(UPDATED) All 32 Seasons of ‘Survivor’ in One Logo


multilogoheaderNo kid likes going to the doctor’s office. It’s boring, it’s stuffy, and odds are you’re going to end up getting some kind of gross medication (or worse, a shot!) The only good thing about those check-ups was getting to read “Highlights” Magazine in the waiting room.

Now, I’m sure kids these days have their iPwns and their Nintendo Wii U Xboxes to entertain them. But back in my day, we had to keep ourselves busy with those cool Hidden Picures puzzles.

So, in honor of “Survivor” busting out a special two-hour episode this Wednesday, I’ve decided to try my own twist on those Hidden Pictures puzzles…

HOW TO PLAY: Elements from all 31 “Survivor” logos are incorporated in the logo below. Give yourself a point for each season you correctly locate. Then post your score in the comments below. (Be honest.)


1-10: Your Game Is Flawed

11-20: Who Wants to Date Somebody Who Doesn’t Make the Merge?

21-28: Basically, You’re a Bad Ass.

29-32: Probst Calls You by Your Last Name



Answer Key…



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4 Responses to “(UPDATED) All 32 Seasons of ‘Survivor’ in One Logo”

  1. Mohammed Dakhil Says:

    25, so basically I’m a badass

  2. drolsen91 Says:

    20, so close to being a badass! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Knick (@Idol_Thoughts) Says:


    The fake/inaccurate recreations of logo plaguing the internet–that have even found their way on official CBS videos–make me nauseous…and I still enjoyed this!

  4. Maryann Martin Says:

    We really like your logo. Can you please contact me

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