“Survivor” Castaway Interview – Sierra Reed

Sierra Reed went from being singled out by Timbira for elimination on the first day of the game, to being an integral part of the Exile Alliance, to being dead in the water after Brendan was booted from the game.

We sat down with the 23-year-old model the day after she was voted out to get her opinions on Coach’s creative nicknames, Tyson’s unique “Bash Sierra” strategy, and why everyone seemed to be against her…

Gordon Holmes: I’m getting the feeling we’re not seeing everything that went on out there. It seems like a lot of people had a lot of problems out there. What are we missing?
Sierra Reed:
I think I set the tone in the beginning, I was super sick, and it made them view me as a person they could easily discard. I automatically aligned with Brendan, and I didn’t really reach out to anyone after that. I mean, I was really good friends with Debbie. I was fighting with Coach but it was more a brother and sister relationship. Tyson and I never met eye to eye, ever once. He’d call me “stupid” cause he’d never listen to what I had to say. Jerry was a great man. But, I think slowly when they realized that Brendan and I were sitting on an idol, I think the moment that he went out they automatically associated me with him. So, I seemed like a person who was easy to discard.
Gordon: But why the animosity?
Sierra: I kept my mouth shut, but when people really drew the line, like Coach with the beans, I did say something. And sometimes that caused controversy. If a 37-year-old man has to cook beans for an extra hour, and then starts pouring river water on it, I’m going to say something, whether I’m on the chopping block or not.
Gordon: I think you didn’t fully appreciate Coach’s Jedi bean-cooking ability.
Sierra: (Laughs) It’s not Jedi, it’s like “Last of the Mohicans.”

Gordon: Now when you were watching this at home, and you hear Tyson mention that he doesn’t mind being mean to you and losing your vote because it will earn him other people’s votes, how do you react to that? Would it have worked?
That wasn’t true at all. I think him saying that is half play and half ploy. He’s very tounge-in-cheek at everything as far as his humor. And I think the other half of it is that’s his shtick. The way he intimidates people is that joking manner where you don’t know if it’s real of if you don’t know if it’s sincere. But yeah, it hurt because everyone was coming down on me super hard. But I got the last laugh. After he sat there and acted like a little (expletive deleted) all day long.

Gordon: Was it awkward to be at Ponderosa (where players go after they’re voted off) with Tyson?
No, not at all. I was really ready to go home. Nobody was treating me well except for Taj. They were making me sleep at the end of the hut without a blanket. The moment I was voted out, Tyson gave me a jar of peanut butter. And he was super cool, and it was great to see Brendan. Ponderosa is where we actually became friends.

Gordon: Last night at Tribal Council, Tyson arrived wearing a shirt with the number eight on it, I assume that’s because he came in 8th place. Next week will you be wearing a shirt with the number seven on it?
How funny is that? I did mention that to him, but he didn’t realize it.
Gordon: I assume he just brought sixteen different numbered shirts.

Gordon: Now you were part of the original Exile Alliance with Brendan, Taj, and Stephen, so you knew Taj and Stephen had an immunity idol. Why didn’t you call them on that?
I did. They didn’t show you that. I did go up to Coach and told them they had an idol. But, unfortunately he really believed the true-blue JT.
Gordon: Why does everybody trust JT so much?
Sierra: Because JT was a hard worker around camp. And he was a respectable person in reality. He’s a cattle rancher, he’s a hard worker. And you have to appreciate that about him. He’s not a city slicker, he doesn’t come from a lot of money, but he’s well spoken and athletic. He has a great attitude.

Gordon: Now, I’ve heard from a couple people that Coach’s attitude is sexist. Did you see any of this, or are they confusing his warrior way for sexism?
Sierra: I at one point said that Coach was a little bit creepy. I even gave him a creep-o-meter. It would vary from day to day. But I think Coach was trying to embody Tyson’s humor, but it didn’t come off the same way because Tyson has a presence about him where you know he’s joking. But it didn’t work cause Coach is way out there on Planet Na-Na-Na.
Gordon: But I think you got one of the sweeter nicknames as the “Bride of the Dragon.”
Sierra: Or “Bowel Movement.”
Gordon: (Laughs) Both are catchy.

Gordon: OK, word association time. Taj?
Gordon: Brendan?
Sierra: Business.
Gordon: Jeff Probst?
Sierra: Funny, cheeky, and rude sometimes.
Gordon: Erinn?
Sierra: Sneaky.
Gordon: Stephen?
Sierra: Good guy.
Gordon: Deb?
Sierra: Motherly.
Gordon: Coach?
Sierra: Out there.

Gordon: That might be putting it lightly.
Sierra: I think that he is that kid that sits in the airplane and reads the “Sky Mall” magazine and buys all of the “Lord of the Rings” memorabilia.

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