‘Survivor: Tocantins’ Episode 7 Recap: Does Joe Gotta Go?

Previously on ‘Survivor’: Tyson chose Coach over Brendan, Joe banged his knee during an immunity challenge, and Stephen and Taj told JT about their immunity idol.

This Week: We’re treated to a merge, a meditating masseuse, and a medical evacuation…

39 Days, 16 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here are the tribes as they currently stand.

Timbira (wearing black)

•    Coach – 37 – Soccer Coach
•    Brendan – 30 – Entrepreneur
•    Debra – 46 – Middle School Principal
•    Erinn – 26 – Hairstylist
•    Tyson – 29 – Professional Cyclist
•    Sierra – 23 – Model

Jalapao (wearing red)

•    Joe – 26 – Real Estate Sales
•    JT – 24 – Cattle Rancher
•    Taj – 37 – Former Pop Star
•    Stephen – 29 – Corporate Consultant

Back from Tribal Council, and Joe isn’t happy to be the odd person out after Sydney was booted.

The following morning, Coach summons his Coach powers using his zen poses. The editing team has a field day with this…as they should. Coach harnesses his Coach powers to take the form of a tribe-uniting masseuse. Oddly enough, Erinn totally buys into this. She digs Coach’s new form.

Back at Jalapao, people are taking turns touching Joe’s gross leg wound. They should really give them board games out there or something if that’s what they’re doing for entertainment.

Tree mail arrives, and nobody is sure if it means there will be a reward challenge or a merger feast. Both tribes meet up at a huge dinner table and it’s obviously a merge. The new tribe bonds over delicious food and their sweet new green buffs.

JT shows his cunning strategic side by asking everyone if they have any secrets. Oddly, nobody falls for this clever move.

The tribe then tries to come up with a new tribe name, and I can’t imagine how they could do any worse than “Nobag” (Yes, Kenny, I’m talking to you). They choose “Forza” which is Portuguese for “strength.” I’m assuming they came up with this because “Tocantins” is too difficult to pronounce backwards.

Sierra does JT one better in the subtleness department by asking why the former Jalapagians voted off Sydney and Spencer. If there was a record player out there, it would have scratched.

Quick Aside: Starburst jelly beans are the best jelly beans ever, right? Someone get these away from me.

Back at camp (Timbira’s camp) Coach wastes no time trying to get JT on board. Coach wants Brendan gone pronto. I’ve been trying to figure out Coach’s “Let the strongest win” strategy, and I’ve decided that dishonesty disqualifies you from being strong.

Anywho, Coach’s plan is for JT, Deb, Tyson, Stephen, and himself to boot Brendan then wipe out the rest.

This would seem to go against the original Exile alliance (Yes, I’m stealing that name from Charlie. Thank you, Charlie.) But Taj tells us that Brendan hasn’t said a word to her since she’s been there. Brendan tells us he thinks the Exile alliance should be quiet for the time being. He should tell Taj that.

Immunity Challenge Time: J-Pro takes away the team immunity idol and shows them the immunity necklace (should’ve been an immunity championship belt). Jeff describes this gaudy, feathered monstrosity as a “beautiful individual immunity necklace.”

Note to self: Don’t ask Jeff for help picking out jewelry. Ever.

The challenge involves each player hanging onto the top of a ten-foot pole. The last person to remain on the pole wins.

Stephen drops out first because he has “A lot of limbs.”


Joe and his seeping leg are out next, followed by Brendan, Taj, and Erinn.

Brendan’s elimination brings a big, creepy smile to Coach’s face.

Next out is JT, Coach, then Sierra.

It comes down to Deb and Tyson, with Tyson eventually winning. His reward? A beautiful immunity necklace.

As Probst sends them back to camp, he asks Joe to stay so medical can check out his horrific wound. The medical technician doesn’t like what she sees, telling Joe the infection could cost him his leg or his life.

Back at camp, the old Timbira tribe is plotting to get rid of JT. Coach, Tyson, and Deb are going along with this plot to throw off Brendan.

Tyson lets us know that he loves lying to Sierra and he thinks the reason Sierra is in the game is to, “Give hope to stupid people around the world.” Yikes.

Stephen and JT come up with a strategy to split the votes in case Brendan uses his immunity idol. OK, Stephen came up with the strategy.

Meanwhile, Coach tells us we can call him the “Orchestrator” or the “Dragon Slayer.” Then he tells us we can call him whatever we want because he feels brilliant. Oh, Coach…

It’s occurring to me that we’re running out of time in this episode and we’re not going to make it to tribal council. Probst proves my theory correct when he shows up in camp.

Another Quick Aside: Probst shows up in a rainstorm without an umbrella. That’s terrible. He could catch a cold.

Sure enough, J-Pro tells us that Joe is out of the game and there will be no tribal council.

It looks like Brendan’s got three days to try to get the Exile alliance back together. If not, he’ll fall to the dragon slayer.

Verdict: Ever since Michael Skupin was choppered out of Australia I’ve hated medical evacs. That would be terrible to go through all that and have to leave without being voted out. That being said, losing tribal council gave the editors a great chance to show us more strategy.

Who’s Going to Win? I’ve been Team Taj since Day One. But I think Stephen is playing a brilliant game.

What Do You Think? Is it OK if Coach votes out strong people who lie? Can Stephen and JT trust Coach and Tyson? Do you prefer “Orchestrator” or “Dragon Slayer?”

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