‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 9: Blue Collar Takeover Edition


"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Stephen is voted out this week, Max and Jenn will each receive nine points and Gordon will receive eight points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Jenn had Kelly in fifth place, Max had her in sixth, and Gordon had her in fourth. So, the current score is Team Jenn 100, Team Max 103, Team Gordon 92.

Important Note: These rankings are not based on who is most likely to win the entire season. Players tend to rank the players based on their safety in the next episode.

A Second Important Note from Max Dawson: Happy Thanksgiving! I’m spending the holiday with a few of my “Worlds Apart” castmates. Here are their thoughts about the remaining castaways…

Jenn’s Score = 100

Any questions for Jenn? Drop her a line on Twitter: @jenncantdance

Max’s Score = 103

Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell

Gordon’s Score = 92

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Jeremy: The guy has two idols. Come on. At a certain point it becomes just unfair.
  1. Ciera: Kelly Remington – Ciera’s playing hard, and she has to because she’s at the bottom. I like that she’s telling people to play, to get real.

Mike Holloway – So many people are not going to see her as a threat until it’s too late. Meanwhile she’s got so much power. Last week Stephen bit into the apple and he basically surrendered his power to her.

Sierra Dawn Thomas – I see Ciera as like Rodney from our season. She’s making a lot of noise and yet no one seems to be that worried about her. You might want to take her to the end, but if you do you might regret it later.

 1. Keith: There are two episodes this week, so I have to keep the people who are most likely to survive two Tribals high in my rankings. So, last week’s vote probably left poor Keith scratching his head. But, if he keeps quiet, he’ll be fine. Now’s the time to take out the big guns.
  2. Keith: Keith is just doing Keith and it’s just fantastic. No one is going to blindside Keith anytime soon. Why would they! He’s great and just cruises on thru the game and I love it.
  2. Jeremy: Mike – Having two idols might seem like a clear path to the end. Right, Gravedigger James? I don’t know how much you can tell from the edit, but we’re seeing the game from Jeremy’s perspective…a lot.
 2. Kimmi: Eliminating Joe’s right-hand woman should send a clear message to the Joe-ga master. Knowing his right hand is ready to make big moves should put Jeremy on high alert. Now’s the time for the Kimmis and Keiths of the world to hang back and let them duke it out.
  3. Spencer: The Survivor gods love this guy. And he’s very smart and also playing super hard. Stephen getting that advantage was the best thing for Spencer, because now the heat is over on the other side of the two.
  3. Kelley: Kelly– She did well with her idol. She played it amazingly.Sierra – She’s not afraid to make a move. The witches are more powerful than the others even realize, and Kelley is a big part of the reason why.  3. Jeremy: Normally a guy packing two idols would be at the top of my rankings, but things have the potential to seriously break down. If anything, Stephen proving that he’s not willing to let the JTs of the world dominate the game should have Jeremy very concerned.
  4. Tasha: She hasn’t been making any moves really and it’s boring. I want to see more happening, and this late in the game you gotta do SOMETHING if you want to win. I don’t think she has a chance of winning, so she’s not a threat, so she’s not going home. You wanna keep people like that around.
  4. Keith: Sierra– I like where Keith is sitting right now. He’s not causing controversy.Mike – He’s almost forgotten, which is insane because he’s always the one on Joe’s tail in every immunity challenge.  4. Spencer: With all of the talk of voting blocs and the evolution of the game, Spencer might be the one who’s doing it best. More than anyone else, he can play the “I was on the bottom and scrambling” card at final Tribal.
 5. Abi-Maria: These three girls finally made it happen and stayed safe.    5. Abi-Maria: Mike– Ugh. Another person who didn’t learn anything from her first season.Kelly – I agree. Is everyone else sick of Abi? To be fair I guess she has toned it down a little bit in the last few weeks.Sierra – But she’s still playing. Despite everything, she’s still in the game. She’s clearly doing something right.  5. Abi-Maria: Abi is in an interesting position in that she’s the coven member most people secretly want to take to the end. If the main alliance manages to patch things up, they’ll target Kelley or Ciera first.
 6. Kelley: But now people know they can talk their way into anything…
   6. Spencer: Kelly – He’s working hard, because he’s always on the bottom. Mike – That’s one thing I respect about Spencer; he has no quit in him. He’s actively searching for a way to improve his position every week.

Sierra – Strategically he is in a great position.

Kelly – And what he did with Kass? Amazing.

 6. Tasha: Well, it’s never good news when the person you vote for stays in the game. Maybe that means you aren’t as close with Jeremy as you thought you were. How close are you with your former Brainy buddy Spencer?
 7. Ciera: …and that will make everyone paranoid of them.   7. Kimmi: Mike – Kimmi’s awesome. But she’s not performing well in challenges. I think that’s going to matter with this jury. The days of Sandra not winning a challenge and still winning the game are over. Sierra – She’s playing a safe game, and she’s not a physical threat, so she’s not in any real danger. But in my eyes she hasn’t made the kind of big move that she’ll need to get jury votes.  7. Ciera: Ciera’s gift is that she can stay alive long enough for a bigger problem to present itself. You think Joe is targeting the coven now? You think Jeremy’s more worried about Ciera than Stephen?
 8. Kimmi: It’s like they don’t even want to feature her in episodes. 
 8. Tasha: Mike – Being on the brains tribe her first season you would think that she would be smarter about her gameplay. I’m just not seeing her display that game intelligence that I saw from her in her first season. Last week she was like Woo. She had no idea what was going on. Sierra – Her alliance is non-existent now. She went from the top to the bottom in a matter of three days. That’s scary. But that’s “Survivor.”  8. Stephen: Stealing a vote is a lot cooler than an extra vote. However, it’s nothing an idol or two can’t handle.
  9. Stephen: Having an advantage in the game that everyone knows about is like the opposite of having a hidden immunity idol. It makes you dangerous, makes people suspicious, and then they get paranoid and then they vote you out because an unknown advantage is terrifying in this game.
  9. Stephen: Kelly – Fishbaaaach. You don’t cry on “Survivor.”Mike – I get the emotion, because he’s loved this game for so long and wants to win so bad. Yet he doesn’t have a JT who will protect him until the end of the game this time.

Sierra – I love that he’s passionate, but when you’re in the game you don’t want to be surrounded by that. It drives you crazy. I love watching him, but I wouldn’t be able to put up with him out there.

 9. Kelley: I’m predicting that one of two things will happen during the first vote on Wednesday; either the Meat Shield alliance is dead and Joe, Jeremy, and Stephen are targets. Or, the Meat Shields patch things up and go after Kelley.
  10. Joe: There is zero chance in hell that he will not be voted out if he loses. IF HE LOSES. WILL HE EVER LOSE?!
   10. Joe: Mike – Joe is in the absolute worst position in the game. I told him before he went out, “When you get to the merge you cannot go on your winning streak early. You have to let people think that they can beat you.”Sierra – He’s just being Joey Amazing. He’s winning challenges, cooking, keeping the camp running. But he’s not making the relationships he’s going to need to survive a week where he doesn’t have the necklace.   10. Joe: There’s going to come a day when the immunity challenge won’t involve balancing, or hammock-building, or being handsome. And on that day, Joseph, your number may finally be up.

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