“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Power Rankings Round 2: Napalm of Her Hand? Edition


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if Dan is voted out this episode, Bradley will receive nine points and Gordon will receive fifteen points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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Last Week: Bradley had Jessica in spot thirteen while Gordon had her in spot eight. The current score is Team Bradley 13, Team Gordon 8.

Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.

Bradley’s Score: 13

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Gordon’s Score: 8

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

1. Christian: His alliance has been tested by Tribal Council and it held strong. But, Christian is so animated that he could risk putting a target on his back. This is, after-all, a TV show and everyone is starving for attention, in addition to food. 1. Christian: On a tribe of eight you’re in an alliance of three within an alliance of five. Well played, sir. The only thing I’d worry about is Gabby’s paranoia. You’re going to have to work overtime to make sure she always knows you’re on her side.
2. Gabby: She was perceptive enough to know that she was not as close with Jessica as others on the tribe, yet a sobbing mess that needed Christian to lead the way. Safe for now but is currently playing for second place. 2. Nick: And the award for “Biggest 180” goes to our boy Nick. It’s never cool to say that a severe back injury was fortuitous, but in your case it definitely was.
3. Kara: Her strategy is working, she has Dan wrapped around her finger and she also has Angelina and Natalia working with her as well. I’m impressed, my only worry is that her strategic maneuvering may be too obvious. 3. Gabby: “Imagine if you’re sitting there and two people walk off and all of the sudden a camera man and a microphone man dash after them. That’s going to freak you out. Maybe they’re talking about where the best coconuts are, but you have no idea.” – John Cochran

Gabby, you’re fine for now, but you’ve got to get that paranoia under control. It’s a game killer.

4. Jeremy: Jeremy went on a suicide mission when he tried to tame Napalm Natalie. Nice try, amusing backfire. He knows about Dan’s idol and has Mike working with him. Jeremy’s long term prospects are going to hinge on whether or not he can find himself a few more
4. Angelina: The six-person, faux couples…triple/double alliance could be an unstoppable monster. And if John is in your pocket, that technically makes you the “First Lady of Slam Town.”
5. Davie: He has an idol and as far as we know hasn’t told anyone about it yet. This should be enough for Davie to survive another trip to Tribal. 5. Alec: Bro-liath…
6. Natalia: She is in the dominant alliance in the Goliath tribe. Shouldn’t be in any trouble if they go to Tribal. 6. Davie: Bae-vie was on the wrong side of the vote, but he found himself an idol. Should he use it now to take back the power on the David tribe? Probably not. There’s got to be a swap coming soon and he might need it.
7. Angelina: Angelina is fun to root against, so sadly she is in a solid spot within the Goliath tribe. 7. Mike: Correct me if I’m wrong, but being a Hollywood bigwig probably carries some significant weight around reality TV folk. They’re not going to want to upset him if he’s in the process of casting “School of Rock 2: School Harder.”
8. Elizabeth: She is a good ally for letting Lyrsa know she was in trouble and navigating the two of them out of that precarious position. 8. John: He’s getting along with everybody, he clearly doesn’t have an idol. (Thanks, Dan!) He’s capable of doing a split-legged twisting moonsault. He’s fine.
9. Dan: His gameplay last week was sloppy. Lucky for him, he is in the majority alliance. Dan is a great example of why I actually really like casual fans and recruits on “Survivor.” It is fun
to watch him learn as he goes and make mistakes (way more so than the meta strategy nonsense we get with superfans).
9. Elizabeth: We learned a lot about Elizabeth last week. She could have gone with the group and not rocked the boat, but she turned the entire tribe on its head. She’ll have Lyrsa’s loyalty for the rest of the game.
10. Lyrsa: Lyrsa showed that she is not about to get voted out without a fight. 10. Alison: You’re not in the triple/double alliance, but you seem well liked and you aren’t causing any trouble. You’re probably safe.
11. Alec: Not running his alliance but also not in danger. He is perfectly bland. 11. Lyrsa: It’s like Connor 4 Real says, “Never stop never stopping.” It truly looked like you were facing a seven to two vote and you flipped it. Now you’ve got a chance to course correct, figure out what put you on the block and try your best to remedy it.
12. Nick: Dude should thank Pat for hurting his back on the boat ride because he may have been a goner, but with a few extra days he seems to have rehabbed his standing. 12. Natalia: I was a little worried that you’d get in trouble as the conductor of the “Get Rid of Natalie” train. But, I’m sure you’re fine now that Jeremy has taken that post.
13. John: First problem, he said he was working with Natalie. Second problem, he tried to level with her and it didn’t work at all. Hopefully he is strong enough with the other bros and Natalia that his association with Natalie doesn’t hurt him too much. 13. Kara: I’m digging the triple/double alliance. But, we’ve seen women pay the price in perceived power couples too many times for me to feel comfortable with ranking you higher.
14. Alison: Where does Alison stand in the drama of the Goliath tribe? 14. Jeremy: It’s a classic “Survivor” move; reach out to the person who’s on the bottom of the tribe and bring them to your side. But, it really backfired this time. I’m worried that Natalie’s Napalm partnered with the fact that you’re digging in people’s stuff could get you in trouble.
15. Mike: The archetype that Mike inhabits is feeling a bit tired. How many times must we go through this charade? Safe until Natalie is gone. 15. Dan: Oh Dan…Danny…you seem like a really nice guy. Like, super nice. The best. Five stars, two thumbs up, buddy. But a secret idol that isn’t a secret is a wonderful way to find your way on the pre-jury trip. And I can just hear people saying, “We can get Natalie out at any time…”
16. Carl: Carl needs a swap. He is older and got blindsided at the first Tribal by losing his closest ally. 16. Natalie: You are engaging in some next-level horrible “Survivor” playing, my friend. The only thing you have working for you is John trying to help you, the whole world knowing about Dan’s idol, and being on a tribe of challenge beasts.
17. Bi: I have a particular disdain for post-challenge-loss pep talks. Couple that with getting blindsided at Tribal and absolutely flopping in the challenge and Bi is not in a good spot. 17. Carl: Lyrsa holds you responsible for her name being out there. That’s bad. And, your tribe hasn’t won a challenge since that first kinda-rigged one.
18. Natalie: With Napalm Natalie around, just about everyone else on the Goliath tribe is most likely safe if they end up at Tribal. 18. Bi: Carl will have Davie sticking up for him. Who will you have?

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