‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame Ballot – Producer Jesse Jensen

As a member of the exclusive Executive Voting Committee, Jesse Jensen (along with Jeff Probst and other “Survivor” luminaries) have an awesome responsibility. Their votes will make up 50% of the final tally for entry into the prestigious ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame. The other 50% will come from “Survivor” fans like you.

Jesse Jensen has been with “Survivor” since 2000 working his way up from Art Department to Art Director to Producer. His creativity allows for some of the most visually stunning Tribal Councils that set the stage for those great dramatic moments that we love so much.

It was surprisingly difficult to choose a top five and I’m sure I have left out a few great players. Also some people were great one season then average the next. Anyways, here are five contestants who I consider great players. I tried to judge on overall game play…

Parvati Shallow: Great female player who always used her female attributes to her advantage, never claiming them as a disadvantage. She was also one of the best overall competitors in challenges, covering a broad range of both physical and mental skills. She has an extremely good sense of strategy and game play and always seems to just keep moving on through the game with a grin on her face, maneuvering quite well even under extreme pressure. Plus, she looks great in a bikini!

“Boston” Rob Mariano: Triple threat. He has the gift of the gab which helps him implement his great sense of strategy. He is a motivated player in camp life and a powerhouse in challenges being quite a sportsman and one of the best puzzle solvers we have ever had on the show…and who can resist that charm!

Russell Hantz: Well as much as we all love to hate him, Russell is undoubtedly one of the best players to play “Survivor” to date. He just can’t seem to grasp the idea of Jury management. I had to include him as I think he has changed the way contestants now play “Survivor.” He took things to the next level, although I do think he has a huge flaw in the way he plays. He is still a great player…just not a winner. However that man can sniff out a hidden immunity idol like no one else can…uncanny!

Sandra Diaz-Twine: Got to love her. Plays one of the best under-the-radar games ever while still speaking her mind and not really “riding coattails.” You can’t deny her a spot in the top five, just look at her track record. And boy she makes me laugh with some of her antics.

Stephenie LaGrossa: If nothing else, Stephenie’s first season in Palau showed us what an amazing battler she is. She did great in Guatemala and in my opinion had some bad luck on Heroes vs. Villains where I expected her to do a lot better. But, she seemed to be fighting an uphill battle the whole time. Great physical and mental player.


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