‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Episode 11 Recap: Real Idols, Fake Idols and Pretend Idols


“Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS)

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Last Week: Donathan received a gift from Tai, Kellyn desperately wanted to target a guy, and Desiree was the one to say, “Goodbye.”

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Lavita Tribe (wearing black)
Angela, 42 – Army Veteran
Chelsea, 24 – EMT/Professional Cheerleader
Donathan, 26 – Caretaker
Domenick, 38 – Construction Supervisor
Jenna, 23 – Advertising Account Executive
Kellyn, 31 – Career Counselor
Laurel, 29 – Financial Consultant
Michael, 18 – Real Estate Agent
Sebastian, 22 – Fishing Guide
Wendell, 33 – Furniture Company Owner

Post-Tribal Shenanigans

Domenick gives Laurel a big hug for tipping him off about the whole Desiree thing. This makes Laurel feel great, saying that for the first time she feels like she has some real protection in the game.

CUT TO: Kellyn saying she still doesn’t want to work with Laurel. What’s the rule about making definitive statements about feeling safe on this show?

The next morning, Wendell and Domenick both vow to not stab each other in the back and then turn around and tell us that they’re fully prepared to slit each other’s throats.

A Real Fake Idol

With Michael’s idol out of play, Domenick goes on a little idol hunt. He ends up finding the fake idol that David tricked Jay into playing in “Millennials vs. Gen-X.” However, it’s still a fake idol. I guess it didn’t have enough time to gather power like the (expletive deleted) stick did.

Domenick decides to rehide the idol and hopes that someone else finds it and uses it.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will have to use a handle to hold a ball up in the air. The last person with their ball in play will win immunity.

The Twist: The tribe will be split in two, so there will be two individual immunity challenges at the same time. Both of the new tribes will vote someone out at Tribal. Also, the last person standing out of both tribes will determine which tribe goes to Tribal last.


So…this season didn’t have enough twists?

The New Tribes: We’ve got Michael, Kellyn, Laurel, Domenick, and Wendell on one tribe and Donathan, Sea Bass, Angela, Jenna, and Chelsea on the other.

Result: Domenick and Chelsea both won individual immunity. Domenick was the last person standing, so his group will go to Tribal second.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Michael realizes his number is up, so he asks Donathan if he can use his idol for a little bit to fool everyone. Yeah…Donathan isn’t going to fall for that one. Not a bad idea though.

So, instead Michael just tells Kellyn that he has an idol…and she totally buys it.

Domenick tries to talk some sense into her, telling her that he’d show it to her if he had one. But, she sticks to her guns.

Yikes, between trusting Desiree last week and believing Michael this week, Kellyn’s having a rough run. If I were Domenick, I’d tell her that my magic unicorn will keep her safe.

Urgh…so Kellyn decides to use her regular vote and her extra vote to go after Laurel.

Laurel gets wind of this (the regular vote, not the extra vote) and wants to target Kellyn.

Seriously?! All of this over a make-believe idol? Not even a fake idol, mind you. And they all know there are already three idols out there.

In other news, it seems like a pretty clear vote from the other crew with Jenna being the target.

Buuut…Donathan tells her he’ll save her with his idol. Wait…why exactly?

And then Jenna repays his kindness by telling us that he’s an “idiot.”

This makes no sense.

Tribal Time

Jenna immediately admits that she’s in trouble and she’s ready to vote. She must be very confident that they’re voting for Donathan or Donathan is going to give her that idol.

And, they vote. Shortest Tribal ever.

Voting Time: Jenna votes for Donathan…and that’s the only vote shown.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…Donathan does…for himself.

Alright, we’ve got one vote for Donathan, one vote for Sea Bass, two votes for Jenna, and the eleventh person voted out of “Survivor: Ghost Island” and the fourth member of the jury is…Jenna.

So…what was the point of all that idol talk? All it did was upset a future jury member.

Also, Jenna immediately takes her seat with the jury. Stinkiest jury member evar.

Tribal Time Part Deux

Wendell immediately says that a former Malolo is going home, but Kellyn isn’t so sure because Michael is “The Idol King.”

Probst asks if all eyes are on Michael to see if he has an idol and Kellyn admits that all eyes are on him because he’s handsome. Rawr…

In the middle of this Dom and Wendell start whispering to each other.

Laurel is worried that this conversation means that they’re switching from Michael to her.

Voting Time Part Deux: Laurel votes for Kellyn, Kellyn uses her extra vote against a mystery person, and the rest of the votes aren’t shown.

Quick Aside: It’d be cool if Kellyn just scratched out the last “A” in Michaela and that counted as a “Michael” vote.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Kellyn, one vote for Wendell, one vote for Laurel, one vote for Michael, one vote for Michael, and the final vote is for…Laurel.

It’s a tie.

Also…if Michael had voted for Laurel he’d be safe. So…his crazy plan almost worked.

Voting Time Part Trois: No votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns yet again. We’ve got one vote for Michael, and the twelfth person voted out of “Survivor: Ghost Island” and the fifth member of the jury is…Michael.

Verdict: Jenna wasn’t going to win and Michael was a dead man walking, so it’s nice to get rid of them in one episode. Hopefully we’re finally gonna build up to the end game.

  • Domenick – You were once again able to figure out what was going on. It’s a shame Kellyn doesn’t listen to you.
  • Laurel – Kellyn just opened the door for you to get rid of her. Step right through.
  • Kellyn – Domenick has tried to point you in the right direction twice. It’s clear that your instincts need some fine tuning.
  • Donathan – Idol wasted, juror annoyed…not a good episode for you, buddy.
  • Wendell, Angela, Chelsea, and Sebastian – I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

Power Rankings Results: Roark had Jenna and Michael in spot ten and nine. I had them in spot nine and ten. The current score is Team Roark 117, Team Gordon 121.

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