“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Power Rankings Round 1 – “Hey, Do Stuff Around Camp” Edition


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if Dan is voted out this episode, Bradley will receive one point and Gordon will receive seven points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.

Bradley’s Score: 0

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Gordon’s Score: 0

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1. Dan: If he can manage to keep it in his pants socially and idol wise then he is in a great position. 1. Jeremy: I’m thinking we’re about to see some kind of Natalie/Natalia battle for the heart of the Goliaths. Natalia has the numbers and a buddy with an idol. Natalie…has…life experience? At any rate, Jeremy has options. He isn’t going anywhere soon.
2. Gabby: Gabby is in a good position right now because she is making alliances but not rushing to align with every single person. This shows social awareness and thought in who she wants to work with and who will help get her deep into the game. She was also shown nurturing Jessica in the shelter which in miserable conditions can go a long way to curry favor with the tribe. 2. Davie: Social game for miles and he can bring home some calamari? Team Blerd FTW!
3. Christian: Like the puzzle whiz he showed himself to be in the opening challenge, Christian appears to be sliding his social game into place to build a solid foundation for himself within the David tribe. Gabby should be a great moderating force for his nerdiness and Nick will help defuse the attention allowing Christian to keep the target off his back. 3. Christian: There was some debate about the difference between a “nerd” and a “dork.” My take has always been; a nerd is smart, a dork is socially awkward. Christian does not come across as a dork at all. To hear Dan tell it, he’s funny and well-liked. He’ll be fine.
4. Alec: We didn’t see much of Alec in the premiere, but he seemed to be capable in the challenge and perfectly docile at camp. 4. Kara: You’ve got a idol-packing meat shield in your pocket and you’re smart enough to stay out of a showmance. You’re doing super, girl.
5. Kara: She is in the enviable position of having other people coming to her. She seems charismatic and personable. Hopefully she has some strategic chops too. 5. Alec: Hey, bro.
6. Davie: The hunger is tough the first couple of days as everyone gets used to eating basically nothing, so Davie did himself a real favor in the game by catching an octopus. Aligning with Carl is smart too as Carl is older and has a different vantage point with which to read people. Put both of their perspectives together and they could be a powerful duo. 6. Carl: You had a rough time in the challenge, but I don’t think that’s going to come back to bite you. If Dan is to be believed, you’re in the majority alliance and you’re a hard worker.
7. Carl: Had a pretty unexciting first episode. Made a couple alliances. Seems to have gotten roughed up on the boat ride that took Pat out of the game. Hopefully for him he wasn’t banged up too badly otherwise that could be a good excuse to boot him. 7. Dan: Trying to start a day-one showmance, telling people about your idol…why not dump the rice on the ground and go for the vote-me-out-early trifecta? Lucky for you there are a handful of trainwrecks on your tribe. You’ll be fine.
8. Jeremy: Didn’t get a ton of Jeremy but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Better to be quiet in the first episode than to stick out for rubbing people the wrong way. 8. Jessica: Nobody wins “Survivor” on day one, so in my book, you’re doing a fantastic job. If someone wants to view you as their daughter, go with it. If someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on, let them.
9. Elizabeth: Elizabeth’s enthusiasm is really quite something, but it didn’t seem to be bothering any of the other Davids. Bringing the hat was her real power move of the week, that puppy looks to be keeping her head nice and dry in all the rain. 9. Gabby: Being the nerd whisperer is a good place to be on a tribe of misfits. (Or are they underdogs? People whose parents weren’t doctors?)
10. Natalia: Drawing attention to herself by arguing with Natalie over the shelter isn’t the best move. However, I’d be shocked if the rest of the tribe didn’t side with her over Natalie if it came down to it. 10. John: I know way more about professional wrestling than I do about “Survivor.” And I’ll say this; John is designed for “Survivor” immunity challenges. Aside from his obvious physique, strength, and stamina, he’s crazy agile. Like a parkour wizard. And for his social game, aside from Trish Stratus, you don’t hear many negative words about him in wrestling circles. He should be fine for a while.
11. Lyrsa: Is she the Puerto Rican Chris Noble? She came into that opening challenge with more confidence than Noble has when he is rapping. It worked for her this time but not having to go to Tribal may have been a good thing for her to continue building her social game. 11. Bi: We didn’t see much of Bi last week, but what we did see seemed to point toward a very solid social game. And on a “David” tribe, being an athlete should be a big asset in challenges.
12. Angelina: The look she gave the Davids said everything you need to know about Angelina. She is never going to win because she is a patronizing elitist but she is also probably safe enough, for now, within the Goliath tribe. She should be living in fear of the swap. 12. Alison: So…everybody knows you’re a doctor. That’s different. Some people (my Power Rankings competition included) have gone to great lengths to disguise their high-paying gigs. Probably not a game-ender, but a definite stumble coming out of the gate.
13. Jessica: If people are talking about how they’re excited to take you under their wing, you’re not in a power position. 13. Angelina: I truly don’t remember much about you outside of your “fairytale” life comment.
14. Bi: We don’t know anything about Bi’s game yet besides the fact that she is working with Jessica. Hopefully that is not the extent of it. 14. Elizabeth: You’re my winner pick, Elizabeth. The bale of hay thing really sold me. But, I’m worried that you and Lyrsa might be on the wrong end of what’s going to go down on the David tribe.
15. John: Is rattling off your nicknames, including “the George Bushy of Tushy,” supposed to be charming? It isn’t. 15. Lyrsa: See “Elizabeth.”
16. Alison: I’m surprised we didn’t see Alison taking the lead on building the shelter back at camp because it wasn’t two minutes into the game and she was showing everyone how much experience she has with being sheltered, as a doctor in a family of doctors. Hopefully this was just a poorly executed strategic move. While this blunder may not put Alison in a powerful position, I am very excited for the villainization of Alison! 16. Mike: You want to survive the first cycle of “Survivor”? Keep your ears open, your mouth shut, and work around camp. Someone else is gonna make a mistake…let them. I expected more from superfan Ned Schneebly.
17. Mike: Mike, you should know better than to be the first to obviously look for the idol. But, that target probably isn’t even the biggest one on his back because Mike already has what all these reality TV whippersnappers want, fame, so they’re probably going to hate him anyway. 17. Natalia: I think you’ll be fine. You seem well-liked, your buddy has an idol. But, you’ve made yourself the target of whatever kind of maneuvers Natalie might be planning.
18. Nick: Nick may have the background and story to be on the David tribe but he sticks out like a sore thumb on the David beach with his law degree, jacket, and slacks. Add not helping out enough around camp and Nick might be hollering “objection” as Jeff reads the votes next time he is at Tribal. 18. Natalie: Telling people what to do, not working, and buddying up with the person who was caught hunting for idols? If you weren’t on the superjock tribe, you’d be on the bottom of this list.
19. Natalie: I love Natalie, she probably hasn’t been camping a day in her life and yet she knows exactly how to build the perfect camp. Great TV, terrible gameplay. 19. Nick: In the Bible, David eventually became a king. But Nick’s probably gonna end up more like Redemption Island’s David. A lawyer without a million-dollar check.

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