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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Woo is voted out this week, Ciera will receive 6 points and Gordon will receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Cagayan” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week’s Results: Ciera  had Brice in spot 10, Gordon had him in spot 12. So, the current score is Team Ciera 10, Team Gordon 12.

Ciera’s Score = 10

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Gordon’s Score = 12

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Tony – There ya go! Coming clean about being a police officer to Sarah was the right move, it gave you and her something to relate over AND something that means so much to Sarah that she swears on her badge to you. You’re planting seeds in peoples’ heads about not trusting others, making yourself seem so much more trustable, AND you have the hidden immunity idol!   1. LJ – He’s got an idol, he’s got the numbers, and he’s got an easy next target. He’s also good looking, he’s in great shape, and he’s on a tropical beach with Alexis… I hate my life.
 2. Sarah – Sarah is in a good spot. She seems to be holding her own in challenges and is fairly likable. Staying under Tony and letting him make the moves for a little while might be her best bet until she can get to the merge. Her biggest mistake could be trusting Tony too much though.
  2. Jeremiah – I’m pretty sure I knew what you were thinking when you were considering siding with Brice and Morgan. Either, you wanted to be in a dominant alliance of three instead of an alliance of two twos, or you wanted to stay on Morgan’s good side. I can see the merit in those two strategies (trust me). But, I think you made the right call. It’s simply too soon to make two serious enemies and alert the rest of the players that you’ve got some strategy chops.
 3. Latasha – You’re definitely the leader on the Brains tribe. And I’m liking you more and more. I’m normally all for girl power but in your case I think aligning with Spencer could be good for you. Your tribe looks to you when deciding who to vote for and that’s why you’re gonna be safe.
  3. Latasha – Alright, I’ve had a chance to rethink this J’Tia thing. She’s got to go. I know you can’t trust Spencer, but the last thing you want is to hit the merge being known as the person who let a rice tosser hang around. You’ve done J’Tia a solid, she got some extra days in the game. She might even get that Jeff Probst Patented Shoulder Massage for Rice Tossers on the way out. But, she is going to kill your credibility if you keep her for much longer.

 4. Jefra – Poor Jefra! That weather did not look fun, but I thought you did well this week. if she can continue building her relationship with Jeremiah and keeping her friendship with Alexis you will be in good spot. I would like to see a little more strategy to your game though, so far you don’t seem to be playing to win.   4. Alexis – Dodged her first bullet well. Trusted in her alliance and it paid off. Now she has to convince the guys that she’s more valuable then Jefra. I’d start planting the seeds that Jefra is too likable and might not be willing to slit throats when the time comes for it.

 5. Alexis – Same as Jefra only Alexis seems to be a third wheel, which is okay for now but come merge time could be bad. Alexis also needs to show more strategy.   5. Jefra – Jefra, darling…go watch “Survivor: Nicaragua,” then go watch “Survivor: One World.” Are you done? First of all, I’m sorry for subjecting you to that. Second of all, did you see the way people were making alliances within two seconds of reaching their beaches? That happens every season. You’re lucky you ended up on the right end of someone else’s strategy.
 6. Woo – Woo is the same as last week. Hasn’t done a whole lot but isn’t in any danger right now.
  6. Kassandra – OK, you guys survived a challenge, and you’ve avoided a Tribal Council. But is that best for you? Following the “Philippines” model, couldn’t it be better for you and Latasha to be the last two standing, get split up, then realign after the merge. Neither one of you would be viewed as a threat. Just something to think about.
 7. Trish – At this point it seems like whoever gets in with Sarah and Tony is going to be good for a while. Trish could be the one to do that, and would be smart to considering she seems to be the weakest on the Brawn tribe and needs numbers.
  7. Woo – I’m not big on preview reading, but Sarah approached Woo and said she wanted to throw a challenge to get rid of “him.” Now, the him could be Cliff or it could be Tony, but it’s definitely not Woo.
 8. Jeremiah – Jeremiah made the right move keeping Alexis over Brice. I think his relationship with Jefra is what’s going to get him to the merge. He pulled his weight around camp and in the challenges and is in with LJ and the girls. He has the numbers and should be good.  8. Lindsey – Again, mega uncertainty coming from the jocks this week. Lay low, Lindsey. This stuff always sorts itself out.
 9. LJ – You did find the hidden immunity idol this week and I think it’s awesome you didn’t let the weather stop you from bettering your position in this game. I think that Jefra, Jeremiah, and Alexis are closer than you think. And you being the oldest on your tribe definitely puts you on the outs. Since you do have the idol, and Morgan is still an easy vote out, I think you’re safe this week.   9. Trish – The good news for you is; apparently you’re not the low person on the Alpha Beta totem pole. This challenge throwing business might give you a chance to wiggle into the majority alliance.
 10. Spencer – Being the only guy on a tribe of women can be a blessing and a curse. The girls know they are really going to need you in some of the challenges and even around camp, therefore its not going to be easy to get rid of you.   10. Sarah – Wow, that’s quite a drop this week. You’re super perceptive, so you immediately know Tony is a cop. But then you can’t see through the lies he’s feeding you? And now you want to throw a challenge over it? I don’t hate the idea of challenge throwing as much as some people do, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.
 11. Cliff – The same as last week. Only he needs to distance himself from Lindsey and build a relationship with Cops R Us.  11. Cliff – It wouldn’t be a crime for Tony to have Sarah targeting Cliff when Cliff hasn’t done anything wrong. Nobody ever said “Survivor” was a fair game. I will say, if Cliff is voted out before we get a chance to watch him in a balancing immunity, that would be a crime.
 12. Kassandra – Kass I still think that you’re not in the best spot. You’re the weakest physically on the Brains, you don’t seem to be as close to Tasha as J’Tia, and Spencer seems to be smarter than you.  12. Tony – I’m a big fan of not lying unless you need to lie. And Tony’s telling some whoppers when he already seems safe with Sarah. Worst of all, Sarah seems like the type that would freak right out if she ever learned you were deceiving her. Keep that idol handy, buddy.
 13. Lindsey – Saying you wish you hadn’t put yourself in game of “Survivor”….would have easily been enough for me to vote you out. There are people who would die to be playing the game of “Survivor” rain or shine! Being lazy around camp, having Cops R Us after you, and comments like that are going to get you out of this game quick.  13. Morgan – You were kinda screwed before the game started, weren’t you? LJ didn’t trust you because you were hot, then he had time alone with the tribe to get them all on his side. Jeremiah isn’t going to do anything, Alexis and Jefra aren’t going to do anything. Morgan needs a merge.
 14. J’Tia – Pouring out 95% of your tribes rice and then trying to figure out how much rice you guys should cook for the day?! Wow. Some nerve this girl has or she’s just totally socially unaware. Either way she’s annoying people, she’s slightly crazy, and she does nothing for the Brains tribe in challenges. Should the Brains tribe lose she could easily be gone.  14. Spencer – I spoke with Brice last Thursday, and he told me that they had no idea that J’Tia had dumped her tribe’s rice. Maybe that’s Spencer’s play; threaten to spill the beans about J’Tia spilling the rice. (See what I did there?) Then Kass and Tasha would be more likely to get rid of her because nobody is going to trust a rice dumper and her alliance mates.
 15. Morgan – Morgan you need to start being a girls’ girl and quick!! Get those girls to see that they don’t want to be over powered by the guys and that their best move is to stick with a girls alliance, and if Morgan could do that she would not only be safe but she would be safe for at least a few weeks. If she cannot, she’s gone this week!  15. J’Tia – I feel bad picking on J’Tia. She actually seems very nice. Sometimes the stress of the game and the elements just gets to people. But, dumping rice has got to be like the “Survivor” scarlet letter. Imagine it’s the merge, and you’re Sarah, and you’re starving, and you hear that J’Tia had dumped her tribe’s rice and was now going to be a part of your tribe. How would that be acceptable?

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