‘Survivor: Tocantins’ Episode 10 Recap: Dragon’s Liar?

Previously on ‘Survivor’: The officially named Warrior Alliance was splintered when JT and Stephen decided to break ranks. All of the awesome one-liners in the world couldn’t save poor Tyson.

This Week: The Dragon Slayer and Deb fight to stay in the game, Taj’s maternal instincts kick into overdrive, and Sierra tries to catch Coach in a lie…

39 Days, 16 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here’s the tribe as it currently stands.

Forza (wearing green)

•    Coach (The Dragon Slayer) – 37 – Soccer Coach
•    Debra – 46 – Middle School Principal
•    Erinn – 26 – Hairstylist
•    Sierra (Bride of the Dragon) – 23 – Model
•    JT – 24 – Cattle Rancher
•    Taj – 37 – Former Pop Star
•    Stephen (The Wizard) – 29 – Corporate Consultant

If you’re looking for the biggest difference between this season and Gabon, it’s what happened when they returned from Tribal Council. Instead of blowing up, Coach maintained his chi and thanked JT and Stephen for not telling him they were going to vote Tyson out of the game. I dig this strategy. Well done, Slayer.

The next day, Deb pitches a Timbira reunion tour to get rid of the former Jalapations.

Reward Challenge Time: It’s the “Survivor” SATs as Jeff gives everyone an individual quiz and a #2 lead pencil. Whoever guesses the tribe’s answers the closest gets to take a swing at an opposing player’s rope. Once a rope has been hacked at three times, that player is out of the game. The last player remaining wins an all-expense-paid trip to a natural spring and get to enjoy a home-cooked Brazilian feast.

Question 1: Who has not lived up to their potential? Answer: Coach

Debbie, Erinn, Coach, Sierra, and Taj all got it right.

Question 2: Who would squander the million dollars the quickest? Answer: Sierra

JT, Debbie, and Erinn got it right.

JT knocks Sierra out of the game.

Question 3: Who would never survive on their own? Answer: Deb

Debbie, Stephen, Erinn, and Taj got it right.

Erinn knocks Coach out of the game. Stephen knocks Deb out of the game.

Question 4: Who would you trust with your life? Answer: JT

JT, Stephen, Taj, and Erinn got it right.

JT knocked out Erinn. Erinn knocked out JT.

Question 5: Who is most likely to stab you in the back? Answer: Sierra

Taj and Stephen both get it right.

Question 6: Who would you least like to see win the game? Answer: Sierra

Stephen got it right and knocked out Sierra.

Quick Aside: There’s got to be something they’re not showing us in the editing, because it seems like everyone hates Sierra. Even Tyson wasn’t concerned with insulting her because he thought the other players would like it.

Stephen sent Erinn to Exile to make sure that his alliance stays in charge of any possible new immunity idols. He also chooses JT and Taj to come on the reward with him.

At the reward, the three former Jalapaoians met with a Brazilian family for dinner. A youngster fell and hit her head on the table. Taj kicked into mommy mode and comforted the little tyke.

Meanwhile back at camp, Deb and Coach are trying to get Sierra to come on board with the Timbira reunion tour. Sierra’s not down with getting the band back together, and Deb absolutely loses it.

When Jalapao returns from the reward, Coach sits down to talk with JT, warrior to warrior. Coach tells JT that Sierra is trying to revive the Timbira tribe. JT assures Coach that the plan is for he and Stephen to bring Coach and Deb to the final four.

HOWEVER…at the exact same time, Sierra is telling Stephen that Deb and Coach are hoping that Timbira shall rise again.

Immunity Challenge Time: Erinn returns from Exile and Stephen has a warm sweater waiting for her. I’m telling you, this guy is playing this game on a whole different level.

For the challenge, the players will have to retrieve three bags using grappling hooks. The first three players to get all their bags will move on to the finals. The final round is basically a large version of the labyrinth maze where you move a marble through a maze without having it fall into holes.

JT, Coach, and Deb advance to the finals, with Coach being the first to navigate the maze. The highlight of this entire process was clearly Coach yelling “Dragon Slayer!” when he won.

Another Quick Aside: I know you probably hate Coach, but I hope he makes the finals. You can’t tell me his jury speech wouldn’t be twelve kinds of awesome dipped in Christmas morning.

Afterwards, Coach lets us know that labyrinth marble mazes are his forte, you know, with the yoga and all. Anyone want to explain that one to me?

Sierra, determined to prove that Coach and Deb are behind the Timbira resurgence, calls Coach out in front of everyone. What followed was amazing. The former Timbiricans tore into each other while Jalapao just looked on in amazement.

That night at Tribal Council, Tyson arrives wearing a shirt with the #8 on it. I assume this is because he came in eighth place.  I also like to think that he brought 16 different shirts to Brazil to cover every possible finish.

Sierra questions the Dragon Slayer’s total honestly claim. Coach explains that there are two things he is not, a coward or a liar. To prove that he means business, Coach quotes the Stephen (irony?) being stoned passage from Acts Chapter 7 of The Bible.

Taj lets us know that she appreciates the drama as she hasn’t been able to watch her soap operas for weeks.

Voting Time: Deb votes for Sierra, Sierra votes for Deb and the rest of the votes are neither seen nor heard.

One vote for Sierra, a vote for Deb, a vote for Stephen (?!), a second vote for Sierra, a second vote for Deb, a third vote for Sierra, a fourth vote for Sierra, and the third member of the jury is…Sierra.

Verdict: OK, it’s obvious that the editing is leaving a ton of things out this season. First of all, why do they paint people like Sierra (and Sugar before her) as saints, when clearly the entire tribe can’t stand them. And what went down that caused Taj to not vote with Stephen and JT and Erinn to vote for Stephen?

Oh, and Charlie picked the castaway again in our “Survivor” Power Rankings Challenge. I wonder who’s feeding him his info…

Who’s Going to Win? Stephen’s going to have to make a move on JT sooner or later, this’ll let my girl Taj sneak in for the win.

What Do You Think? Why did Erinn vote for Stephen? How much longer until Stephen turns on JT? Would you have voted for Sierra or Deb?

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