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Vote for the 2013 ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame

November 18, 2013

'Survivor: Hall of Fame'

UPDATE: Voting for the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2013 has ended. Please come back Wednesday, December 11, 2013 to meet the first inductee.

Yeah, winning the million-dollar sole survivor prize is cool, and picking up that $100,000 check for being the fan favorite must be nice, but only one “Survivor” accolade will land your favorite players exclusive coffee mugs, water bottles, and other knick knacks…and that’s the “Survivor” Hall of Fame.

Over the years we’ve honored eleven of the show’s all-time greats, and now it’s time to induct three more.

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The Rules
Fifty percent of the vote will be based on the ballots of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Executive Voting Committee. This blue-ribbon panel will consist of “Survivor” luminaries such as Host and Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, current members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame, members of the “Survivor” press corps, and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” Loud Mouth Gordon Holmes.

The other fifty percent will come from fans like you.

There are three ways to vote…

Voting will end Friday, November 29, 2013 at 5 p.m. ET. Only one vote a day per voter will be counted.

Who’s Eligible?
Every former “Survivor” cast member is eligible except for…

  • Current members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame – Parvati Shallow, “Boston” Rob Mariano, Richard Hatch, Russell Hantz, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Cirie Fields, Ozzy Lusth, Tom Westman, Rob Cesternino, Ethan Zohn, and Amanda Kimmel.
  • “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” Cast Members – Rupert and Laura Boneham, John and Candice Cody, Brad and Monica Culpepper, Aras and Vytas Baskauskas, Gervase and Marissa Peterson, Tyson Apostol, Rachel Foulger, Colton Cumbie, Caleb Bankston, Tina Wesson, Katie Collins, Laura Morett, Ciera Eastin, Kat Edorsson, and Hayden Moss.

Once all of the votes have been counted, we’ll unveil the members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2013 in the week leading up to the “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” finale.

So, cast your vote today. And, follow the “Survivor” Hall of Fame on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the-minute updates and breaking news.

‘Survivor: Caramoan’ Fave Phillip: ‘I Have to Get the Girls to Like Me Better’

February 12, 2013

Phillip Sheppard (CBS)

I had a chance to sit down with all twenty of the “Fans vs. Favorites” competitors the day before they left for the Caramoan Islands. I’ll be posting exclusive interviews with each contestant every weekday until we get through all of them. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for tons of updates.

Name: Phillip Sheppard
Age: 54
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer of Enter Software Sales
Previous Finish: Phillip came in 2nd place in “Survivor: Redemption Island”
Memorable Moment: Phillip’s feud with Steve Wright made for some uncomfortable times around the Murlonio campfire.
Fun Fact: Phillip listed Cochran and Andrea as two of the players he is most like.

Note: The “Survivor: Caramoan” pre-game interviews are unlike the pre-game interviews we’ve done in the past. Usually, the interviews take place on location, this time they took place in Los Angeles before the players flew out. At this point, all the “Favorties” know is that they’re flying out in the next few days. They have seen each other, but haven’t seen the new players.  They don’t know for sure where they’re going, and they don’t know any of the season’s twists.

Set Your DVR to Record ‘Survivor: Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’

Gordon Holmes: I heard you had a feather with you, where is it?
Phillip Sheppard: I gave it up earlier. I thought I was at my last interview earlier.
Holmes: Heartbroken!
Sheppard: I apologize for that.

Holmes: This is my takeaway from your time on “Survivor.” Everyone who watches it says, “Phillip’s crazy, Phillip’s nuts.” You talk to Boston Rob, who has an amazing skill for being able to read people, and he says, “Phillip’s a good guy.” Where’s the real Phillip in that?
Sheppard: Well, think about a time in your life where you found yourself extremely uncomfortable and you had to put something on display that got you through that situation. You’re in a bar and you’ve had a drink or two. Some guy in the bar doesn’t like you. You don’t want to have to fight him, you’re trying to figure out a way out of the situation. So, you put something on display so you can walk away from that situation. I found myself in a situation where every single person on the Ometepe tribe was in love with Boston Rob. It was to the point where if he got up to go to the bathroom, the whole tribe would get up with him. I remember thinking, I can’t get these people to talk strategy with me. But, I got to the end. Why? Because I figured out there was something that Boston Rob needed.  Whenever Boston Rob played in the past, he put out that he was a threat. He couldn’t hide who he really was. So I said, “I can help you, Boston Rob.” I proceeded to put out this aspect of my personality that was overblown. I went big and everybody in the game and those watching at home perceived something that’s not there. Is he crazy? Why’s he wearing pink underwear? Why’s he yelling at the girls? It’s so the girls would go to Boston Rob and complain about me. They weren’t talking about him, they were talking about me. Perception is everything.
Holmes: Speaking of which, “Survivor” doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Odds are the people you’re playing this game with will have seen “Redemption Island.” How do you use that to your advantage?
Sheppard: As a former federal agent…
Holmes: (Laughs) I missed that.
Sheppard: It’s good to be back. But, counter-intelligence is about putting something on display that other people embrace or not. So, I deliberately came in here to all of these meetings with the contestants and what did I do? I wore a pink band so their subconscious would think, “That’s the guy that wore the pink underwear. I wonder if he’s going to wear the pink underwear again. He’s crazy!” I brought a feather with me which was a foot-long. A good poker player wears glasses so you can’t figure out what’s going on. Because your eyes will reveal the truth. I’m going to give them a little of the old guy, with a twist. I’m going to wear these ultra-shiny, blue Adidas sneakers that you couldn’t give away in a store. They’re going to see me the first time and they’re going to think they can control me just like Boston Rob. But, they’re not Boston Rob and I’m not going to be the same guy.

Holmes: You worked with Boston Rob last time, are you going to lead the pack this time around?
Sheppard: I’m going to make an alliance with some key people. It’s going to be a stealth alliance only you at home will know. I’m working with Andrea, I’m working with Cochran, whoever it’s going to be.

Holmes: Coach did a great job of taking the Coach persona of this wild and crazy guy and spinning it. He’d say, “Yeah, that’s what you saw on TV, but this is what I’m really like.” Is that going to be part of your plan?
Sheppard: Absolutely. I would say the difference in my display is that I’m playing with returning players. Coach was in a situation where he was playing with new people. Those new players are shaking in their boots. There’s an aspect of “Survivor” where if you haven’t played it…whoa! Now it’s a reality. A returning player has it covered. I have to do it a little different. I can’t show the new aspect to everybody. I have to be very selective. There are some people in this game that I have to be…pardon my French…damn…sure that they think I’m that crazy guy. But, I’ve got people on this season like Brandon Hantz. I don’t have to compete with him, I just have to shut up. When he’s on display and he’s doing his thing, I’ll just be quiet until it’s time for him to go home. Francesca? I fully expect her to go home.

Holmes: OK, this strategy is very unique. My question is; how do you get this to translate into jury votes?
Sheppard: Hey guys, you all saw me in Season 22. I’m the guy who played a certain way, came into the final Tribal Council and basically told you that you should vote for this guy and forget about me. That seemed crazy, you couldn’t understand it. I heard many people say that I could’ve said something different and they would’ve given me their vote. Well, I didn’t then because I thought that that jury wouldn’t give me the vote. But, as I sit here today, I look at each of you and you’ve each had the opportunity to play this game with me. You realize I played the game once and got to the end, and I’ve done it again. The difference is, I let some of you in. I let you know who the real Phillip Sheppard is. He’s speaking to you now. He’s a highly functioning and intelligent person who knows how to play the game of “Survivor” in a unique and different kind of way. I think I earned your vote, will you vote for me?
Holmes: So part of your strategy will be letting people in who will end up on the jury?
Sheppard: Right, it’s going to be a tough thing to pull off. But I think there’s a way if I don’t overdo it. I can’t do too many of the old Phil Sheppards. Like the girls, I don’t care if none of them work. You’re not going to hear me say, “Get up and get to work! This is not a beauty parlor!” None of that is going to happen. I have to get the girls to like me better.

Holmes: If there is a twist, what do you think it will be?
Sheppard: If I’m Probst, I’m going to bring out fans and favorites. Then I’m going to mix you up in a pot, then separate you. Now what are you going to do? And this is where the gift of the Specialist, the Stealth R Us Inc.
Holmes: Oh, it’s incorporated now?
Sheppard: (Laughs) Not really. It was an organization that was highly effective the first time. And it is time for it to return. I will create an alliance that is so strong that no matter what happens, no matter what divisions occur, that when the alliance comes together again, it comes together again. Let’s say I get you working with me, then Probst divides us. Then after the merge we come back together. Suddenly, we’re back as Stealth R Us Inc.
Holmes: So, you’re accepting applications?
Sheppard: I’m recruiting. I’ll be recruiting the most effective and the most loyal people that can do the job.

Holmes: What are your first impressions of the cast?
Sheppard: I think I’ve got an excellent chance of winning “Survivor.”
Holmes: Based on…?
Sheppard: Based on John Cochran is a guy who is highly smart. He has a tremendous knowledge of the game. What he lacked was someone to bring him in and keep him in. Anyone that joins my alliance, they’re going to stay very close to me until the end of the game. I look at Andrea. Andrea was a hard worker. She’s young, I have to be sure that she has matured enough. She’s gotta trust me this time. I’m hoping with all the press and that she’s seen me play that she can appreciate that I’m a little different, but I know how to play this game. Corinne, she played in Gabon with Bob Crowley. The girl’s a hard worker, she was very loyal in that game. She’s a little bit of a pistol. If I can contain her, she’d be someone I’d like to work with. I look for what I call a “dispensable lieutenant.” How do you like that? A point guy who’s part of the advance party who unfortunately gets shot. I’d like to see Brenda like that. And then, I’d like to work with Brandon, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. I’ve got to have people who are loyal and when I tell them they have to be quiet, they have to be quiet. I can’t have Brandon spilling the beans.

Holmes: I was going to ask why you were brought back, but I’m pretty sure I know.
Sheppard: Why was I brought back?
Holmes: You were entertaining and had unique strategies.
Sheppard: Yeah, I’m entertaining, but also…
Holmes: You’re playing the game right now. You woke up this morning and put on a pink bracelet and a feather in an attempt to gain an advantage in a game you won’t be starting for another few days.
Sheppard: Yes. But I will say to you that Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett are two people who understand me as a man. I’m a guy who is very comfortable in my skin and can pretty much do anything. When I was a federal agent, one of the things they said to me was, “You’re one of those guys you can do anything in life.” I never forgot that quote. I can be a CEO of a company. I can write a novel like I did at (Phillip’s novel “The Specialist” is now available for purchase on Once I apply my mind to it I can do anything. I can even wear pink underwear.

Don’t miss the 90-minute premiere of “Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites,” Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

‘Survivor: Philippines’ Recap: Everybody Hates Abi

December 12, 2012

'Survivor: Philippines' (CBS)

Quick Note: We’ve got a lot of “Survivor” stuff going on as we hit the home stretch. We inducted two members into the “Survivor” Hall of Fame this week; Amanda Kimmel and Rob Cesternino. We’ll be inducting a third this Friday at 2 p.m. ET. This Sunday we’ll have a full recap of the finale immediately after the episode. And, next Monday we’ll have an interview with the winner of “Survivor: Philippines.” Then I’ll leave you alone…

For a while…

Set Your DVR to Record “Survivor: Philippines”

Last Week: Abi found herself without any backing, Lisa’s brother thought her strategic game was lacking, and some blonde guy the producers claim had been on the show from the beginning was sent packing.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Dangrayne Tribe (wearing black)

Abi-Maria – Business Student, 32
Denise – Sex Therapist, 41
Lisa – Former ‘Facts of Life’ Star, 49
Malcolm – Bartender, 25
Michael – Professional Speaker, Author, and Coach, 50

It’s high fives all around after Tribal Council as everyone is psyched to be a part of the final five. Even Abi is in a good mood as she thought her time was up. She isn’t sure if anybody bought her immunity idol bluff, but she’s prepared to try it again. C’mon Abi, it’s like trying to convince people you have four aces in a game of Uno.

Later, Malcolm is concerned because Lisa said she wanted to be with people she could beat. Wait, there are people Lisa can beat?

The next morning, Abi tries to convince Lisa that Skupin, Malcolm, and Denise are plotting against her. Lisa doesn’t buy it for a second, but I’ll give credit to Abi for trying to get something going.

Lisa lets us know that she intends to use Abi for her best game plan, whether if that’s a final three or to have Abi on the jury. Lisa, you need Abi by your side at the final Tribal. You can not beat Denise or Malcolm. It’s debatable if you can beat Skup.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will race up and over a slide and into the water. In the water they’ll retrieve some rings. They’ll return to the beach, drop off the rings, then do it again. Once they have all of their rings they’ll compete in a ring toss. First one to land five rings wins a trip to do some pizza eatin’ and whale shark watchin’.

Whoa! Probst says he knows it’s worth playing for. He doesn’t even ask. Dude’s getting cocky after 25 seasons.

We start off and Skup and Malcolm jump out to a quick lead. There’s like a slip ‘n slide at the end of the ramp which makes for some hilarious visuals as everyone skips across the beach.

Skup, Malcolm, and Denise are the first ones to start ring tossin’. It’s close between Skup and Malcolm, but Skup picks up the win.

Michael is allowed to take two buddies with him, so he chooses Malcolm (because he picked Skup last week) and Lisa (because they’re BFFs). Abi is not thrilled. As she walks away she not-so-subtly says “I guess my vote doesn’t mean anything.”

Back at Dangrayne, Abi and Denise are doing their best “Odd Couple” impersonation. Maybe they’re angling for the next Boston Rob vs. Russell season?

At the reward the trio enjoys some pizza and cookies on a boat. Aww…too bad Angie didn’t stick around longer.

Then, Skup drinks “pop” for the first time in 30 years and goes a little crazy. Oh great, the most accident-prone guy in the history of the show is on sugar high. Someone strap him to the boat “What About Bob” style.

Heh…”I’m sailing! I’m sailing!”

They discuss strategy afterward and Malcolm pitches the idea that they should get rid of Denise at the final four. Skup and Lisa don’t want to make the same mistake Penner did and agree to it.

Back at camp, Denise is not feeling well and has a weird bite mark on her neck. Lisa and Skup share a quick prayer to help her feel better. Oh man, remember how Roxy’s religious stuff drove Denise nuts earlier in the season? She must be hating this.

Fun Fact: If you think religion in “Survivor” is big now, go back and watch “Survivor: Marquesas.”

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will use planks to cross a rope bridge. As they cross they’ll collect pieces of a maze. They’ll then put the maze together and navigate a ball through it. First one to complete the maze wins immunity.

Malcolm has a lead, but falls off of the rope bridge at the very end and has to start over. Skup and Denise are the first ones through.

By the time Malcolm catches up, everyone is already working on their maze.

Then, Malcolm tears through the puzzle and wins immunity! That was pretty amazing. Also, that maze puzzle was very cool.

Back at camp, the fire explodes and nearly kills Skup. It’s like a greatest hits CD.

Later, Abi smartly gets in Skup’s ear and plays the “You can’t possibly beat Denise or Malcolm” card. Skup approaches Lisa with the plan and she’s completely on board. Their only concern is if Malcolm wins immunity at final four.

Denise approaches Malcolm about handing over his idol. He says he’d do it if the situation called for it. This makes no sense to me. If it’s the last Tribal he can use it and Abi’s going home either way, why not look good in front of the jury by protecting your buddy? He says he wants to give it to his mom. OK, it’s tough to argue with that.

That night at Tribal Council, Lisa commends Abi for not going down without a fight. Why’s she fighting if she has an idol?

Probst points out that Abi is the best person to take to the end because she’s the worst person who has ever existed. OK, he didn’t use those exact words, but it was close. Abi agrees that she is the perfect person to keep around.

Denise thinks it’s smart to take Abi if that’s the kind of game you want to play. Denise then says that Abi was lucky that she didn’t have to outwit or outplay because Tandang never went to Tribal Council.

Lisa smartly says that Tandang’s wins weren’t luck. Every Tandanger on the jury nods. This was like something a politician would do where they twist someone’s words around, because Denise was not saying Tandang was lucky to win, she was saying Abi was lucky to be on their tribe. Well played, Whelchel.

Abi doesn’t think anyone can beat Denise or Malcolm at the final Tribal. Whoa…it’s so weird to agree with Abi.

She then calls Skup an idiot and a moron and says that he’s giving away a million dollars. Skup tries to play it off, but she won’t let up. It’s kind of hilarious.

Malcolm thinks goats have won “Survivor” before, so taking Abi to the end might not be a great idea.

Voting Time: Abi votes for Denise, Denise votes for Abi, and the rest of the votes will wait for some tallying.

JPro does the aforementioned tallying and returns. He asks if anyone would like to play an idol and…Malcolm does not. Happy Holidays, Mrs. Freberg.

We’ve got one vote for Denise, two votes for Abi, and the fourteenth person to leave “Survivor: Philippines” and the seventh member of the jury is Abi.

As they’re walking away from Tribal holding their torches, Skup breaks out into a happy dance. How he didn’t set himself on fire, I’ll never know.

Verdict: I don’t think there’s ever been a time headed into a finale where I was cool with everyone winning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Team Malcolm, but I’m fine with the other three walking away with the check. (Not to mention that I picked three of the final four at the beginning of the season. Go me.)

Who’s Going to Win: Lisa and Skupin don’t have a chance. Malcolm and Denise have managed to skate through the second half of the game without ruffling any feathers. The only questions is; who wins if Malcolm and Denise both make it to the end? Right now, I think Malcolm has an edge with all of the Tandang votes.

Power Rankings Results: Kat and I got it right again. We both had Abi in spot five. So, the final score of the “Survivor: Philippines” Power Rankings Challenge is Team Kat: 133, Team Awesome Thunder: 134. I’d like to give Kat mad props (that’s a thing, right?) for being a fierce competitor.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

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