‘Survivor’ Castaway Sebastian – ‘I Blurt Things Out and Then Five Minutes Later I Think, ‘Oh No”


“Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS)

QUICK NOTE: The good folks at XFINITY sent me deep into the Fijian wilderness to bring you an exclusive look at “Survivor: Ghost Island.” While I was there I conducted interviews with “Survivor” host Jeff Probst and the entire cast. I also captured exclusive photos and other behind-the-scenes tidbits. So, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute updates.

Name: Sebastian Noel
Age: 22
Hometown: Melbourne, Florida
Current residence: Satellite Beach, Florida
Occupation: Fishing Guide

Gordon Holmes: As a fisherman, do you have the ability to look at the waters of Fiji and be like…I can fish here, I’ve got this?
Sebastian Noel: Oh yeah. The water is my home. It’s that natural feeling.
Holmes: So, I want to go fishing, you take me out and show me what to do because you know the area?
Noel: Yeah.

Holmes: Why do you think you were cast?
Noel: I think I fill the role of prior contestants like Ozzy.

Holmes: It says your personal claim to fame is that you’re everybody’s favorite person.
Noel: Yeah.
Holmes: You’re not my favorite person yet.
Noel: (Laughs)
Holmes: But it’s early in the interview. I’ll give you time.
Noel: The beauty of my job is every day I have to meet new people. That’s kind of like this game. You have to meet people to do a good job and get a good tip at the end of the day.

Holmes: Is there anything about yourself that you’re going to keep a secret?
Noel: No, I’m pretty open. I like to tell people how it is. I like being upfront. If people don’t like it, that’s fine. But, I’m always positive.
Holmes: Being honest can get you in trouble on this show. How do you handle that?
Noel: I’m not going to do that to begin with. You can’t be bossy and tell people what to do. But, when it comes to it, I will. One of my best skills is listening to people. I can depict what needs to be done after that.

Holmes: Some people set boundaries as far as lying, cheating, stealing. Have you set any ethical boundaries?
Noel: I’m not worried about that. I’m going to say something so stupid, I just know it.
Holmes: Yeah, but that might make you my favorite person.
Noel: (Laughs) I blurt things out and then five minutes later I think, “Oh no, did I just offend 800 people?” My dad always used to say, “Seb, you have to think about things before you say them.” I’m a doer. That’s going to get me in trouble.
Holmes: What’s an example of something you’ve said?
Noel: Not just that I’ve said, but I’ve stolen things from stores or restaurants. I just don’t think about what I say to grandparents or family. I’ll just say something stupid. It’s going to bite me in the butt.
Holmes: What about flirting, any boundaries there?
Noel: I can’t help it. It comes with the people I’m around. But, I do have boundaries because there are people I love back home and I don’t want them to be ashamed of what I’m doing out here.
Holmes: Does that mean family members or a girlfriend?
Noel: Like a girlfriend. I’m not playing this game to get a girl, I’m playing to get a million. But, if they’re part of your alliance and that’s how you get them in, by flirting.
Holmes: Have you and her had a conversation about what’s acceptable?
Noel: I’m just going to play the game like I’m myself, and if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it.

Holmes: You’re in the dark as far as twists or themes. Any guesses?
Noel: I have no idea. I’ve been trying to figure it out since we’ve started. There’s only three older people.
Holmes: Are you a big “Survivor” fan?
Noel: I am. I missed about six season in high school. But I’ve always been a big mega fan.
Holmes: Any “Survivor” stress dreams?
Noel: Yeah, where I get voted out first. I had that dream last night.

Holmes: Alright, I’ll give you two “Survivor” situations. You tell me which one you’d rather deal with.
Noel: OK.
Holmes: Align with a Trump supporter or a Hillary supporter?
Noel: Hillary…I work better with women than bossy males.
Holmes: Steal a vote or eliminate a juror?
Noel: Steal a vote, I’m going to be friends with everyone on the jury.
Holmes: Endurance challenge or word puzzle?
Noel: Endurance challenge, I suck at puzzles.
Holmes: Align with a racist or a sexist?
Noel: A racist because I can take that (expletive deleted).
Holmes: Voted out first or before the final Tribal?
Noel: Final Tribal.
Holmes: Align with an adulterer or a tax cheat?
Noel: A tax cheat…I don’t know why.
Holmes: Lose the family challenge or win and decide who to take along.
Noel: I’d rather win because I love my sister. It’s her 21st birthday. She’s a mega fan and she’s in love with Jeff Probst.
Holmes: Caught stealing food or idol hunting?
Noel: Idol hunting, stealing food is a for sure way to get out.
Holmes: Align with a super fan or someone who doesn’t watch the show?
Noel: Doesn’t watch the show. Super fans know everything.
Holmes: Dance challenge or karaoke challenge?
Noel: Oh! I’m so good at both! Probably a dance challenge because I have rhythm.

Holmes: What kind of first impression do you think you put out there?
Noel: Like a wild child hippie. But, that’s not me. I just like to be flamboyant. I like being me and I like the surf, positive vibes. That’s why my hair is long. That’s why I wear board shorts everywhere. That’s me being me.

NOTE: The cast members do not know each other’s names at this point. I showed Sebastian a picture of each of his competitors and asked him to share his first impressions.


Noel: Gorgeous. Initial contact back at tryouts. Great personality, I can tell.


Noel: Whack job, crazy. Just from what I’ve seen. Spazzing out…digging holes in the sand when not necessary. Weird little things she’s been doing.


Noel: Very quiet, sheltered, possibly dangerous.


Noel: Happy-go-lucky, my kind of person.


Noel: Nothing from her.


Noel: A little bit out there. I don’t know see myself working with her, but I could see her trying to work with me.


Noel: She’s another dangerous threat, but I don’t think anyone else realizes it.


Noel: There’s another quiet threat. She might have some athletic ability because she’s built.


Noel: I think she’s got a weird skill that nobody knows yet. I think she’s got something underneath the skin.


Noel: She’s a powerhouse. She’s very self-oriented, she’s going to work by herself.


Noel: He’s going to win the game if I don’t. It’s the people that pay attention to things. He was listening in to conversations on the airplane.


Noel: He’s going to go to the end or he’s going to get voted out third. I can work with him.


Noel: He’s going to be one of my better allies. Initial contact for sure.


Noel: I’m not sure how I’m going to roll with him. He’s either going to be one of my better buddies, or he’s going to be the backstabber.



Noel: Clueless. I don’t know what to expect from him. He looks like he’ll be a ball. I can’t wait to meet him.


Noel: He’s another threat. He’s like the Jackie Chan of the crew. He’s going to corral us with his quiet monotone way.


Noel: He’s going to be a physical threat, but I think he’s too much in his own game. I probably can work with him.


Noel: Interesting character. Very flamboyant. I think he’ll be one to keep in your pocket


Noel: Keep him in my pocket, but he’s going to be a flipper. He looks like he can get mad at anything.

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Survivor: Ghost Island” – Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 8 pm ET.

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