“Survivor” Castaway Jessica – “I’m Still Rooting for Them…I Want Them to Pull Out a Win”


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: It’s seemed like Nick was a goner last week. Why was the decision made to target Lyrsa instead? Was it strictly a challenge strength decision?
Jessica Peet: The reason why Lyrsa became the target was she didn’t do as much work around camp as we would have liked. It was her and Nick, every time we were doing work she was off doing something else. And then, my name came up, long before the chatter of me actually going on the chopping block, it came back to me that she had said my name. So me, and Bi, and Davie, and Carl were like, “Heck no. You’re not going to put my name up.” We actually had a conversation about it. Lyrsa was apologizing and in my head I’m thinking, “No, you’ve already said my name once, I’m not going to let you vote me out.” And Pat really wanted Nick out, so once he was gone Lyrsa became the one.

Holmes: Lyrsa and Elizabeth claim to have a secret alliance. Did anyone know that was going on at the time?
Peet: (Laughs) Everybody knew! It was kind of funny to watch it.

Holmes: In hindsight, were there any clues that Gabby, Nick, and Christian were going to flip?
Peet: I remember sitting at Tribal and I’d say something and then Jeff would ask Gabby, “What’s your take on this?” And she’d say, “Oh, I agree…but…” She kept doing it. And I was thinking, “Why is she doing this? She’s supposed to be in my alliance.” She was contradicting what I was saying. I didn’t get a lot from Christian or Nick that I should be worried. But, when they were tallying the votes I remember looking around and trying to get visual confirmation and the only people who were giving me that were Bi and Carl. So, I started to get a little bit nervous.

Holmes: Christian and Nick are now the Mason Dixon alliance. Have they done a good job keeping that a secret?
Peet: I knew Nick had a relationship with Christian, but I didn’t know to what extent. Watching it back, it doesn’t shock me.

Holmes: A lot has been made about David vs. Goliath and what makes someone a David. Is that something you talked about a lot at camp or did you just go about your business?
Peet: During the first couple of nights where it was raining all the time, we were forced to sit there and keep each other warm, we took that time to bond. We were all upset, we were devastated because we were wet and cold. We really dug into the theme of the show and why we were put there. So, to unpack that and really dig in and talk about why we were viewed this way as a David, that was really good for us. And we got to learn so much about each other and that bonded us so much quicker than I would have expected. Leaving those people? It’s hard because I’m still rooting for them. I want them to pull out a win for everybody.

Holmes: Davie found an idol last night. Does anyone else know about it at this point in the game?
Peet: I believe Carl knew he had the idol. Davie approached me and said, “We found a clue.” I asked what it was, and he showed me a blue piece of string. I remember being like, “…that is not a clue. A piece of string? Really?” (Laughs) So, watching it back and knowing there was a string involved, but it wasn’t blue it was orange. I’m almost positive Carl knew he had the idol.

Holmes: OK, word association time.
Peet: (Laughs) Oh lord…
Holmes: There are no wrong answers here, Jessica. Let’s start with Gabby.
Peet: Smart.
Holmes: Pat?
Peet: Hard working.
Holmes: Davie?
Peet: Hilarious.
Holmes: Christian?
Peet: Savvy.
Holmes: Bi?
Peet: Competitive.
Holmes: Elizabeth?
Peet: A lot.
Holmes: Nick?
Peet: Chatty.
Holmes: Carl?
Peet: Caring.
Holmes: Let’s finish off with Lyrsa.
Peet: Passionate.

Holmes: Let’s jump back into that. How is Elizabeth “A lot”?
Peet: She has a very big personality. Whenever we’d be at a challenge and Jeff would be like, “Let’s get it on.” She’d go, “Woooooo!” and scream. She always had her hands in something at camp. She’d have this project going on and that project going on. She’s a lot. Not in a bad way, she’s a great person. She’s got a great personality, it’s just a BIG personality.

Holmes: Was there anything you did out there that we didn’t see that you wish we had?
Peet: I wish they’d shown more of Carl and I chatting. We had a very good relationship. He’s an amazing guy. He’s a great father, he talked a lot about his daughters and his wife. We bonded a lot. Bi and him were my number ones in the game. I understand it’s only an hour show, but I wish it would have been highlighted more.

Holmes: “Survivor” has a tendency to change people. Have you taken anything from the game that you apply to your daily life?
Peet: It has changed things. You grow an appreciation for the things you don’t have. I remember thinking, “I wish I had a blanket. I wish I had a towel. I wish I had a toothbrush.” So, there’s growing in that way. But, I feel like I’ve matured a lot. I was only out there for six days, but I was at Ponderosa and then the trip. I had a lot of time by myself and I’m usually around my loved ones. So, it kind of made me more of an independent person and since I’ve been home that independence hasn’t gone away. I think this experience has helped me to grow as a person.

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