‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers’ Star Roark Luskin Accepts the ‘Ghost Island’ Power Rankings Challenge


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The XFINITY “Survivor” Power Rankings committee is thrilled to announce that “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” star Roark Luskin has agreed to accept the Power Rankings challenge. To kick things off, we’ve asked Roark to rank the players based on how likely they are to win the game.

Another Quick Note: Roark asked if this exercise could be referred to as the “Power Roarkings.” The committee is looking into the viability of this request.

1. Domenick: There is something about Domenick that just says “hungry.” When people play “Survivor,” they want it for a variety of reasons, but I think you can tell when someone views “Survivor” as a job. They are there to get down and dirty and get it done. Both Joe and Ben had that drive in Season 35. Dom has it here. 2. Sebastian: First of all, I’m pretty sure C-Bass borrowed Andrew Savage’s necklace. Second, I bet I can guess his favorite Bob Marley song and it starts with an “L” and ends with an “egalize it.” Third, he is obviously chill AF and easygoing and doesn’t jump out as a pre-merge boot. None but ourselves can free our minds…right, Sebs?
3. Kellyn: People who list “gambling” as a hobby are the ones who will yell at you that THEY CAN STOP AT ANYTIME AND THEY HAVE IT TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL. Besides that Kellyn seems benign. 4. Laurel: Avenge me, Laurel! A smart, self-assured, female super-fan. I adore you. Just PLEASE don’t stand up for yourself and tell the boys what to do on like, day 1. That’s a good day 2 activity.
5. Wendell: Heyyyy, Wendell ;). Can we negotiate something like – if I rank you first every week you’ll buy me a drink? Lemme know and we can start next week. 6. Brendan: I like Brendan. He seems like a guys-guy who also has respect for women. Also, the last name Shapiro has a proven track record of success, so I think he’ll make the merge.
7. Morgan: Majorly vibing with Morgan’s hobby of “sleeping.” Thank you for this. In addition, she seems strong and bubbly and normal. I assume mid-jury. 8. Jenna: I think Jenna will float to the merge on social bonds and what reads as a DGAF attitude. That said, she’s gotta get over about half of her pet peeves if she intends on making friends. People are constantly talking about their bodily functions, lying, and bad breath permeates. No traffic, though. Have fun, girl!
9. Bradley: For these rankings I’ve only read their CBS bios, that’s it. I’ve heard rumblings that Bradley’s pre-game stuff is quite a lightning rod, but that is *not* the vibe I get from his written bio. Dare I say it, he seems downright vanilla. Which makes me think he’ll tone down for the game whatever he is putting out there prior. 10. Chelsea: Have they found Morgan 2.0? God I hope so.
11. Desiree: To be clear, there is only one Des – and that is Healer Des. That said, this Des seems completely legit and I guess she can sit with us. 12. Libby: Her “Survivor” analogs are like those Highlights Magazine challenges – one of these is not like the others! Jenna Morasca, Kim Spradlin, and Natalie White. I have a feeling I know which one she won’t play like.
13. Michael: This man is allegedly a real estate agent. Would you ever buy a home from an 18 year old? He’s handsome and if he’s an Eagle Scout he knows his way around survival skills. I think I know this guy and his name is Cole Medders. 14. Donathan: If his bio is any indication, Donathan doesn’t seem to know how to self-edit. He may fall victim to talking *way* too much and not listening enough.
15. Chris: I genuinely don’t know where to begin with Chris. This bio is completely bonkers. His bravado is off the charts. His syntax is a mess. And the verbiage is psychotic. He wants to bring two bottles of lotion and I am officially terrified. Also, he reminds me of Krystal on “The Bachelor” — I can’t wait until he talks about the texture, the color, and the aura of his game play. 16. Stephanie: So let me know if I have this right. If they want to vote for this chick they can’t write Stephanie or Johnson because both of those could refer to multiple people on her starting tribe. She’ll be safe for a few cycles just due to sheer confusion.
17. Gonzalez: This bio is *way* too much. To say you “understand how to manipulate the numbers, play idols how they should be played and hustle the social game” is like saying you definitively know what happens in the after life. She also thinks she’ll play like Tony and Sandra. I am very worried. 18. Angela: Angela seems like a badass. But she also seems really intense and she strikes me as someone who is going to demand hard work around camp and not suffer laziness. She certainly won’t hold her tribe down in the challenges, but she may grate on people.
19. James: Based on his pedigree, and his writing style, it is clear James is a cerebral guy. His resume is downright impressive. My question is if he is able to play it cool and just rely on social bonds. 20. Jacob: What. A. Doll. A self-deprecating Jew who lives in Brooklyn is probably my key demographic. Not sure how well he will do as I think this “type” has high variance, but more important than his “Survivor” outcome – can we be friends?

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Survivor: Ghost Island” – Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 8 pm ET.

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