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The Worst Selling Shrinky Dinks of All Time

February 8, 2012

The 2012 TIA Toy Fair is in New York City this weekend. This is easily one of my favorite events of the year as I get a chance to check out which products are going to be flying off of toy shelves later this year. While I was doing some pre-show prep, I happened upon a site that chronicled the history of one of my favorite toys, Shrinky Dinks.

Note: For you youngsters who don’t know what Shrinky Dinks are, they were these cool things you’d color, then stick in the oven. During the baking process, they’d shrink down into keychains or jewelry or whatever. Good times.

Now, some of the licenses, like our buddy Mr. T., were huge sellers. And then there were some that didn’t sell so well…


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