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‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 12

December 17, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if Mick is voted out this week, Taj will receive 2 points and Gordon will receive 5 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Episode: Both “Danger” Dave and Monica were voted out in a dual elimination episode. This helped Taj gain some ground on Gordon as she earned 14 points while he only received a measly 7 points. The current score is now Taj: 128, Gordon: 131.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Russell H.: Whatever Evil Russell wants, Evil Russell gets! Evil Russell is determined to win “Survivor: Samoa” and I believe he will. Every week I want to believe that someone will take a stand and take him out but no such luck thus far! It looks like Mick and Natalie might try to stand up in the weeks to come but I’m tired of getting my hopes up. Go Evil Russell!
2 2 Mick: He’s doing better in the challenges as the game is coming to an end. Things are looking much better for Mick but nothing is set in stone. Now it appears that he has created a side alliance with Natalie and Brett. Good for him! It’s good for him that there will be three sitting in front of the jury instead of two. He actually has a chance of winning.
3 3 Natalie: I really like this girl. She’s a little spitfire. I think if she can make it to the final three like Brett and Mick are promising her she will take the money from both of them. If not Evil Russell, my vote is for Natalie.
4 4 Jaison: I like the guy but I’m not seeing enough drive or determination from him. He’s playing too low to the field. If he doesn’t find a strategic bone in his body soon he’ll be the next to go after Shambo. No one really needs him anymore. He needs to find a way to get the other players out or win challenges to be able to stick around. Neither seems likely!
5 5 Brett: This guy is dangerous. He’s good at challenges and he is sweet enough for someone to want to be in an alliance with him. With that being said, the entire jury so far is comprised of the Galu tribe. If Brett is in the final three his tribe may just vote for him to get back at the Foa Foa tribe. If the remaining Foa Foa members are smart they would get rid of Brett and Shambo, respectively.
6 7 Shannon: What a cute character. Now its time to go bye, bye! Shambo actually thought that she was in complete control of the game. I really dislike when contestants on a game like “Survivor,” where one is expected to outplay, outwit, and outlast the competition, complains when someone is not being honest. What in the world?! Until Shambo learns the name of the game, I think she should sit on the jury and watch and learn. But I still think she’s a doll.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 3
Russell H.: With the immunity idol out and in the open, he might as well use it this week for fear of them trying to flush it out. As far as the rest of his game, you’re going to hear a lot of talk about Russell being the best player of all time. I won’t go that far, but I would easily dub him “Most Entertaining.”
2 4 Shannon: Our favorite chicken whisperer is the only person on this list who can’t win this game. There’s no way she can win a jury vote unless the person she’s up against punches a kitten, a puppy, and a baby during their final tribal council speech. With that being said, Shambo must be the popular pick to take to the end.
3 1 Natalie: Right now I’m predicting a Natalie/Shambo/Russell final three. And if that happens, the only way Natalie can win is if the “I Vote for Nice People” jury members outnumber the “I Vote for Strong Strategy” members.
4 6 Jaison: Does Jaison really think that he and Russell have been making all the decisions? Really?! I can’t imagine Jaison taking home the top prize. The vibe I get from the players I’ve interviewed is that Jaison isn’t very well respected at all.
5 7 Mick: Mick: The Foa Foa Four can’t last forever. I think when it’s time to start cutting some people loose, Russell’s going to bounce Mick first.
6 8 Brett: All of the former Galu members seem to think Brett has been playing an amazing game. I’ll have to take their word for it, because we haven’t seen much. I’d imagine he’ll be joining the jury as soon as he loses an immunity challenge.

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 11

December 10, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if Monica is voted out this week, Taj will receive 8 points and Gordon will receive 2 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Episode: The fourth back-stabbing (back stabbery?) in a row sent John to the jury. This shocking move earned Taj 3 points and Gordon 6 points. The current score is now Taj: 114, Gordon: 124.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Russell H.: Simply because I have never seen anyone play the game so well and so diligently as Russell.  I would hate for him to lose after all that he has done to get this far.  It looks like Mick might try to pull the wool over on Russell.  Well, we all know what happens to anyone that tries to pull one over on Russell.
2 4 Mick: He’s beginning to use his head finally!  He’s a doctor for God’s sake!  If Mick can successfully overthrow Russell, he might stand a chance at winning.  Slim chance though!
3 7 Natalie: This girl is so tough.  I really like her.  She successfully planted seeds in the heads of the Galu ladies to help get rid of Erik, she killed a rat on her own and fed the tribe, in the last challenge she almost outlasted all of the men.  Hell, if it wasn’t for Jaison having leverage in the challenge, I’m positive she would’ve taken him.  I see her outsmarting all of the guys to make it to the end.
4 6 Jaison: I’m happy that he was able to finally win immunity.  He needed that because he was surely on the chopping block several times this season.  I like his independent thinking but it might work against him.  Hopefully, he and Mick will be able to put their heads together to make it to the end.  Fat chance!  Lol!
5 8 Brett: Brett seems like he will know when to fold ‘em.  It is very clear that Galu has lost the momentum and it is only a matter of time before the Foa Foa tribe finds a way to knock each one of them off.  He needs to pull a Shambo and cross over as soon as possible.  It just might be too late!
6 2 Dave: Dave is a terrible leader.  He doesn’t listen to his tribe when they’re actually telling him valuable information.  Now, he’s on the outside looking in.  Dave knows that it is just a matter of time.  Smooches!
7 5 Shannon: She is pissed at her alliance.  They went against her wishes to vote out Dave and voted John out.  She’s looking for an explanation that no one can give her.  I think her emotional wrath is about to bite her in the butt.
8 9 Monica: Its just time for her to go.  I understand that there are more important people to get rid of before her but no more please!  I’m placing my vote for Monica!

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2
Natalie: I’m a little concerned putting Natalie this high as she’s seen as Russell’s right hand man (er…woman). But, she’s been playing an amazing game. In years past in the case of an uprising, Russell would go first. But with that immunity idol in his pocket, Natalie could get the fake-out vote to flush it out.
2 3 Monica: I can’t believe I’m ranking Monica this high. But, if you think about it, she’s not really a threat to anyone at this point. Everyone thinks she coasted on Laura’s coattails. She could make it to the end if she strikes the right deal.
3 1 Russell: Let me preface this by saying “Russell is the man.” This season would have been a boring disaster without him. That being said, he’s always going to have a target on his back. His strategy is effective, but it’s also extremely dangerous.
4 5 Shambo: Wow…Shambo.  Just, wow. She’s a piece of work. My sister had a good point when she asked if Shambo was really a marine. Aren’t they supposed to be known for keeping their cool? That chicken display last week over the soup was just embarrassing.
5 8 Danger Dave: Danger Dave dodged a bullet last week. I think he’ll be OK this week unless they vote him off just to placate Shambo.
6 4 Jaison: Kudos to Jaison for buying the immunity advantage last week. Seriously, they offer that advantage every season, why doesn’t someone just save their money and go, “Boom, five hundred dollars! Cough it up, Probst.”
7 7 Mick: I could’ve put Mick in Jaison’s spot, because they’re basically the same guy at this point. They’re like the High Tax Bracket Alliance. Eventually Russell’s going to have to trim the fat (or muscle in this case) and they’ll be gone.
8 9 Brett: Have you seen this man? Rumor has it he’s been lurking in the background of the reality television show “Survivor.” If located, please report to Russell Hantz so he may orchestrate his dismissal. Thank you.

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 10

December 2, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 3 points and Gordon will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Episode: The LauRussell explosion resulted in Russell taking a numbers advantage and Laura taking a walk. This shocker earned Taj and Gordon 9 points each. The current score is now Taj: 111, Gordon: 118.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 10 Russell H.: I have been converted into a believer.  Russell is the new King of “Survivor.”  This guy is priceless.  I owe him a million bucks because after watching the last episode, I’m convinced he’s unstoppable!
2 1 Dave: Dave is cool but not as smart as I thought he would be.  He doesn’t think ahead of the curve at all apparently.  Clearly shouldn’t be leading the tribe.  When he lifted the rock with the HII and still didn’t find it; I knew it was over for Galu.  Start using your head, brother, or you’ll be sitting on the jury.
3 3 John: I love the fact that he knows when to jump ship.  I want him to stay now.
4 4 Mick: Good for Mick winning immunity last week.  Foa Foa clearly has the bad luck jinx on them.  They can’t win a challenge even for a million dollars.  But I like what they are doing now.
5 6 Shannon: Shambo needs to keep playing the dumb old lady role.  Once she begins to assert herself she just may overstep her boundaries.  Good luck!
6 5 Jaison: Luckily for this guy he’s on Russell’s team.  He so reminds me of myself.  I couldn’t win a challenge to save my life!  Continue to support Russell and play until you can’t play anymore.
7 7 Natalie: It was so close!  I was actually nervous like I was sitting in that tribal council waiting to hear my own name.  They are coming for her to reduce Foa Foa’s numbers.  She needs to win an immunity challenge.
8 2 Brett: You proudly told one of your tribe mates that you were willing to sacrifice him for the sake of the vote.  Bad move!  Now you have just put an X on your back.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to change the tides.
9 8 Monica: Your closest ally is gone and you’re weak in challenges.  It’s only a matter of time.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 10
Russell H.: Oof…two weeks without new “Survivor” is far too much. When we last left off, Russell had managed to tip the scales in his direction. His new numbers advantage and his third (count ‘em!) immunity idol puts him on the top of this list.
2 8 Natalie: If anyone had the opportunity to join the 90210ers, it was Natalie. It looks like her loyalty to Russell has paid off. If Russell makes it to the end, look for Natalie to still be by his side.
3 6 Monica: I know what you’re saying, “Gordon, why are you ranking the lone member of the 90210ers so high?” Well, I’ll tell you. Now that she’s the last one left, she isn’t a threat to anyone. The more athletic members of Galu have bigger targets on their backs.
4 7 Jaison: If I had to guess how the rest of the game is going to play out, I’d assume we’ll see a final five of Foa Foa + Shambo and a final three of Russell, Shambo, and Natalie. Jaison should be safe for a while.
5 4 Shambo: I still can’t wrap my brain around Shambo being a power player in this game. If she could have kept her personal issues in check, she could’ve been a threat to take the whole thing. But, she’s rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
6 5 John: John’s flip two weeks ago may have earned him some favor among Foa Foa, but not enough to keep him around for too long.
7 3 Mick: At some point in this game, someone’s going to realize that there are still a lot of physical threats hanging around. Seriously, what’s stopping someone like Mick from rattling off a Colby-esque run of immunity wins?
8 2 Danger Dave: Dave seems to be playing a smart game. He hasn’t really offended anyone. But, I think that now that Laura’s gone he’s viewed as the de facto leader of the former Galu tribe.
9 1 Brett: Did you see the look on poor Brett’s face when he found out Laura was being targeted? It was like when I was four and I found out my sister had buried my security blanket in the backyard. Tie that loyalty in with being a physical threat and you probably end up with Russell’s next victim.

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 9

November 18, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 3 points and Gordon will receive 5 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Week: Kelly was reverse booted thanks to Russell’s magic immunity idol finding ability. This stunner earned Taj 4 points and Gordon a pathetic single point. The current score is now Taj: 102, Gordon: 109.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Dave: Dave made his first big mistake this week; he didn’t think of every avenue.  With Russell’s capabilities, he should’ve been prepared for him finding another HII.  There are cracks in his armor, but I like him.
2 2 Brett: This season is definitely the Russell H. show, but every now and then Brett will peek his head out for some air.  If Foa Foa continues to outsmart Galu he just might be in trouble.
3 3 John: See Brett!
4 7 Mick: I want to call him the “silent but deadly” type.  “Silent” but not so “deadly.”  Foa Foa is made up of some of the smartest people.  This is why they are surviving each week in the face of complete dominance.
5 10 Jaison: Jaison reminds me of myself at times.  We both look like we might do some serious damage at times in the competitions but really never do.  Lol!  I can throw someone around in the water and hold 100 lbs on my back, just don’t ask me to run two feet.  I would die, and so would Jaison!  He sucks at challenges, which makes him dependent on the rest of his tribe for help.  Not a good position to be in.
6 9 Shannon: It appears that Galu knows that Shambo is playing for the other team.  Luckily for her, the tribe is divided evenly now.   I want her to outwit her tribe.  They’ve never been very nice to my mullet-wearing Marine friend.
7 8 Natalie: Natalie is a little tough cookie with an incredible brave side.  I was so proud of the little southern belle for killing the rat and actually eating it.  She deserves to stay for that alone.
8 6 Monica: You’re seriously on borrowed time.  So please, whatever you do, don’t get comfortable.
9 5 Laura: Why are you being so mean?  Don’t you know that kindness will get you far in this game?  Clearly not!  You better keep winning challenges because I have a strong feeling Foa Foa wants to prove their loyalty to Shambo by scratching you first.
10 11 Russell H.: Darn, I love you!  You make me laugh so hard each week.  If you find one more HII I will personally give you a million dollars myself (don’t hold me to that, lol!).  Unfortunately, you are such a threat out there that the X on your back has grown into a permanent tattoo.  Continue to think one step ahead of Galu because they are right on your tail.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 3
Brett: I’m pretty sure Brett is going to be around next week. But, I thought the same think about Kelly, so how can you trust me? I’ll stick him first because if Foa Foa manages to pull off another miracle, then I’d assume Laura or Monica will go.
2 4 Danger Dave: Danger, buddy…you’re telling me that you think a man who found an immunity idol without a clue wouldn’t try to do it again? I’m ranking you high because I don’t think you’re a target, but you need to step up your game.
3 5 Mick: In any other season, Mick would have been one of the first people picked off after the merge. Not so, in this bizarro season. I don’t think he’s playing a good game, I just think don’t think anyone is worried about him.
4 7 Shannon: Think back to the first time you saw our dear Shambo. Did you ever think she’d be the fulcrum that would bring down a dominant tribe? And yet, here we are…
5 6 John: Sometimes I feel like John, Monica, and Russell are the only ones playing to win. And since John isn’t in anyone’s direct line of fire, he may be the favorite to take the whole thing.
6 8 Monica: Last week they were either going to reverse boot Kelly or Monica. They went with Kelly. This makes ZERO sense to me. Destroying Laura’s power base isn’t as important as taking out physically strong players.
7 11 Jaison: I talked to the lovely Kelly this past Friday, and she confirmed my suspicion that Jaison has totally checked out. If I were Galu I’d still try to get rid of him just in case he realizes how close he is to a million dollars.
8 2 Natalie: Galu knows that Natalie is Russell’s second in command. If Russell lands immunity or finds the immunity idol, she’s likely to be Galu’s target.
9 9 Laura: Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago they were teasing the LauRussell cross-tribe alliance? Now they hate each other and the game hinges on an immunity idol Easter egg hunt. I bet that alliance is looking really good to Laura right now.
10 10 Russell: Has there ever been a turnaround like this is “Survivor” history? The most hated player has become the most beloved. It’s like when “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan turned on the nWo. If Russell survives this week, he could go all the way. But at this point that’s a big “if.”

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 8

November 11, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 3 points and Gordon will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Week: Erik was voted out in a shocker earning Taj 5 points and Gordon 10 points. The current score is now Taj: 98, Gordon: 108.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2 Dave: I like this guy because he does just enough to make you love him without making you feel like he is going to vote for you.  The guys have Shambo in their corner as long as they need her.  I want Dave to take it.
2 3 Brett: Brett is a quiet threat.  He brought up the rear in the challenge to win immunity.  I loved it!  If the guys can stick together until the final four, I can totally see Dave and Brett sitting side by side for the million bucks.
3 7 John: John is beginning to show his competitive side.  But he’s too easily swayed.  Russell had him wrapped around his fingers.  If the guys’ alliance holds true, poor John will probably be the first to go.
4 9 Kelly: Kelly is just following the pack.  I’m still waiting to see her come out of her shell.  I want to know why she has all of those tattoos.  I was hoping to see more mischief from her.  She’s safe for now.  Galu needs to take out the rest of Foa Foa or be picked off one by one.
5 8 Laura: This lady has to play her game a little more cautiously.  She’s picking unnecessary fights with Shambo and has created an alliance with Russell.  The person who now has a mark on his head.  She might become an easy blindside.
6 12 Monica: The only thing helping Monica stay in this game is the fact that her tribe is the dominant tribe.  But the guys on her tribe want to lose her immediately.  Hopefully, she’ll stop playing the baby role and step up to the plate but I doubt it.
7 6 Mick: I really want him to stay in the game a little longer.  I was very impressed when Foa Foa stepped up and was able to vote out one of the Galu tribe.  It made me think of me, Stephen & JT going into the merge down 6-3.  If they can work some magic, anything’s possible.
8 4 Natalie: Natalie seems like she might have made a cool friendship with the ladies of the Galu tribe.  The only problem with that is everyone knows that she and Russell have an alliance.  She should stay with the ladies of Galu to hopefully avoid being voted out sooner than later.
9 11 Shannon: She’s the leader of her tribe but the guys are calling her shots.  Laura will definitely aim for her head during the next tribal council for sure.  Shambo’s best bet is to really try to bond with her guys to remove the other girls.  Otherwise, she’ll be sitting on the jury.
10 10 Jaison: His days are numbered.  I loved him in the beginning but after his incessant complaining and ability to give up when things aren’t going his way, I just can’t stand behind him.  I wish him good luck but at the rate at which he’s playing, it’s just a matter of time.
11 1 Russell H.: I wish I could say I’m shocked that Russell impatiently offered his HII.  I wish I could say that I didn’t think Galu would catch on to his antics.  I wish I could say that he thought of everything and everyone in advance but I can’t because he didn’t.  When he gave up the HII he snuffed his torch himself.  If Russell isn’t voted out this week I will be shocked!

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2
Kelly: What happened?! I go away from one week and the game is all topsy-turvy. Who’s safe? I don’t know, probably Kelly. Has anyone ever gone this deep in the show without saying more than three lines? She’s like a ninja.
2 3 Natalie: OK, so a lot of these picks are going to be based on how safe I think someone is rather than how well they’re playing, but don’t be mistaken, Natalie is playing a much stronger game then anyone realizes. She’s a sleeper.
3 1 Brett: How far ahead is our buddy Brett thinking things? He obviously planned ahead enough to know the Samoan word for “Extended Family.” I wonder how you say “Under the Radar” in Samoan?
4 4 Dave: Oh, sweet irony. Danger Dave is perfectly safe. Even if the other factions turn on the former Galu males (and I think the former Galutians are more likely to go after Foa Foaicans now), he’ll still be OK for a while.
5 8 Mick: Who would have ever thought Mick would be this much of a follower? It seems to be working for him though. He’s higher in the pecking order than Jaison and Russell right now.
6 9 John: What do you know? Brain Rocket Science Surgeons are pretty good at “Survivor.” John was smart enough to see which way the wind was changing and went with it. That’s a sign of a very smart player.
7 6 Shambo: Who was the only person who didn’t vote with the majority last week? Our beloved Shambo. If the 90210ers continue to hold their “Mean Girls” grudge, she could be on her way to eat with the art freaks. Too obscure?
8 11 Monica: I’m torn between Laura and Monica. The men know they need to get rid of one of them, and came close to getting rid of Laura last week before she won immunity. So, I’m picking Monica to last longer.
9 7 Laura: It’s weird to have someone with as much power as her this low in the rankings. I think it’s going to depend on if Galu starts working together.
10 5 Russell H.: Boy, the previews sure are acting like Evil Russell’s number is up. It’s for this reason, and this reason alone that I think he’s safe. But, I’m not willing to bet a ton of points on this, so I’m keeping him low.
11 12 Jaison: I said last week that he’d be the biggest merge target and I was kind of right. I think Galu might be thinking they can pick off Russell at any time now that he’s used the HII, but will need to get rid of Jaison before he starts winning challenges.

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Week 7

November 5, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 7 points and Gordon will receive 9 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion and be presented with the coveted Golden Probsty Award.

Last Week: Elizabeth Kim was the last person voted out before the merge earning Taj 13 points and Gordon 12 points. The current score is now Taj: 93, Gordon: 98.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Russell H.: This guy is crazy enough to pull off an upset and win the whole thing with his evil strategy. Naturally, I’m a fan of the cross-tribe alliance thing. I hope it works out for them. Someone should be able to do it successfully. Now that everyone is on their own out there I think someone might catch on to his antics.
2 2 Dave: This guy is the silent-but-deadly type. I think he is so low on everyone else’s worry meter that he could very well coast right to the finale. If he remains silent while pulling Shambo’s strings, I can definitely see him in the final four.
3 3 Brett: Brett is another low threat. The guys in the Galu tribe do not appear to be flashy but they are working the girls over in their tribe. For the first time, I want to see an all male alliance. The women are a little slow out there.
4 5 Natalie: Coast, coast, coast! Coast until you can’t coast anymore. Clearly, she’s not a strategic player but she has managed to keep her “dumb-ass girl” alliance with Russell. Even though Liz was clearly the stronger competitor her alliance kept her in the game. Good for you!
5 6 Erik: I love Erik. But his mouth is going to be the death of him. He might not be the first to go but unless he can win some new friends or use his HII when it counts, Russell might be able to pull off an upset and have him voted out.
6 7 Mick: He’s so sweet. He’s silent, but not deadly. There’s no way Galu will hold onto too many of the Foa Foa tribe. He just might be the last to go if he’s really nice.
7 8 John: He’s so lucky that his tribe is dominant. He’s safe because of the numbers. The only thing that can hurt him now is if Galu implodes and decide to get rid of their own before the enemy.
8 4 Laura: I think the only thing that will save her next week are the numbers and possibly Russell. She’s on the chopping block with Shambo but Laura’s tribe is dominant. By the looks of next week, everyone’s gunning for everyone. Laura should watch her back.
9 9 Kelly: This girl has to step it up. It’s time for some individuality. Otherwise, without immunity she could be the second or third jury member.
10 10 Jaison: Now he has a new lease on the game. He has to show some spunk and stop crying. He can’t keep complaining about how he hates losing. His whole tribe would be willing to vote him out to save themselves. He needs to show his athleticism in the challenges.
11 12 Shannon: I hope the guys can come together to save Shambo for the jury. She’s being used and doesn’t have a clue. Bless her heart. You have to love her.
12 11 Monica: Monica was saved last week by Russell’s illness. This week her own tribe is talking about getting rid of her. Since Galu has the numbers and the rest of Foa Foa doesn’t want to leave. I see them getting what they want by sending Monica home.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 3
Brett: Yikes, merge week is the toughest to predict. So, instead of “Who’s playing the best game,” I’m going with “Who’s going to be here next week.” If the 90210ers team up with Foa Foa to go after the male portion of Galu, I think Brett will be safe.
2 6 Kelly: Going with the same logic as above; I think if the 90210ers are the target that Monica or Laura will be the first ones to go.
3 10 Natalie: As the member of Foa Foa who is the least likely to be an immunity challenge threat, I see Natalie as the safest from her old tribe. Jaison or Mick are sure to go way before her.
4 2 Dave: Same deal as with Brett. If the 90210ers team with Foa Foa, then John and Erik are more likely to be their targets. Dave’s safe for now.
5 1 Russell H.: I’d like to think that Russell wouldn’t be a big target heading into the merge, but you never know when people are going to try to flush out a hidden immunity idol.
6 13 Shannon: For as misguided of a game as I think Shambo has been playing, I think she’s safe for a while. She has the guys on her side and Foa Foa seems to be fond of her as well.
7 4 Laura: LauRussell doesn’t seem as likely as last week’s preview made it seem. She seemed to think of it more as a possible avenue than a definite plan of attack. I doubt she’ll go for it unless the Galu men make a move to get rid of Monica.
8 7 Mick: A strong male on the tribe with the least amount of people? Yup, Mick could be in a lot of trouble. However, I think Jaison is a bigger target than Mick is.
9 9 John: John has a strong voice within the male Galu alliance, and if he’s viewed as a threat by the 90210ers/Foa Foa remnants, he could be on the chopping block.
10 5 Erik: Does anyone on Galu know that Erik has the hidden immunity idol? If they do, Erik could be a blindside target.
11 11 Monica: The male Galu alliance (we need a better name for them, any ideas?) has been gunning for Monica for a while. This merge could be their best shot.
12 8 Jaison: The preview didn’t hint at Jaison. However, I have my PhD in “Survivor” history. And that advanced degree tells me the strongest player on the weakest tribe is often the first to go.

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Round 6

October 28, 2009

Welcome to “Pre-Show Smack Talk with Taj and Gordon”

Gordon: So, now that I have a commanding lead, I’m prepared to discuss the stakes of this competition.
Taj: That doesn’t seem fair!
Gordon: How about the winner gets to sing with S.W.V.?
Taj: I can think of a couple people who might have a problem with that.
Gordon: Fine…fine…how about the winner gets Eddie George’s 1995 Heisman Trophy award?
Taj: I can think of one person who would DEFINITELY have a problem with that.
Gordon: Alright, you drive a tough bargain. How about the winner of the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge will receive the coveted Golden Probsty Award?
Taj: I love it!

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 8 points and Gordon will receive 9 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Russell Swan’s medical problem forced him out of the game earning both Taj and Gordon 13 points. The current score is now Taj: 80, Gordon: 86.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Russell H: Everyone thinks that Russell is evil and crazy. I like the guy! He’s a man after my own heart, at least the nice side of my heart. Lol! He’s playing the game like a pro. He’s sent more than half of his own tribe packing at will and now it looks like he’s creating a cross tribe alliance before the merge. I hope his works better than mine did. I don’t see him winning it all but I totally see him in the final four.
2 3 Dave: My heart aches for Russell S. and Galu. The passion and fight seemed to increase at tribal council. It seems like he will want someone like Shambo to be the new leader because she will be easy to manipulate. He will be calling the shots with Shambo as a cover. Great idea!
3 4 Brett: Quiet and cute. That’s all I have on this guy. He’s good in challenges but doesn’t really say much. There’s no reason to put him low on the list.
4 6 Laura: I have a love/hate relationship with Laura. She’s an older woman hanging in there. Naturally, I like her. I just want her to be creative. I want to see where the Russell/Laura alliance will go. I hope she doesn’t try to play the mother role with him.
5 14 Natalie: Natalie, Natalie, Natalie! Russell was definitely in your corner last week. He was ready to turn the whole tribe against Liz to save you. Do you ever wonder why? Your tribe is down to 5 people and you’re the weakest. Start thinking about the future girlie.
6 2 Erik: Does Erik understand choose your battles wisely? I was crushed when Russell S. had to leave the game. I was fired up and ready for battle right along with the Galu tribe. Did you hear me shouting it out? NO! He completely alienated Foa Foa by talking so much trash. Who cares what they were saying. They have 5 tribe members left. He’ll really need that HII once the merge happens.
7 9 Mick: Maybe Foa Foa should elect a new leader also. It’s as if Mick was medevac’d on the first day. His tribe loses everything. There are no pep talks for his tribe from him. Nothing! Bless his heart!
8 5 John: I’m ready for John to say something clever about science and physics for me. I want to laugh about something else other than him. He’s riding the wave of a strong tribe. I’m bored!
9 7 Kelly: See John but replace “science and physics” with something about her tattoos. Still bored!
10 10 Jaison: Jaison has been quiet for the past two weeks. Good for him. His tribe thinks he’s an asset for challenges that they consistently lose. Good for him. I’ll say more about him once the tribes merge. There’s really nothing he can do but wait at this point.
11 8 Monica: If Russell did not become sick would it have been over for Monica? Probably. I would’ve been torn after a week’s worth of rain knowing that Russell chose blankets for the girls. Hell, I was mad at all of the girls for choosing blankets & pillows over a tarp. What the hell is wrong with them?
12 12 Shannon: I really want her to pull a pimp move and outsmart her tribe but I know it will never happen. She’s too much of a sweet Marine. A really tough lady without an evil bone in her body.
13 11 Elizabeth: The only reason I have Liz at the bottom is because of her tribe’s losing trend. If Foa Foa loses again and if Russell has his way, she will be out of there for no other reason than she has three ivy-league degrees. She’s too tough and smart for her own good.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1
Russell H.: Last season it looked like Brendan was going to start a cross-tribe alliance with my lovely competition Taj, but it never really came to fruition. This season it looks like Russell and Laura might pull it off. I still don’t think Russell can win, but he’s five steps ahead of everyone else.
2 4 Brett: Yeah, Brett hasn’t said very much. But on the other hand he hasn’t gone off on a tirade against Foa Foa at tribal council. So, he has that going for him.
3 2 Dave: I’m not quite sure what to make of Dave and John acting like they want to align with Shambo. It can’t be real, can it? Either way, I like it because it shows they’re thinking outside of the box.
4 5 Laura: Russell S. called Laura a “Master Manipulator” when we spoke last Friday and from the looks of her pact with Russell H., he may have been dead on. If this doesn’t come back to bite her, she could be the dominant force in the post-merge tribe.
5 3 Erik: Erik is a strong, smart player. He has a hidden immunity idol and seems to be in good with the rest of Galu. However, that speech last week in front of Foa Foa was extremely short-sighted.
6 9 Kelly: I give Kelly grief because we don’t hear much from her, but being the middle person in an alliance can be a sweet gig. She’s not next on the chopping block, and she won’t be the first to go if there’s any kind of backstabbing.
7 7 Mick: What has Middle-of-the-Pack Mick done in this game? Sure he’s safe now, but he and Jaison have to be the favorites to be the first people voted out after the merge.
8 11 Jaison: I hope Jaison is feeling better now that the weather has improved. But like I said in Mick’s entry, I doubt he’s going to be around much longer.
9 8 John: So, John is smart enough to realize that they need to separate Laura and Monica, but not smart enough to see that Shambo would be a big problem when the tribe’s merge?
10 6 Natalie: Russell H. says she’s safe, but we’ve heard that song and dance from Russell before. I actually believe him in this case as I think he’s going to need her vote down the line.
11 10 Monica: She seems to be the low woman on the 90210ers totem pole. If John isn’t just playing Shambo (and I’m not convinced he isn’t) Monica could be the next to go.
12 14 Elizabeth: The choice between Elizabeth and Natalie boils down to Elizabeth being better at challenges and Natalie being in Evil Russell’s pocket. So, while Elizabeth may be more valuable now, Natalie will be more valuable later. My money’s on Elizabeth going first.
13 12 Shannon: I don’t understand how Shambo got this far in the game. The 90210ers clearly don’t like her and I’m pretty sure John and the other guys are setting her up somehow. If she can make the merge she could make a run, but I don’t see that happening.

The ‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings: Round 4

October 14, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 4 points and Gordon will receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Yasmin was sent home earning Taj 11 points and Gordon 13 points. The current score is now Taj: 54, Gordon: 58.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 3 Erik: Now that the tables have turned I have so much to say and I’m excited! Not only do I love Erik’s name but I love his quiet will to play the game. I love the fact that he is thinking about HIIs and new strategies. He has shown his physical strength from day one and now he’s thinking. Always a plus! I really believe that he can outwit, outplay, and outlast Evil Russell now. Go Erik!
2 2 Russell H.: Nothing has changed for me with Russell. I think he’s in control of his tribe 85% of the time. When he isn’t he simply makes a small adjustment until he can regain his control. I still think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of his tribe figures out his strategy. Until then, I’m going to ride with Evil Russell.
3 6 Dave: I like him because he reminds me so much of Coach (Tocantins). I thought for sure that Galu was in trouble until he played his last ball. He’s competitive and quiet. Notice I love the quiet angle? He’s an asset to any tribe so I expect he’ll be around deep into the merge.
4 7 John: I didn’t really care for his rationale during the last tribal council. I see Galu losing a few more challenges because the men are not thinking about the long term. Monica is weak in challenges and Shambo (bless her heart) is not a good team player that loses part of the food supply and equipment. Why would you vote out someone so early who is actually contributing in challenges? Now I get to reflect back on the “wind direction” comments. It just made no sense to me at all. But he’s safe for now.
5 5 Brett: See John.
6 4 Russell S.: The tribe basically said that they didn’t give a damn about what he thinks. He decided to vote for strength and the rest of the tribe decided to vote for friends (I wish my alliance thought that way about me). His control is waning over the tribe. He should really sleep with one eye open. Since he does help out significantly in the challenges he’ll probably make the merge but I don’t think he will be able to win.
7 13 Mick: Finally a win! This will help him out significantly. The win should buy Mick enough time to allow him to create more bonds with the rest of the guys on his tribe. He might even be able to talk some sense into one of the women to be able to make a run once they merge.
8 1 Jaison: He’s happy when he’s winning but a major complainer when he’s losing. Evil Russell has his eye on him also. I think after the tribes merge It’s “Bye bye, Jaison.” I’m sad because he was my favorite until I heard his constant complaining.
9 14 Elizabeth: Still I haven’t seen any reason to believe that she really has three degrees (yes, I’m still stuck on that!). She’s physical in the challenges that her tribe has lost but I haven’t seen her strategic side yet. I just wish I could crack her open to find anything strategic about her.
10 15 Natalie: Her tribe has finally won a challenge. She’s safe until they begin to lose again. Integrity will only take you so far. Step it up woman! Get your pretty head into the game.
11 8 Laura: I understand wanting to save your friend but the game is still so early. The tribe lost that challenge after having so much momentum because of Monica. Now you have not only showed your loyalty to the rest of your tribe but also showed that you’re not thinking rationally. The women on this tribe are really there to get a tan and nothing else. They will never make the merge if Galu goes on a losing string.
12 9 Kelly: See Laura.
13 16 Ashley: In the event that Foa Foa loses again, she better hope that there are a few people on her tribe that want to fight for her to stay like Monica had. Otherwise, she will be going home soon.
14 12 Shannon: She was able to buy herself another week. Between the lost chicken, the lost fishing equipment, and her unwillingness to participate in yoga coupled with your mood swings, your tribe is ready to get rid of you. Start to blend in a little more or else.
15 10 Monica: Monica won the fight this week, but if Galu continues to lose challenges, especially if she is the reason again, not even her Charlie’s Angels will be able to save her. Smooches!

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1
Russell H.: Last week was rough. With Galu losing immunity, I missed out on my weekly huge heaping helping of all things Russell. I’ll just assume he was over at Foa Foa kicking puppies and smacking orphans.
2 3 Dave: Is Dave really running things for his tribe? Too early to tell. But, if I had to guess (and while I don’t have to, I’m going to) I’d say he’s probably the one pulling the strings at Galu.
3 2 Erik: Sure, Erik has the other hidden immunity idol, but how trusted is he around Galu? If Yasmin is to be believed, several people are on to his shiftiness.
4 4 Brett: While I did enjoy getting to know Galu last week, I still don’t have much of a grasp on Brett. Is it right to assume he’s being led around by his elders, or is he breaking out on his own?
5 6 Laura: Laura is quickly emerging as my favorite to win the whole thing. All she has to do is hang on until the merge and she can coast for a while. Keep an eye on Laura. I know I’ve said “Keep an eye on” about a dozen players, but this time I really mean it.
6 8 Kelly: We still haven’t learned much about Kelly, so I’m going to use this opportunity to discuss the Dave/Kelly/Laura/Monica alliance that is going on. Anyone else think the 90210-ers are going to steamroll Foa Foa after the merge?
7 10 John: Still not much from John, but there are way more likely candidates to be booted from Galu before him, so we’ll put him in the middle of the pack this week.
8 5 Russell S.: Apparently a huge storm hits Samoa in this next episode. Sure would have been nice for Galu to have a tarp. Russell S. takes this leader thing seriously. And the decision to go with comfort over utility could come back to bite him.
9 11 Mick: Ah…middle-of-the-road Mick. Athletic enough to be an asset during challenges, not bright enough to see that Evil Russell is leading him around. He’ll be fine till the merge then booted shortly afterward.
10 14 Natalie: If you think I’m going to rank Natalie much higher because of her newly discovered alliance with Evil Russell, you’re wrong. Being in an alliance with him hasn’t been much help to anyone thus far…just ask Betsy.
11 9 Monica: Do I think Monica is in trouble because she had trouble on the rope bridge? Nope. I’m betting she’s a part of some kind of Dave/Laura/Kelly alliance.
12 12 Jaison: Kicking Jaison out of the game when your tribe needs challenges to survive would be team suicide. But, I wouldn’t put it past Jaison to lay his torch down and quit. He does not seem happy out there, and the upcoming storm could push him over the edge.
13 7 Elizabeth: If this week’s preview is to be trusted (and it’s often misleading) then Elizabeth is headed into a confrontation with Evil Russell. We know how well that worked out for Marisa.
14 15 Shannon: The only person besides Yasmin to vote against the tribe was our buddy Shambo. Not a good sign. That, and losing a chicken and breaking the fishing gear are sure to make her the next to go home from Galu.
15 16 Ashley: Not much new from Ashley this week, but I stand by my belief that she’s the next to go the next time Foa Foa drops an immunity challenge.

The ‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings: Round 3

October 7, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the amount of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 7 points and Gordon will receive 10 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Ben got the boot earning Taj 17 points and Gordon 12 points. The current score is now Taj: 43, Gordon: 45.

Before we get into this week’s rankings, we’re thinking of making this a little more interesting. Any thoughts on what Gordon and Taj should be playing for?

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Jaison: After taking a stand against Ben last week Jaison has earned my respect. After watching the first two shows I thought he was cool but now I think he’s amazing. The only thing that concerns me is his ability to throw in the towel so quickly. Next week’s preview makes him look like a chronic complainer which can get someone kicked out quickly in this game. Be careful, Jaison.
2 2 Russell H.: Russell changed his strategy so quickly in the last episode I felt like I had whiplash. Nice! So far, the only mistake I can see from Russell is his ability to pull out his HII for everyone to gain leverage. Eventually people will talk. There might be cracks in Evil Russell’s armor. Next week makes it look like Jaison and Russell will go at it. This match up was coming sooner or later especially if Foa Foa keeps losing.
3 4 Erik: He’s a guy on a winning team. There’s not much we’ve seen from him other than his ability to put the smackdown on Foa Foa. He was really not happy with Russell S’s choice in the challenge. I don’t think I was too happy with it either.
4 3 Russell S.: I love him to death BUT what in the world was he thinking leaving that tarp at the challenge? Dude, it’s going to rain and hard! I wonder if he’s ever watched the show before? Winning might be clouding his judgment. I still like him in the long run because he’s tough.
5 5 Brett: Other than Shambo, no one from the Galu tribe has had any problems since day one. The only problem now for them is what to do when it rains. Oh yeah, their leader left a perfectly good tarp at the challenge. Somebody might be in trouble. At least it’s not Brett.
6 6 Dave: Again, somebody’s pissed off about that tarp. You can kind of see a theme here. There’s nothing else to talk about.
7 10 John: See Dave.
8 7 Laura: Since the Galu tribe seems to win everything it seems impossible to get to know these women. “Pretty”, “likes doing yoga”, “enjoys pretending to be ‘Charlie’s Angels’” and “loves comfort items over a water-blocking tarp” is about the extent of it. I can’t believe that all of the women on the Galu tribe preferred comfort items instead of a dry tarp while living in the wild with nothing for 39 days. Maybe it won’t rain….sike! Clearly, pretty doesn’t always equate to sense. I have to say, I want the Galu tribe to lose the next challenge so I can have something really funny to say about them next week. I’m crossing my fingers!
9 8 Kelly: See Laura.
10 9 Monica: See Kelly.
11 11 Yasmin: See Monica. It also amazes me how this girl is so quiet with her tribe but destroys her social game in one visit with the other tribe. She’s not worried about a merge.
12 12 Shannon: She has already reached the breaking point with her tribe. Even with Russell S’s decision to go with the comfort items, Shambo will probably get the vote before him if the Galu tribe loses the next immunity challenge.
13 13 Mick: He’s such a sweet guy. I think he really believes that he has something with Evil Russell since he has seen his HII. That security will go right out of the window once he finds out that Russell has been showing everyone. Foa Foa needs to win a challenge or it will just be a matter of time before he is voted out.
14 14 Elizabeth: I’m slightly disappointed in Liz. With all of her degrees, Foa Foa has yet to win a challenge. All of them have had a puzzle of some sort that she hasn’t been able to figure out. My Stephen (from Tocantins) has one degree from Yale and he was amazing with puzzles. He was able to come from behind to win immunity by assigning numbers to letters to solve a puzzle in one of our challenges. That’s the kind of greatness I want to see from Liz. Step it up, woman!
15 15 Natalie: She was great in tribal council. I love the way she was able to stay neutral in the midst of so much tension. Good call because Evil Russell is still in the game.
16 16 Ashley: She was able to avoid the torch this time but unless her tribe can find a way to win a challenge she could very well be next on the chopping block. The women are not playing the game aggressively. Ashley needs to make a major move next week. Maybe she should reach out to Jaison for help. I’m almost positive that she won’t.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2
Russell H.: Evil Russell showed me he is capable of letting his ego take a backseat when he agreed with Jaison to vote Ben off. People may be sick of seeing him, but the truth is he’s playing this game on a different level than everyone else.
2 6 Erik: You know how you know Foa Foa is in trouble? Galu managed to win last week’s challenge without Brett and Erik. Erik’s best bet in this game is eventually going to involve a Colby Donaldson-esque immunity challenge run. I wouldn’t bet against him.
3 4 Dave: I think Dave could be the low-key, non-threatening, nice guy who silently leads a powerful alliance into the merge. Keep your eye on him.
4 3 Brett: Now that Brett’s chi has been harnessed during some Samoan yoga, who’s going to rattle him if Galu ever goes to tribal council? My main question surrounding Brett: how hard is it to be a t-shirt designer? Two holes for your arms, one for your head and you’re done. Oh…the funny logos and sayings that go on them. Yeah, that makes way more sense.
5 1 Russell S.: Russell made his first mistake in the game picking the blankets and towels over the tarps and the tools. Will this cost him the game? Of course not.
6 5 Laura: With all of the youngsters over at Galu, Laura would be smart to play a Mom role. Tina Wesson proved that position can be carried all the way to a million-dollar check.
7 7 Elizabeth: If Liz is smart (and…she is) she’s got to see that Evil Russell is running Foa Foa. If she just lays low and does as he says, she’s a cinch to make the merge. And from there, she can become a free agent.
8 10 Kelly: The more I see of Kelly the more I like her (get your minds out of the gutter). She did a very good job defending during last week’s challenge. She could be a threat in the second half of the game.
9 11 Monica: A Tip From Your Uncle Gordon: As soon as an episode of “Survivor” features more than 3 minutes with Galu, you know they’re going to lose the challenge. What does this have to do with Kelly? Not much, I just don’t know enough about her to write anything else.
10 14 John: Has John said anything stupid since his “Wind Resistance” comment? I feel bad judging him based on one comment that was made three weeks ago.
11 9 Mick: Mick seems to be playing a low-key game, which is odd for someone with his looks and size. I don’t see him lasting long, because the Foa Foa members who have left the game haven’t spoken very highly of him.
12 8 Jaison: Good for Jaison for getting rid of Ben last week, but his little stratagem shows me that winning the game isn’t the most important thing to him. He’s gone shortly after a merge.
13 13 Yasmin: Nothing new from Yasmin this week, but I can’t imagine her attitude has been a big hit over at Galu.
14 15 Natalie: The big question that I have about Natalie is this: Is she smartly playing Evil Russell by not expressing her opinion, or does she just have no opinion?
15 16 Shannon: Anyone finding irony in the fact that the person who least gets along with the “90210 Alliance” is someone named Shannon? (OK, maybe it should be “Shannen.” OK, maybe the whole joke was flawed from the start. OK, back to “Rambo” jokes next week.) That being said, she could do well in a merge with how well she got along with Foa Foa.
16 17 Ashley: It can’t feel good to know if your tribe loses another challenge you’ll be the next to go. It must feel worse when your tribe is batting .000 in immunity challenges.

The ‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Round 2

September 30, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the amount of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 10 points and Gordon will receive 14 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Mike was taken out of the game for medical reasons, earning both Taj and Gordon 19 points. Also, Betsy was voted out by Foa Foa earning Taj 7 points and Gordon 14 points. The current score is now Taj: 26, Gordon: 33.

Betting on the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge is strongly discouraged.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1
Jaison: I like his quiet, but firm demeanor.  He has actually acquired the “trust” of Evil Russell for NOW.   He could possibly have the ability to blindside Evil Russell and take control of his tribe.  I wonder if he’ll follow his instincts and get rid of Evil Russell before Evil Russell decides to get rid of him.  Notice how everything concerns Evil Russell?
2 2 Russell H.: Did anybody see the same “Survivor: Samoa” Preview that I did?  Is everyone on the Foa Foa Tribe a little slow?  Russell told them blatantly that he was “searching for an idol.”  One of the twists on this season’s show is that there are two idols, one for each tribe, but they are hidden in the other tribe’s camp.  Hence, Yasmin was chosen to go over to the other camp for no apparent reason with a note.  Even if Evil Russell decides to use the idol, is he really safe?  But give the guy credit for his honesty after lying about Hurricane Katrina.
3 5 Russell S.: Good Russell pulled out a can of “whoop a–“ during that last challenge.  He’s Galu’s chosen leader, and is leading by example.  Since Galu seems to be cleaning up on all of the challenges, he is so safe!
4 4 Erik: He was so tough in the last challenge.  I can’t believe he’s from California.  He reminds me of a New Yorker with his strength and swagger.  It must be the bartender in him.  Lol!  I wish we could see more of him.  In fact, I want to see more of Galu period!
5 8 Brett: He was strong in the challenge.  Keep him for now.  Especially since this tribe seems to have brought a good luck charm with them to the island.  Between Evil Russell and Foa Foa losing every week, I barely know the Galu Tribe.
6 6 Dave: He sort of looks like Coach to me with the hair.  Still not enough information to comment.
7 14 Laura: The girl can shoot the long ball.  I want to see more!
8 9 Kelly: I want to see more!
9 13 Monica: See Kelly.
10 16 John: If I had to get rid of one of these guys it would be him.  He seems whine-y and too cute to get dirty.
11 12 Yasmin: Wow!  I thought that maybe with a strong alliance you could go far.  I was wrong.  What can I say?  I want to try, “Shut the hell up!”  Who are you to come into someone else’s camp insulting them and yelling?  You clearly want to go home.  Other than tribal council where you had no choice, did I see you really search for the idol or observing Foa Foa’s camp to take back vital information?  No!  You could have really sealed your fate in a good way with a better attitude.  If you make it to the merge your only hope is that your tribe is dominant.
12 10 Shannon: I really want to like you.  You’re making it really hard though.  With your mullet and headband I thought for sure you would be a blast.  You have to know that with your behavior, if your tribe loses, you’re on the chopping block for sure.  They haven’t seen Yasmin freak out completely yet.  Just you.  Work on your attitude.  The only reason I don’t have her lower on this scale is because her tribe keeps winning.  Lucky Shambo!
13 3 Mick: What a guy.  I love him but he’s not very aggressive.  What in the world were they thinking making him the leader?  Oh yeah, he is very handsome!  Hopefully, he and Jaison will come together and take over the tribe.  If not, the girls might take him.  Lol!
14 11 Elizabeth: Nice girl, too damn smart!  I’m still stuck on the three degrees.  The women in this tribe better start thinking for themselves.  God forbid if they continue to lose.  They will be picked off one by one or however Evil Russell wants them out of there.
15 15 Natalie: A cute, quiet follower.  Probably won’t make it to the merge if her tribe continues to lose.
16 18 Ashley: She needs to toughen up a bit.  She’s not asserting her personality enough to be taken seriously.
17 17 Ben: I want to believe he’s not truly a racist pig but “Survivor” doesn’t provide the castaways with a script.  That’s all him!  Granted, Yasmin is a loud mouth but his comments were completely unnecessary.  He needs to be voted out – those people have enough to deal with out there already without his primitive, racist comments adding fuel to the fire.  Yasmin is better than me.  Jeff, I wish I could see the extra footage of that tribal council.  I know you ripped him a new one!

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1
Good Russell S.: Now, this might just be a rumor…but I’ve heard there’s a second tribe lurking somewhere in Samoa. Surely whoever is running that tribe is doing a fantastic job keeping ten people under the radar. If that person existed, they would surely deserve this week’s top spot.
2 2 Evil Russell H.: Love him or hate him, you have to admit Evil Russell has Foa Foa wrapped around his stubby finger. Add to that the tenacity to find an immunity idol without a clue and you’ve got a dangerous player. I can’t put him higher than Good Russell though, because he’s going to be at a serious numbers disadvantage when they merge.
3 4 Brett: Between having strong guys like Brett and having…you know…socks, I don’t see why Galu won’t continue to dominate the immunity challenges.
4 6 Dave: If you paid super close attention to last week’s episode, you may have seen Dave say something. In those brief sentences, he appeared to be witty and well liked. That’s really all I have to go on. That and he’s part of the yoga quartet they teased during the promo. Ask Ace Gordon from Gabon and Coach from Tocantins how far yoga will get you in this game.
5 8 Laura: Hysterical dissing of Shambo + being able to sink a shot from three-point range during the challenge = high place in the Power Rankings. Hey, when you make your own power rankings you can make your own rules.
6 7 Erik: I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but Erik was the man during the immunity challenge. He sunk a shot, he was physically imposing in the brawl, he didn’t steal anyone’s girlfriend…well done.
7 5 Elizabeth: Liz seems to be playing a very smart game. She’s contributing during challenges, being a good soldier, and not making any waves. If she gets to the merge, she might become a force to be reckoned with.
8 3 Jaison: This week’s preview seemed to hint at Jaison turning on Evil Russell. Or, was that just an editing trick? He said it’s either “Him or me.” But he doesn’t say who the “Him” is. I’m thinking that “Him” is probably Ben.
9 9 Mick: Mick reminds me of Dan from “Survivor: Gabon.” He’s in good shape, he seems like a nice guy, but he doesn’t seem to really be connecting with any of his tribe mates. I think he’s done once the tribes merge.
10 12 Kelly: OK, this was a joke last week, but seriously how am I supposed to rank people who have little to no screen time? I know the “Adventures of Evil Russell” is extremely entertaining, but it’s gotten to the point where it obvious Foa Foa is going to lose immunity because we haven’t been shown anything from Galu.
11 13 Monica: There’s a bit of a problem. I professed my love for Laura thinking she was wearing the awesome 80s socks in my recap. Upon further review, it was Monica. Now I’m torn between Laura’s wit and Monica’s socks. Can you tell I’m scrambling to find things to say about the contestants who have no screen time?
12 17 Ben: It kind of amazes me in this age of media awareness that someone would go on national television and make unfortunate comments that could haunt him after the show. That being said, I think Evil Russell likes having Ben around to take the heat off of him.
13 10 Yasmin: Let’s see…Emmy-winner Jeff Probst gives you a chance to visit the opposing tribe, what do you do? Create alliances? Gather information?  Nope, you call a meeting where you put all of them down and pick a fight with their resident hothead. However, the fact that Good Russell sent her in the first place might mean they have some kind of early alliance. Or, he was sick of listening to her too.
14 15 John: Not much from John this week, but he should be concerned that Galu’s dominance is making it so immunity strength isn’t an important factor. If he’s still annoying them, he could be on the chopping block.
15 11 Natalie: I think everyone who is on Foa Foa that isn’t a physical threat needs to be on full alert. Betsy was a valuable member of the tribe, but was sent home because she couldn’t contribute in challenges…or so Evil Russell would have us believe.
16 18 Shannon: C’mon, Shambo! What they call hell, you call home! I’ve got enough stupid “Rambo” references to last the entire season, but they’ll all go to waste if you keep doing things like breaking the fishing equipment.
17 16 Ashley: Ashley’s in the same boat as Natalie, but Ashley doesn’t seem to tow the Evil Russell line the way the rest of the tribe does. I think that’s enough of a reason for her to be the next on Evil Russell’s hit list.

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