‘Survivor’ Castaway Morgan: ‘I Can Admit It; I Was a Goat’


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Take it from me, life as a hot person is pretty sweet. People are always doing things for you and taking care of you. It’s five-star awesome.

So, imagine how poor Morgan felt when she was singled out and punished by LJ in the first fifteen minutes of the show. Her only crime?  Being hot.

It’s messed up.

I spoke with “Survivor: Cagayan’s” lounging lovely the morning after her elimination and had a chance to ask her about LJ’s early move, her relationship with Chaos Kass, and Alexis’s accusation that she wanted to quit…

Gordon Holmes: I hate to start this off with a question that’s controversial, but this is going to be the elephant in the room until we address it. How awesome was the Outback Steakhouse pineapple/bacon margarita?
Morgan McLeod: (Laughs) Oh man, it was really good. Not that strong, like we all wanted it to be, but it was really great. I was so scared to drink more than one because I had a pretty much empty stomach for over two weeks.
Holmes: Now to be clear, is bacon just on the pineapple on the top or have they somehow integrated bacon into the actual margarita?
McLeod: There was bacon on the little skewer that had the pineapple. But then it had this rim of…it wasn’t normal salt. It was so good.
Holmes: Was it some kind of bacon salt?
McLeod: Maybe, it was like a brownish red color.
Holmes: My goodness.
McLeod: (Laughs) Maybe I can be Outback Steakhouse’s little representative now. If they need me for commercials I’ll be there.
Holmes: And you will take me with you and I will help you drink margaritas.
McLeod: Great! (Laughs)

Holmes: Alright, that show you were on, there was a lot of talk about you having a poor work ethic. That surprised me because you were a professional cheerleader. You don’t get to be a professional cheerleader by being lazy.
McLeod: That’s right.
Holmes: What weren’t we seeing?
McLeod: They said I was lazy and laid around all day, that’s not completely true. I definitely helped out a bit.
Holmes: (Laughs) A bit.
McLeod: I didn’t do as much as LJ or Tony or Jeremiah. They were work horses and they were awesome. They totally supported the camp. I applaud them for that. But for the women to call me lazy, there were definitely some of them laying around. So, whatever. I go to school, I work. I’ve been working since I was fourteen years old. I’m definitely not a lazy person. But when you’re starving and dehydrated it’s definitely nice to lay around sometimes.
Holmes: Who else was laying around?
McLeod: When we were on the Beauty tribe, Jeremiah and LJ would wake us up with rice in the morning. So, Jefra, Alexis, and I would lay down and sleep in. It was great. But, I got the slack for that even though the other two girls were laying right there with me.

Holmes: Speaking of Alexis, she made it sound like you had given up out there. That you were upset when your tribe had won immunity because you wanted to go home. Is that accurate?
McLeod: No, not at all. I was so happy when we won because I knew I wasn’t going to go home. When we went to that first Tribal I thought I was going home for sure. When Brice got voted out, I was happy because it wasn’t me, but Brice was my only ally out there. So, for her to say that, I think she was just trying to stir the pot.

Holmes: LJ sends you away fifteen minutes into the show. Then you were in the minority on the Beauty tribe, you’re in good shape for about an hour during the merge, then Kass flips. Was there ever a point where you felt safe out there?
McLeod: When we voted out Alexis, I was having fun. I was so excited. I felt for sure that we were going to be six strong. We were going to be the final six and most likely I was going to be in the final three. I can admit it; I was a goat toward the end. None of us thought that Kass was going to do that to us.
Holmes: What was your relationship like with Kass?
McLeod: For her to say that I completely ignored her and never talked to her, that is true once she flipped. But before that we’d lay down and go to sleep and she’s tell me stories and we were laughing. So, I had no idea that she thought that we just hated her. I think that was in her head a little bit.

Holmes: I was shocked last week when Sarah told me that you and her were besties. I feel like we haven’t seen any of your relationships. Who else were you close with?
McLeod: You really didn’t get to see Tasha and I. Once Sarah was voted out and we were all alone, we were like best friends out there. We slept together, we kept each other warm. We would eat rice together. That’s why I said, “Good luck,” to her last night. Tasha was my girl.

Holmes: Did you and LJ ever manage to make peace?
McLeod: No. Not really. When we were doing the idol hunt, Tash and I approached him, “Can you get with us? Save us!” And he was like, “Nope, I’m good. Let’s keep looking for the idol.” So, we didn’t leave on the best note. But, that’s the game.
Holmes: During the premiere LJ basically said, “Jefra and Alexis are cute and Morgan is hot. I don’t trust hot.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been punished for being hot before.
McLeod: (Laughs)
Holmes: Was that weird to hear?
McLeod: It was really weird. I didn’t understand why LJ just didn’t like me. You saw from the start he wanted me gone. I’d never come across that before. Maybe he’s had some girl issues in the past. Maybe I remind him of an ex-girlfriend or something. For him to call me out on how hot people shouldn’t be trusted, I thought it was hilarious.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Jeremiah.
McLeod: Oh man…good ol’ boy.
Holmes: Jefra?
McLeod: Sweet.
Holmes: Tony?
McLeod: Can I say like, “guido?”
Holmes: Much like Outback Steakhouse, there are no rules here. LJ?
McLeod: Annoying.
Holmes: Trish?
McLeod: Good hearted.
Holmes: Woo?
McLeod: He’s like silent out there. We didn’t talk at all.
Holmes: Brice?
McLeod: Awesome.
Holmes: Latasha?
McLeod: Sassy.
Holmes: Spencer?
McLeod: Genius.
Holmes: Kass?
McLeod: Invisible to me.

Holmes: Your edit was very negative. How has that affected your life outside the game?
McLeod: Before last night it was mostly positive. A lot of people were rooting for me. But, last night it took a turn for the worse. A lot of people are very mad at me. They’re mad at what I said. You know, I said those things when I was very upset, very tired, and very hungry. Usually people have a friend or boyfriend to go behind closed doors and say those things when they’re really upset. But, I didn’t have that, I had a camera. It’s not who I am every day. I’m actually a nice person, believe it or not.
Holmes: Aww…I believe it. Overall was the experience a positive one?
McLeod: Oh yeah. It was very cool. I don’t regret anything. From the start, everyone thought I was going to be the first one voted out, and I fought my way to the jury. I’m proud and I don’t regret it

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