‘Survivor: Tocantins’ Episode 8 Recap: Dragon Vs. Dragon Slayer – Round 2!

Previously on ‘Survivor’: The tribes merged, Coach tried to get JT and Stephen to join his alliance, and Joe was forced to leave the game due to a gruesome infection.

This Week: The Dragon Slayer and the Assistant Coach hatch their master plan, the Dragon starts a plan of his own, and the Wizard makes his debut. You’re gonna need a score card to keep up with all of the nicknames. That’s why I’m here…

39 Days, 16 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here’s the tribe as it currently stands.

Forza (wearing green)

•    Coach – 37 – Soccer Coach
•    Brendan – 30 – Entrepreneur
•    Debra – 46 – Middle School Principal
•    Erinn – 26 – Hairstylist
•    Tyson – 29 – Professional Cyclist
•    Sierra – 23 – Model
•    JT – 24 – Cattle Rancher
•    Taj – 37 – Former Pop Star
•    Stephen – 29 – Corporate Consultant

It’s story time at Forza as Coach is spinning a fantastic yarn about the time he was kidnapped by a tribe in the Amazon and nearly beaten to death. I imagine if he keeps rubbing people the wrong way he could experience something similar with his current tribe.

The following morning, Coach is practicing his warrior-type yoga down by the beach. When he returns, he informs us that he was performing “Chong Ran” meditation, and that if you do a Google search, you won’t find anything on it, because it’s only passed along verbally.

Fun Fact: A Google search for the term “Chong Ran Meditation” results in 12,800 results. Just saying.

Afterwards, Coach lets us know that he has decided on the nickname “Dragon Slayer” and that Brendan is the “Dragon” and that Sierra is the “Bowel Movements that Come Out of the Dragon.” That’s not very catchy.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribes will be split into three teams of three. Each team will throw weird, metal orbs at the opposing teams’ ceramic tiles. The last team that has tiles remaining wins a white water rafting trip and a delicious meal.

The black team features Deb, JT, and Brendan. The red team is Tyson, Coach, and Taj.  And, the white team is Erinn, Sierra, and Stephen. There’s not a whole lot to describe, with the most notable thing being Coach bragging about his experience throwing weird, metal orbs at opposing teams’ ceramic tiles. Seriously, what are the odds?

When it was all said and done, the black team won the challenge. They decided to send Stephen to Exile, this prompted Coach to say, “Be the Wizard, Stephen. Be the Wizard.”

I’m noticing this has become a very Coach-heavy blog. I can’t help it. Every time the man opens his mouth, pure gold pours out.

At the reward outing, Brendan had the opportunity to speak with JT. Apparently Brendan is OK with going to the finals with JT even though he knows JT would destroy him with the jury. I don’t approve of this. It’s the same problem I had with Sugar in Gabon. Ultimately, you should play to win.

When Brendan returns to camp, he finally approaches Taj and pulls the trigger on the original Exile alliance. Brendan wants Taj, JT, Sierra, and Stephen to take out Tyson and Coach.

Immunity Challenge Time: Each player will be hooked to a rope. The players will have to navigate a course while attached to the rope. This will involve crawling through tight spaces, jumping over posts, etc. The first three to complete the course will then advance to a more difficult course. When J-Pro asks Tyson for the immunity necklace, Tyson lets him know he’ll probably get it back.

Tyson, JT, and Brendan win the first round. In the final round, Tyson wins when Brendan gets caught up at the last second. The Dragon Slayer is pleased to see the Dragon is now ripe for slaying.

Back at camp, Tyson says he can’t wait for Brendan to be gone so he can be mean to Sierra. He thinks this may cost him her vote in the jury, but will earn him everyone else’s vote. So, it’s a win/win.

That night at Tribal Council, Coach tells J-Pizzle about how he’s been toning down his stories because of how amazing they truly are. Apparently, he’s been in 5-8 life-threatening situations.

Later, Probst asks if anyone has the immunity idol. Everybody says “No” except for Brendan. Go Dragon!

Voting Time: Slayer votes for Dragon, Dragon votes for Slayer, and the rest of the jokes are all secretive and stuff.

Probst asks if anyone wants to play the idol, and in a stroke of editing genius, they show Brendan reaching for a bottle of water instead of the idol. Well done, editing crew.

One vote for Coach, another vote for Coach, one vote for Brendan, a second vote for Brendan, a third vote for Brendan, one vote for Sierra, a second vote for Sierra, a third vote for Sierra, and the first member of the jury is…Brendan. The Dragon has been slayed…slew…slewed…whatever…

Verdict: I think the series suffered during the two-week break, but it seems to be picking up steam again. Coach and Tyson are gold, Stephen is smart, JT is lovable, and Taj seems to be biding her time.

Who’s Going to Win? I feel like a broken record. I originally picked Taj and remain the captain of Team Taj, but I could see JT or Stephen walking away with the check.

What Do You Think? Did Stephen and JT make the right choice? Is Sierra dead in the water? Does Coach drive you crazy?

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