‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Jane Bright

Have you had trouble getting into this season of “Survivor”? It’s OK, a lot of people feel that way. But if you have free time this Sunday, be sure to check out the season finale. I’m not saying I know anything that’s going to happen, because I don’t. But, I do know one thing…

Jane Bright is going to make an awesome jury member.

The same Jane Bright who started a blood feud with Marty. The same Jane Bright who cooked her own fish in the forest. That same Jane Bright is probably going to have a few things to say about the people who stabbed her in the back last night. And I wouldn’t miss it.

I spoke with Jane the morning after her exit from the game and got her thoughts on her feud with Marty, the fish-stealing controversy and why she might be responsible for some cold, hungry nights at the Libertad camp.

Gordon: So, I was wondering last night when you doused the fire; do they have the resources to restart the fire again? Because I know a lot of the supplies were destroyed when the chests caught on fire.
Yeah, I made sure there was another flint. But they’ve still got to find it. (Laughs)
Gordon: (Laughs) Did you hide it?
Jane: I threw it in the back of the shelter and it probably went under it. It’s in there somewhere. I was really good at forecasting the weather, and I knew it was going to rain because you know, “Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.” I was up in the morning and I knew that at some point in the day it was going to be raining in Nicaragua. And that night at Tribal Council it rained, and it didn’t quit raining for a day and a half. It was like a monsoon. So, I sincerely doubt that they started that fire.
Gordon: So if they starve and freeze, that’s on you.
Jane: (Laughs) Hey, I’m out of the game, I’ve got nothing to lose at that point.
Gordon: NaOnka had a similar sentiment.
Jane: Well my point is this, I started that fire. And Chase and Holly knew that I wanted to be the last woman to douse the fire out. I said if I was in the final I was going to be the one to put the fire out. So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Gordon: Sash, Chase and Holly didn’t do a good job keeping their plans a secret from you last night. What was your response when you learned that they were turning on you?
There was a lump in my throat and my heart just sank when I realized that…I mean MINUTES prior to that everything had been set to take Dan and Fabio out based on who won the immunity necklace. We had a pecking order.  And when they didn’t say Dan I knew I was in trouble.

Gordon: Why’d you vote for Sash even though you knew it was his last night to play his idol.
Because of an incident that happened that night prior to Tribal Council.
Gordon: What was that?
Jane: I can’t talk about it. But I was saying you guys are making a big mistake. I’m writing his name down even though I know he has an idol. Cause he is a big rattlesnake. And if y’all don’t know it, you know it now. I’m not wasting my vote on Holly.

Gordon: Jeff Probst seemed like he was trying to get you Fabio and Dan to align. It was a little shocking because he’s usually not so blunt about things. But why didn’t you three align?
Dan and Fabio didn’t want to make anything happen. They knew I was a threat, so they thought, “Go ahead and vote her off.” Fabio had voted for me a few times and so had Dan in the past. The alliances the two of them think they have with Chase can’t hold a candle. I knew Chase had broken his alliance with Brenda, but the thing with Brenda was that she was talking about getting rid of Chase. So that’s why Chase came over to me and Holly. And Sash jumped in when he realized he didn’t have the majority anymore. Fabio and Dan realized it when Chase took Sash and Holly to the reward. They tried to get me to join, but why jump ship when you know you have a solid alliance? And all that time they were conniving behind my back. But you couldn’t have gotten Dan or Fabio to change their vote. You could’ve offered them money and they wouldn’t.

Gordon: Do you take it as a compliment that nobody wanted to go to the finals?
I don’t know if I take it as a compliment or not. But I just know I’m not sorry about any way I played the game. I didn’t do a lot of lying, I didn’t do a lot of conniving. I didn’t go into anyone’s personal property and steal something, and then say that I’m a mentor for children. I think I played a pretty good game. I’m proud of what I did.
Gordon: You’re of course referring to Holly wrecking Dan’s shoes. Some players, Jillian for instance, have taken you to task for keeping fish to yourself. Her reasoning was, while you’re fishing, people are taking care of camp, getting water and other things. Could it be viewed that hoarding fish is similar to Holly’s shoe incident?
Jane: Not necessarily, because in the morning I’d bring in three buckets of water. I’d spend hours back their fishing and you had to walk a mile, mile and a half. Most of them wouldn’t take the effort to go that far to fish. And, I look at it like this. I cooked my own fish. I’d already brought five in for dinner. I could’ve sat on my lazy ass like they did and not done a damn thing.

Gordon: You and Marty had some difficulties earlier this season. When I spoke to him he seemed shocked with your comment that you wouldn’t let your children have playdates with his children. How did that get so personal?
Well, when he threw me under the bus on national TV and in actuality had not had more that a two-minute conversation with me up until that point in the game. He didn’t know anything about me. And I sat around camp and knew everything he said about himself. So when he came down on me and women as a whole, I just put it right back on his plate.

Gordon: Let’s break into the word association portion of this interview. Let’s start with Fabio.
Surfer dude.
Gordon: Holly?
Jane: A cow.
Gordon: NaOnka?
Jane: A wildcat.
Gordon: Marty?
Jane: Devil.
Gordon: Dan?
Jane: Cool dude.
Gordon: Fish dance?
Jane: Funny.
Gordon: Chase?
Jane: Country boy.
Gordon: Sash?
Jane: River rat.

Gordon: What do you take from your time in Nicaragua that you can apply to your regular life?
I think people should always be the best they can be. When we flew over Nicaragua, there are a lot of people who have less than what we actually had. Those people down there, they have a whole lot of heart. So, there’s a lot of people in this world a whole lot worse off than we were on “Survivor.” Everybody should be appreciative of what they have. And be appreciative to live in country where you can have a voice and have a vote.
Gordon: That reminds me of what you said when NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit.
Jane: Well, it was a fact. I just wanted them to realize, “Guys, you’re just playing a game here, suck it up!”

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