‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Power Rankings: Round 5

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Nicaragua” finalist Matthew “Sash” Lenahan and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” loudmouth Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if David is voted out this week, Sash will receive 1 point and Gordon will receive 10 points. Also, each player will pick who they think will win at Redemption Island. If they choose correctly they will receive a bonus point. At the end of the season, the person  with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Redemption Island” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Sash picked Matt to win, I picked Matt to win. Sash had Krista in spot 12, I had Krista in spot 12. Apparently great minds think alike. The current score is now Team Sash 51, Team Gordon 47.

Before we get into this week’s throwdown, I though we should take a minute to see what our worthy competition has been up to since his impressive run in “Survivor: Nicaragua.”

Gordon Holmes: How has life been since returning from the Nicaraguan wilderness?
Matthew “Sash” Lenahan:
Life has been great since returning to New York!  I’m back to selling luxury real estate in Manhattan and Brooklyn, I just took a trip to Puerto Rico with my girlfriend, and I’ve really enjoyed watching “Redemption Island” with all the incredible “Survivor” and “Amazing Race” people who live in New York City!

Gordon: What are your thoughts on this season so far?
This season has been so much fun to watch!  It’s really interesting to see how the social game is unfolding and I’m rooting for the contestants who are playing strategically.  I am, however, a bit envious of their blankets, pillows, and tools.  Hey Probst, we could have really used those too!

Gordon: Would you have thought twice about voting out Shannon or Benry if Redemption Island had been in place during your season?
Voting out Shannon was a no-brainer for everyone in my alliance and I’ll never regret that.  Redemption Island would have definitely made me think twice about voting out Benry though as he was such a strong competitor during the challenges which is the only reason why he was targeted instead of Fabio at time of his departure…in retrospect that sounds crazy, right?  The thing about “Survivor” is that you have to make decisions based on that exact moment in time.  I have no regrets from my season and hope to have another chance at winning the title of Sole Survivor someday!


Current Score: 51



Current Score: 47

david . bostonrob
#1 David – David was right, “Survivor” isn’t a pee-wee soccer league, and with the exception of Rob, he’s the only captain of the squad. . #1 Boston Rob – Is Boston Rob playing a great game or is his tribe just rolling over? It’s probably a combination of both. Either way, he’s safe until the merge.
mike . mike
#2 Mike – I believe Mike has more cards he hasn’t shown yet and I’m looking forward to seeing how he plays them. . #2 Mike – If Krista is to be believed, Mike is close to both Steve and Julie. Having options once the Brady Bunch hits the merge will play in Mike’s favor.
grant . julie
#3 Grant – Grant has the greatest mentor of anyone with Rob at his side.  As long as Rob stays in the game, his apprentice will reap the benefits. . #3  Julie – Julie isn’t bugging anybody. She’s kind of got a Susie Smith vibe in that I could see her coasting after the merge to the end.
natalie . grant
#4 Natalie – Spa day may place the first spotlight on Natalie, but in the end what girl wouldn’t want to look good for Rob?  Trust me, he’s not keeping her around because she’s a good hunter-gatherer. . #4 Grant – Rob doesn’t trust you enough to let you know he has an immunity idol. You’re safe till the merge, champ. But you and Rob are going to be the Brady Bunch’s first targets.
ashley . ralph
#5 Ashley – Will the girls’ spa day put a target on her back?  Ashley has the most to lose as her closest girlfriend is also Rob’s closest girlfriend. . #5 Ralph – Now that Ralph’s tribe has a few no-brainer votes with Krista and Stephanie, there isn’t much he can mess up. Hopefully he remembers who to vote for better than he remembers his right from his left.
ralph . natalie
#6 Ralph – Ralph may have the idol, but that will only keep him safe for a short time after the merge.  Maybe his first step should be to figure out which way to turn when someone yells “left.” . #6 Natalie – Boston Rob is doing whatever he pleases right under Other Amber’s nose. Should she care? Honestly, probably not. If she ends up in the final three with Rob, she has plausible deniability.
bostonrob . ashley
#7 Boston Rob – Rob has shown he has mastered this game, but will his overconfidence get the best of him? . #7 Ashley – Applications are going to go through the roof now that Ashley is making the game look like a beach vacation. I’m thinking the next reward will be toenail polish and margaritas.
steve . sarita
#8 Steve – Perhaps Steve has been in retirement from the NFL for too long?  He needs to draw up some new plays; otherwise, he’s going to get sacked. . #8 Sarita – There’s no reason to fight with David over something as minor as who does the puzzles. Admit you made a mistake and let him dig his own grave.
julie . steve
#9 Julie Calling Krista and Stephanie “pawns in this game” shows how little Julie really knows about “Survivor.”  If one thing has held true for 21 prior seasons, it’s that anyone can be on the bottom one day, and on the top the next. . #9 Steve – What’s the deal, Steve? Why does everyone think you’re a physical liability? Are we missing something?
sarita . david
#10 Sarita – Sarita’s poor judgement, lack of leadership, and obvious temper with David mark a difficult uphill battle for her. . #10 David – Sash, ask yourself; would you have picked a fight over who did the puzzle? Would Todd Herzog? Would Parvati? Would Richard Hatch?
andrea . stephanie
#11 Andrea – Despite playing extremely well now, Andrea knows that when Phillip is your closest ally, trouble can’t be far away. . #11 Stephanie – I hope you stay forever, Stephanie. You’re adorable and hilarious. But, we both know you’re done unless a merge happens real soon.
stephanie . phillip
#12 Stephanie – Now that she’s flying solo, Stephanie has to divide and conquer.  I’m willing to bet the highlight of this season will be how, not when, she exits this game. . #12 Phillip – Phillip, you are entertaining to watch, but you must be a nightmare to take into account when it comes to strategy. Right now you and Matt are the only flaws in Rob’s game.
phillip . andrea
#13 Phillip – Phillip may be waiting for his opportunity to replace the king, but will his tribe send him to Redemption Island before he gets the chance? . #13 Andrea – I’m probably going out on a limb here putting Andrea behind Phillip, but Boston Rob has to be a little freaked out that Matt is hanging around. It might be time for a romantic rendezvous on Redemption Island.
matt . matt
Redemption Island Winner – Matt will continue his winning streak against Krista, but I have a feeling it won’t be easy.  I’m hopeful for another Rob-Stephanie gathering at Redemption Island. . Redemption Island Winner – Unless the challenge is having weak Tribal Council arguments, I can’t see Krista getting the best of Matt.

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