal and as physically fit as me.

Holmes: Caleb is a challenge machine. I don’t want him to go on a winning streak after the merge.
Reynolds: Getting to the merge is the first thing you’ve gotta do. Why would you get rid of the person you need the most this early? If you have to get rid of me at the merge, I understand. But right now I’m an asset. And it’s true, I am a challenge beast, but you also have Malcolm, Ozzy, JT, Troyzan and others. Ozzy has won five out of six. Go after him first. I’m not even that big of a threat. Last time I was in a challenge I ended up under IVs.
Holmes: You probably never had to defend yourself in Kaoh Rong because you never went to a Tribal.
Reynolds: No. Not once.

Holmes: Any guesses for possible twists?
Reynolds: Um…heck man…you never know. They may throw in Redemption Island. There may be three tribes, two tribes…they may have a final two, they may have a final four. In “Big Brother” they throw in something different every year. It could be anything. I’d like a loved one visit with a lot of people.
Holmes: More than one loved one per person?
Reynolds: No, with more people left in the game. That gives me a better shot at seeing my wife.
Holmes: She’d love Fiji.
Reynolds: She would!

Holmes: Alright, I have a deck of cards featuring your opponents. Well, everyone except Zeke and Michaela because we don’t know them yet. I’ll hand you three at random. You tell me who gets voted out first, who you’ll work with but eventually eliminate, and who you’ll take to the end.

Round One: Ciera, Ozzy, and Troyzan
Reynolds: I’ll work with Troyzan he’s kind of a cool guy. He seems down to Earth. And, he’s a strong guy. And I don’t think people would think we would work together. Ciera, I’ll vote her out because I don’t know her and because she’s a girl. The last thing I want is an all-girl alliance. And on this cast there are quite a few who have tried to start one. Ozzy to the end. Let’s he and I win every single immunity challenge.
Holmes: How do you beat him at the end?
Reynolds: Because I set up the alliance.

Round Two: JT, Sandra, and Debbie
Reynolds: Sandra, I want to vote her out. Watching her season, she’s just kind of rude. She’s just a mean person. She threw Russell’s hat in the fire. That’s someone’s personal property. That’s too far. I’ll go to the end with Debbie. She’s an easy beat when we get there. Her standing next to me with her trying to tell the jury why she should win, I don’t think it’ll hold a candle to why I should win. And I’ll work with JT. He’s a country boy, I’d think two country boys can stick together. And he’s a good physical challenger.

Round Three: Brad, Jeff, and Sarah
Reynolds: I’ll send Varner home. I don’t have a reason, a big reason. I didn’t watch his season. I don’t know him. But, I know he didn’t make the merge either time. Maybe he doesn’t bring a lot to camp and doesn’t bring much to challenges. I’ll take Sarah to the end. I know she’s loyal. She’s a police officer, so I can benefit from that with me being a veteran. We both wore uniforms. We have something in common. I’ll work with Brad. He’s another strong guy. He works at camp. And I know he’s cool with veterans. I’ll show him a little southern hospitality and win his heart over.

Round Four: Andrea, Malcolm, and Cirie
Reynolds: I’ll work with Malcolm because he’s like me. He’s a likable guy, he has a great personality, he’s funny. I think he and I will click well. He’s a strong physical player. I’d get him to a certain point, but he’d be a tough person to beat. I’ll take Cirie to the end. She’ll be hard to beat. She’s the best strategic person we have. She’s likable. And if you win her heart, she’ll be loyal to a fault. You can hide under her wing while she’s putting all the pieces down. She’ll protect you. And I’ll vote out Andrea because she’s gotta go. The times I’ve watched her, she seems like a snake in the grass. I think it’s her way or the highway. She’s always attracted to the good-looking guys. She’ll snuggle with them and try to win them over, and if you don’t buy into that, you’ve gotta go.

Round Five: Tai, Hali, and Aubry
Reynolds: I’ll take Tai to the end. He’s just a good soul. He deserves to be there. He fought his way last time, he started working on day one. And we were talking about voting him out on day three. It doesn’t matter if the palm tree is a thousand feet tall, he’ll get to the top to get you coconuts. And I think he’ll be loyal to me. Our personal connection trumps everyone else out here. I’ll work with Aubry. We’ve played before and going in, maybe I could have that advantage over everyone else. She was pretty much loyal to the people she was loyal to. She’s the type that guns for strategic players first. I don’t think she’d see me as a threat. I’ll vote out Hali because she’s sort of in the ballpark of Andrea. She’s down with all-girl alliances. She’s down to go against the guys.

Holmes: We’ve got two left. Work with one and boot the other.

Round Six: Tony and Sierra
Reynolds: Oh man…these are tough ones. I’ll work with Tony, he needs a safehouse. He’s got a big target on his back. I believe that he’s going to be looking for a home. I think he’ll try to stay as close as he can to those people. I’ll vote out Sierra because I see her with the all-girl stuff. I hear her saying, “Yeah, girl” and staring at the girls. On Instagram I see her at the reality events and I know she’s friends with everyone. I know this is a game, but a relationship outside of the game makes it hard to cut someone’s neck.

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‘Survivor’ Castaway Caleb: ‘That Wasn’t How I Wanted to Leave’

March 10, 2016

Caleb Reynolds (CBS)

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Watch Full Episodes of ‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’

Eight years ago in Gabon, I got to test out an immunity challenge that involved digging. We were maybe at it for ten minutes and the temperatures were probably in low ’80s…

And it was probably one of the most exhausting things I’ve ever done.

So, when the Caleb went down after 45 minutes in the excruciating heat, I wasn’t surprised. I was just glad he was OK.

I spoke to the “Beast-Mode Cowboy” the morning after his medical evacuation and asked him what he remembers from that horrific afternoon, what’s going on around the Brains tribe, and if he ever got that kiss from Tai…

Gordon Holmes: Beast Mooooode.
Caleb Reynolds: (Laughs) How are you doing?
Holmes: I’m alright. You?
Reynolds: I’m doing much better.
Holmes: I’d hope so, I couldn’t imagine you doing much worse.

Holmes: I was watching it last night with my wife and she said she couldn’t imagine what your loved ones must be going through watching that and feeling so helpless. You’re engaged, correct?
Reynolds: Yes.
Holmes: What was her reaction to last night’s episode?
Reynolds: She was pretty teared up. She wasn’t sobbing because she was sitting next to me on the couch knowing I was OK. For her to know that there was nothing she could do while I was gone and knowing that I went through that, it was emotional for her and my mom who was sitting to the right of me, and my brothers and their wives in the house. They were saying, “Gosh, we hate that you went through that.” I couldn’t imagine what they’d be thinking if it was live. They’d have  bought a plane to Cambodia as soon as I fell over. Even for me it was emotional. I’m better now and I’m very healthy now, but the thing that made me emotional was that I gave it my best. I gave it my all. I worked my butt off until we won, then it happened. I left it all out there. I stayed true to myself.

Holmes: Watching it back, you’d roll a ball and if it’d bounce off the course and you’d sprint to get it back. You’re well enough to do that and as soon as it’s over you drop. It had to have been adrenaline carrying you.
Reynolds: That’s what I’m guessing. I see Cydney, she’s digging and they’re rolling balls. After we win, it was the same thing with Debbie. They had won and then all of the sudden it hit her. That body response also happened to Cydney and me. I guess I was pushing myself a lot harder or it hit me worse. The adrenaline was keeping me moving and keeping my mind on track. As soon as it was over there was a quick flash and I fell on my back. My eyes started getting blurry, I got real dizzy. I wasn’t sweating. My skin was really dry. I thought, “This can’t be good.” I found the nearest shade and went over there. And the moment I fell, I don’t really remember anything except opening my eyes here and there.

Holmes: What do you remember after they took you out of the game?
Reynolds:  I remember Jeff had put his hand on my head and he said, “Can you hear me?” I didn’t have the energy to respond. He asked me again and I nodded. I remember he said, “We have to take you out of the game.” And I said, “No.” I shook my head no. He said, “I know you don’t want to, but we have to.” I remember waking up in the helicopter once and Doctor Joe’s hand was on my chest. And he was like, “I’m sorry.” I asked, “What’s wrong?” And he said, “I have to take you out of the game. You’re in bad shape.” And I just started crying. That wasn’t how I wanted to leave. I remember waking up in an ambulance a little later on and then I remember being in the hospital where I was for five days.

Holmes: Your tribemates were very emotional. It’s clear you were well-liked. You and Tai were adorable. My pitch is you and Tai for “The Amazing Race.”
Reynolds: (Laughs) It’s really crazy because that’s the show that I applied to from the beginning of this journey. I could totally see Tai and I doing “Amazing Race” together! I really enjoy Tai’s company. He had us laughing every day. I connected with Tai because of his story. I grew up pretty rough as well. Tai’s story seemed similar to mine in an emotional way. You wonder how someone could make it through all that and still be happy today. Tai and I really did connect. At the same time, he was a big asset. He knew everything. I was constantly hearing something new from Tai everyday. More than anything, he taught me things. I learned being around him. I didn’t learn much from the other people. Everything that they talked about or did, I’ve done that, or we talk about that too. I got to hear new things, new adventures, and new wisdom from Tai.

Holmes: I wanted to ask about Nick. I feel like we haven’t seen or heard much from him. How does the tribe feel about him?
Reynolds: At first, Nick did a lot around camp. He seemed strong, he seemed a bit manipulative. He seemed like he was very quick to tell someone one thing and then tell someone else another thing. I connected with him because we both work out, we’re fitness trainers, we live the same lifestyle. When you’re the muscle of the team, you connect. We were like, “We’re going to be here a while. They’re not going to send guys like us home.” So, we wanted to work together. But other people thought he was sly. They weren’t sure about him. As far as I know, Nick was cool with everyone when Tai started looking for the idol. We thought Nick is good and Tai will be the first one to leave. The girls and I, we connected. They didn’t like Nick. They felt uneasy around him. They said that his laugh was fake, his smile was like the Grinch. I’m pretty sure it was because he told Tai one thing and then he told one of the girls another thing. And then they talked, of course. Next thing you know…we didn’t want to blow him up. We didn’t want him to know that we knew what he’d done. But that was Day Two.

Holmes: What were your alliances out there?
Reynolds: I had me, Nick, and Tai. We were good. I had me and the girls good. Me, Michele, and Anna with Nick. It was all over the place honestly. But from what I know from when I was out there, he was in an OK position until Tai found the idol. And then he was in a bad position.
Holmes: So, you knew Tai had the idol?
Reynolds: I wouldn’t say we knew he had it, but when he came back with his fingers full of mud…we pretty much knew that he had been digging. And you know, in past seasons you dig for the idol. And, he straight up told us that he was looking for an idol. We had suspicions that he was lying and he had it. We were playing as if he did.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Nick.
Reynolds: Strong, athletic, untrustworthy.
Holmes:  Anna?
Reynolds: Bubbly, outgoing, flirty.
Holmes: Julia?
Reynolds: (Laughs) Funny, goofy, young.
Holmes: Michele?
Reynolds: (Laughs) All the girls ring the same bell to me.
Holmes: (Laughs) Let’s finish with Tai.
Reynolds: I could give you a thousand words for him. Tai is one of a kind. He is very admirable.
Holmes: Good kisser?
Reynolds: He did try to kiss me. I thought he was kidding. I didn’t really know he was going in for a kiss!
Holmes: How can you blame him, Caleb?
Reynolds:  (Laughs) It threw me off guard because the night before he was telling us that he’d been with his boyfriend for nine years. They’re in love, they just haven’t gotten married yet. The next day he tried to kiss me and in my mind I’m thinking, “He’s got a boyfriend at home, so he had to be just kidding because his boyfriend is going to see that.” I hope he tells his boyfriend that he’s just kidding or he’s going to be in trouble.
Holmes: What happens on “Survivor,”…gets broadcast to America.
Reynolds: (Laughs) I Facetimed him and he said, “My boyfriend doesn’t like you.”
Holmes: (Laughs)
Reynolds: I said, “That was all you, Tai!” And he said, “I know, I’m in so much trouble!” He should have watched that episode all by himself.

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