‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Contestants Revealed

The new contestants for the 22nd season of “Survivor” were unveiled by CBS this morning. These sixteen players, who will compete for a million-dollar prize, will have to deal with a new twist…

When players are voted out of the game they won’t go home, they’ll go to a location known as Redemption Island. The first person who is voted out will live there alone. When the next person is voted out, the two castaways will square off in a one-on-one challenge. The winner stays, the loser goes home. At some point in the game, the remaining person on Redemption Island will be allowed to return to the game.

Note: Two former “Survivor” contestants will join this cast. They’ll both be revealed in the near future…

andrea . ashley
Name: Andrea
Age: 21
Current Residence: Random Lake, WI
Occupation: Student

Tribe: Ometepe

Name: Ashley
Age: 25
Current Residence: Benton, ME
Occupation: Nurse

Tribe: Ometepe

david . francesca
Name: David
Age: 31
Current Residence: West Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Defense Attorney

Tribe: Zapatera

Name: Francesca
Age: 36
Current Residence: Washington, DC
Occupation: Attorney

Tribe: Ometepe

grant . julie
Name: Grant
Age: 29
Current Residence: West Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Yoga Instructor

Tribe: Ometepe

Name: Julie
Age: 50
Current Residence: Oceanside, CA
Occupation: Firefighter

Tribe: Zapatera

krista . kristina
Name: Krista
Age: 25
Current Residence: Columbia, SC
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Rep
Tribe: Zapatera
Name: Kristina
Age: 46
Current Residence: Malibu, CA
Occupation: Law Student
Tribe: Ometepe
matthew . mike
Name: Matt
Age: 22
Current Residence: Nashville, TN
Occupation: Pre-Med Student

Tribe: Ometepe

Name: Mike
Age: 31
Current Residence: Del Mar, CA
Occupation: Former Marine
Tribe: Zapatera
natalie . phillip
Name: Natalie
Age: 19
Current Residence: Acton, CA
Occupation: Dancer

Tribe: Ometepe

Name: Phillip
Age: 52
Current Residence: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: Technology Executive

Tribe: Ometepe

ralph . sarita
Name: Ralph
Age: 45
Current Residence: Lebanon, VA
Occupation: Farmer

Tribe: Zapatera

Name: Sarita
Age: 36
Current Residence: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: Visual Effects Producer

Tribe: Zapatera

stephanie . steve
Name: Stephanie
Age: 26
Current Residence: Long Beach, CA
Occupation: Waitress

Tribe: Zapatera

Name: Steve
Age: 51
Current Residence: Huntington Beach, CA
Occupation: Former NFL Player

Tribe: Zapatera

“Survivor: Redemption Island” will premiere Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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