‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame Inductee – Sandra Diaz-Twine

Fifty percent of the voting for the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame was based on the ballots of the Executive Voting Committee. This blue-ribbon panel consisted of “Survivor” Host and Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, Executive Producer David Burris, Producer Jesse Jensen, members of the “Survivor” press corps, and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” Guy Gordon Holmes.

The other fifty percent came from “Survivor” fans like you.

Before we induct our final member in the “Survivor” Hall of Fame, I’d like to take this moment to thank the Executive Voting Committee members, CBS, and especially all of the “Survivor” fans who voted. I’d also like to once again congratulate our Class of 2010 members Parvati Shallow‘Boston’ Rob Mariano, Russell Hantz and Richard Hatch.

With all of that out of the way, I’m proud to announce that Sandra Diaz-Twine, the only person to ever win “Survivor” twice, is our fifth and final inductee into the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2010.

Note: This interview was conducted before last Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor.”

What does it mean to you to be voted by the fans and “Survivor” luminaries such as Jeff Probst and John Kirhoffer as one of the top five players of all time?
Sandra Diaz-Twine:
To be voted as one of the top five Survivors of all time is out-a this world, especially since in both seasons I went into the game feeling like I wouldn’t last long.  In “Pearl Islands” because I fell in with Christa and Rupert against the rest, and in “Heroes vs. Villains” because I feared what had happened in “All-Stars” with the winners being among the first to get voted off.

Both times I won so many people said I didn’t deserve it, because among other things I’m a weak physical player, so to find out I’m among the top five ever is crazy but wonderful. I wanna thank everyone that voted and a huge kiss to those that voted for me.

Sweet, I didn’t know I was going to get a huge kiss out of this. So, do you lose at anything? Checkers? Monopoly?
I’ve lost at checkers, not Monopoly cause I’m always the bank.  But, if you beat me at checkers then I want a re-match and when I win, we don’t play again!

How are you feeling about “Survivor: Nicaragua”?
The current season started out dry for me, to the extent that I was falling asleep before the episodes would finish and I never did that before.  But as of last week’s episode when Benry got voted off, I can’t wait for the next episode. Not because Benry got voted off but because I’m hoping that Holly knows Fabio (Jud) voted for her. And I’m hoping Fabio realizes that Dan, his buddy, and Benry threw him under the bus, and how lucky he was to survive that Tribal Council.

What the fans said about Sandra…

“She played the same strategy both games and won both times. She’s an amazing player and low-key target.” – Joey

“She was a master at flying under the radar. And the rare times when she was a target, she managed to divert attention from herself to someone else, and make it through Tribal Council unscathed.” – Tara

“She’s only had one vote cast against her. Say what you want, she was born to play this game.” – Adam

“Best player in my view ever.” – Alan

What the Executive Voting Committee said about Sandra…

“She plays a very subtle game that centers around “as long as it ain’t me.”  Easier said than done.” – Jeff Probst – “Survivor” Host and Executive Producer

“Winning twice should be an automatic inclusion in the Hall of Fame.” Gordon Holmes – XFINITY TV

“Plays one of the best under-the-radar games ever while still speaking her mind and not really ‘riding coattails.’” – Jesse Jensen – “Survivor” Producer

Final Thought: I’m really interested in your opinions for how we can improve the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame process for next time. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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