‘Survivor’ Castaway Jenna – “Once I Got Voted Out by (Sebastian) I Was Pretty Salty”


“Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: So, you’ve got that weird tribe of five and they told you they were voting for Donathan and they told him they were voting for you. I’m trying to understand why Donathan was trying to save you because they didn’t show much of a relationship there. And him not playing the idol for you seems like it’d just upset you as you were heading to the jury.
Jenna Bowman: My thought process was; here I am, we have a small tribe so maybe I can take control. Naviti still has the numbers but it’s the three Navitis that are the least strategic and on the bottom. I approached them and they were still Naviti strong, so it didn’t work. The next thing was, I’m close to Sebastian. He said, “I want you to see your dad tomorrow. Let’s vote for Donathan.” I said, “Perfect.” In my mind, I want Donathan to think it’s me so he won’t play his idol. Then, Donathan says he’d be willing to play his idol for me if I voted for Sebastian. We didn’t have a relationship, so it felt like a trap. It was really strange. I told him I’d do it. It’d be a Plan B for him to play the idol on me. And obviously that did not work.
Holmes: I just can’t get into his thought process.
Bowman: I think he was trying to make a move. I think he wanted something on his resume. So, if he was noble and played it for an old Malolo alliance and got a Naviti that it’d be this amazing thing. I don’t know. I have no idea what his thought process was. That plan didn’t work out because I didn’t take it too seriously.

Holmes: At Tribal you wanted to get to the vote quickly, which to me meant you thought either Donathan was going home or he was going to protect you. What was behind that move?
Bowman: I was hoping either one would work. I thought that acting like it was for sure me that Donathan would realize it wasn’t him and he’d feel bad for me. It was just an awkward Tribal. None of them wanted to talk, so I was like, “Time to vote.” I wanted to keep our plans on lock.

Holmes: At that point in the game, Laurel and Donathan have a bond with Wendell and Domenick. Is that something you had a hunch about?
Bowman: Everyone knew Laurel and Wendell were close. But I don’t think we knew that those four were an actual group. Donathan was always close with Naviti, that’s why we never trusted him. He was always hanging out with Angela or Chelsea. For Donathan, I never knew he was in that alliance.

Holmes: Chris said that while you were out there, there wasn’t any hint that you and Sebastian were forming a relationship. However, it seems like that has happened outside of the game. I want to read you a quick excerpt from our pre-game interview…
Bowman: (Laughs)
Holmes: This is what you had to say about Sebastian, “Future husband. Move to Fiji, raise our kids like little Fijians.”
Bowman: (Laughs) It’s the weirdest thing. Everyone flies over together, we sat next to each other on the plane. You’re not allowed to talk to each other, but the chemistry…it somehow started there. Then at Ponderosa. We were on separate tribes when we started, but after the swap, he said, “If we weren’t in this game we’d be dating. I think you’re amazing.” He opened the gates with that. But after that, he wouldn’t talk strategy with me. We’d hold hands at night, but that was it. We were never viewed as power couple. And once I got voted out by him I was pretty salty. And when we got home everything changed.
Holmes: What’s the conversation like last night when you have to watch your boyfriend vote you out of “Survivor”?
Bowman: Last night I started a text with “You lied to me.” And we are officially in our first fight right now. We had to go from reliving him voting me out to watching Michael and my Ponderosa video with…there are some scenes in there that are a little racy. So, we’re dealing with that right now.
Holmes: Oh goodness.

Holmes: When someone gets voted out of “Survivor,” it’s very emotional. Medical is there to look at you immediately. But you had to go right to the jury. Were you able to focus on Tribal or were you still in shock?
Bowman: It was such a strange moment, I had no time to process it. I had to watch the people who just betrayed me walk out of Tribal. It was very hard. You’re going from playing to the jury so quick, I think I was able to move on because I had to.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Chelsea.
Bowman: Nothing, just regular.
Holmes: Brendan?
Bowman: DILF, still.
Holmes: Laurel?
Bowman: Impressive.
Holmes: Libby?
Bowman: Angelic.
Holmes: Michael?
Bowman: Talented.
Holmes: James?
Bowman: Level-headed.
Holmes: Bradley?
Bowman: There are two versions of Bradley…I’ll say calculated.
Holmes: Desiree?
Bowman: A cool bad ass.
Holmes: Gonzalez?
Bowman: Spicy.
Holmes: Chris?
Bowman: (Laughs) Character.
Holmes: Domenick?
Bowman: Loud and obnoxious.
Holmes: Jacob?
Bowman: I don’t really know him. Weird and goofy.
Holmes: Kellyn?
Bowman: Mama bear…personable.
Holmes: Wendell?
Bowman: He’s smooth.
Holmes: Stephanie?
Bowman: Queen.
Holmes: Angela?
Bowman: No comment.
Holmes: Donathan?
Bowman: Spirited and gay.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Sea Bass.
Bowman: Hot.

Holmes: Why did we get a no-comment for Angela? What was your relationship like with her?
Bowman: It just wasn’t there. Her and Chelsea…they’re just kind of there. Wet blankets.

Holmes: We didn’t get to see much of you, which is unfortunate. Was there anything that happened that you wish we’d seen?
Bowman: There are no specific moves. When you don’t have the numbers and you don’t have options…we’re on the bottom. There was a reason I made it this far. I was scrappy and did my best to maintain relationships. I wanted to play this game. I can be very controlling and manipulative, but I wasn’t allowed to. I was constantly shut down. There was this wall up. It was frustrating.

Holmes: I hope you and Sebastian are able to clear all of this up, because I definitely want to hang out with you guys in Fiji.
Bowman: (Laughs) We’re still having the wedding there for sure. You’ll have to come out.
Holmes: Deal. It is not hard to get me to Fiji.

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