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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Woo is voted out this week, Ciera will receive 9 points and Gordon will receive 8 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Cagayan” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week’s Results: Ciera had Morgan in spot five, I had her in spot nine. So, the current score is Team Ciera 62, Team Gordon 74.

Ciera’s Score = 62

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Gordon’s Score = 74

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Trish – Socially Trish seemed to piss a few people off which means she might be a great person to be sitting next to in the end. She’s not a challenge threat, and she seems to have numbers right now. There’s really no reason to get rid of Trish for anyone at this point. She’s really in a great spot.   1. Jefra – I feel like Jefra is destined to get to the end and have to answer juror questions like; “What did you do?” and “Who are you?”
 2. Jefra – Who? I’m sorry… I don’t think she’s going home this week but yet again I am very bored by her. And don’t see much strategy.
  2. LJ – Is LJ in driver’s seat this week? If Woo and Tony are throwing down, he and Trish could be the ones calling the shots going forward. And honestly, it’s a tough call between the two. Both Woo and Tony could do well in front of the jury.
 3. Spencer – Way to go!! So glad you won immunity and even more excited you found the hidden immunity idol. That should secure you through this week at least.
  3. Trish – I think we all pegged Trish as someone who rubbed too many people the wrong way. But, it seems like everyone she annoyed is long gone. If she gets to the finals she could take it.

 4. Kass – I’m still not over Kass’s move from a couple weeks ago. That being said, based on the preview for this week its gonna be one of the big threats going home and that’s definitely not you.   4. Spencer – Has anyone had a more stressful “Survivor” run than Spencer? Each time he thought he was on top of the game someone pulled the rug out from under him. And that was before Sonic the Ninjahog made off with his immunity clue. Fortunately, he was able to rebound and snag both the idol and a challenge immunity. He can win if he gets to the end, but it’ll be tough to get there.

 5. Tony –  Tony is playing this game fast and hard. And I think he definitely needs to slow down a little or people are going to start pointing fingers his way. I could see him outsmarting Woo or LJ and getting one of them voted out before himself but if they do get wise he could be going home this week.   5. Kass – This free agent thing is going to earn Kass a spot on the jury. Probably not this week, but soon. I like to think of this as the Jimmy Johnson Mistake. If you stay vague and elusive, people can’t count on you and will send you packing.
 6. Jeremiah –  It was really frustrating watching someone like Morgan getting voted out last week. I think if the other alliance was smart Jeremiah would have been the one to go home. Jeremiah’s alliance doesn’t have the numbers and that would make getting rid of Jeremiah (a huge physical and social threat) very easy this week.   6. Tony – Tough call between you and Woo this week. I’m picking you over him because LJ obviously has a lot invested in you with the way he gave up his idol.
 7. LJ – This is the point in the game where the big threats are going to start working to get rid of each other. LJ is definitely one of the biggest threats.
  7. Jeremiah – What does it tell you about Jeremiah that a handsome guy who is in great shape is being completely ignored post-merge? It means that nobody is worried about him, he’ll be taken out in due time.
 8. Latasha – Tasha is the biggest social threat out there. Being on the outs of the numbers is working against her this week, but if she can work her magic and make it through this week she could sneak her way to the end of the game.  8. Woo – You’re well liked, you’re a challenge threat, and you’ve been the low man on the totem pole since the Lindsey meltdown.  I’m thinking only an immunity run can save you now.
 9. Woo – I already said it…a big threat will go home this week unless everyone’s stupid. Woo doesn’t seem to have anyone he’s really close to so if his name is brought up I don’t see why anyone would want to save him.assume he has that idol.   9. Latasha – If Team Tony sticks together, Latasha is a goner. Spencer’s slightly more dangerous, but they probably assume he has that idol.

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