‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 8

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 3 points and Gordon will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Week: Erik was voted out in a shocker earning Taj 5 points and Gordon 10 points. The current score is now Taj: 98, Gordon: 108.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2 Dave: I like this guy because he does just enough to make you love him without making you feel like he is going to vote for you.  The guys have Shambo in their corner as long as they need her.  I want Dave to take it.
2 3 Brett: Brett is a quiet threat.  He brought up the rear in the challenge to win immunity.  I loved it!  If the guys can stick together until the final four, I can totally see Dave and Brett sitting side by side for the million bucks.
3 7 John: John is beginning to show his competitive side.  But he’s too easily swayed.  Russell had him wrapped around his fingers.  If the guys’ alliance holds true, poor John will probably be the first to go.
4 9 Kelly: Kelly is just following the pack.  I’m still waiting to see her come out of her shell.  I want to know why she has all of those tattoos.  I was hoping to see more mischief from her.  She’s safe for now.  Galu needs to take out the rest of Foa Foa or be picked off one by one.
5 8 Laura: This lady has to play her game a little more cautiously.  She’s picking unnecessary fights with Shambo and has created an alliance with Russell.  The person who now has a mark on his head.  She might become an easy blindside.
6 12 Monica: The only thing helping Monica stay in this game is the fact that her tribe is the dominant tribe.  But the guys on her tribe want to lose her immediately.  Hopefully, she’ll stop playing the baby role and step up to the plate but I doubt it.
7 6 Mick: I really want him to stay in the game a little longer.  I was very impressed when Foa Foa stepped up and was able to vote out one of the Galu tribe.  It made me think of me, Stephen & JT going into the merge down 6-3.  If they can work some magic, anything’s possible.
8 4 Natalie: Natalie seems like she might have made a cool friendship with the ladies of the Galu tribe.  The only problem with that is everyone knows that she and Russell have an alliance.  She should stay with the ladies of Galu to hopefully avoid being voted out sooner than later.
9 11 Shannon: She’s the leader of her tribe but the guys are calling her shots.  Laura will definitely aim for her head during the next tribal council for sure.  Shambo’s best bet is to really try to bond with her guys to remove the other girls.  Otherwise, she’ll be sitting on the jury.
10 10 Jaison: His days are numbered.  I loved him in the beginning but after his incessant complaining and ability to give up when things aren’t going his way, I just can’t stand behind him.  I wish him good luck but at the rate at which he’s playing, it’s just a matter of time.
11 1 Russell H.: I wish I could say I’m shocked that Russell impatiently offered his HII.  I wish I could say that I didn’t think Galu would catch on to his antics.  I wish I could say that he thought of everything and everyone in advance but I can’t because he didn’t.  When he gave up the HII he snuffed his torch himself.  If Russell isn’t voted out this week I will be shocked!

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2
Kelly: What happened?! I go away from one week and the game is all topsy-turvy. Who’s safe? I don’t know, probably Kelly. Has anyone ever gone this deep in the show without saying more than three lines? She’s like a ninja.
2 3 Natalie: OK, so a lot of these picks are going to be based on how safe I think someone is rather than how well they’re playing, but don’t be mistaken, Natalie is playing a much stronger game then anyone realizes. She’s a sleeper.
3 1 Brett: How far ahead is our buddy Brett thinking things? He obviously planned ahead enough to know the Samoan word for “Extended Family.” I wonder how you say “Under the Radar” in Samoan?
4 4 Dave: Oh, sweet irony. Danger Dave is perfectly safe. Even if the other factions turn on the former Galu males (and I think the former Galutians are more likely to go after Foa Foaicans now), he’ll still be OK for a while.
5 8 Mick: Who would have ever thought Mick would be this much of a follower? It seems to be working for him though. He’s higher in the pecking order than Jaison and Russell right now.
6 9 John: What do you know? Brain Rocket Science Surgeons are pretty good at “Survivor.” John was smart enough to see which way the wind was changing and went with it. That’s a sign of a very smart player.
7 6 Shambo: Who was the only person who didn’t vote with the majority last week? Our beloved Shambo. If the 90210ers continue to hold their “Mean Girls” grudge, she could be on her way to eat with the art freaks. Too obscure?
8 11 Monica: I’m torn between Laura and Monica. The men know they need to get rid of one of them, and came close to getting rid of Laura last week before she won immunity. So, I’m picking Monica to last longer.
9 7 Laura: It’s weird to have someone with as much power as her this low in the rankings. I think it’s going to depend on if Galu starts working together.
10 5 Russell H.: Boy, the previews sure are acting like Evil Russell’s number is up. It’s for this reason, and this reason alone that I think he’s safe. But, I’m not willing to bet a ton of points on this, so I’m keeping him low.
11 12 Jaison: I said last week that he’d be the biggest merge target and I was kind of right. I think Galu might be thinking they can pick off Russell at any time now that he’s used the HII, but will need to get rid of Jaison before he starts winning challenges.

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