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My Stupid Little King Kong Bundy Story

March 6, 2019

BundyLife as an independent professional wrestler is certainly never dull. You get to travel great distances for an ever-changing amount of pay, wear flashy costumes, and rub elbows with people you were terrified of as a child.

Like the 6’4”, 458-pound giant known as King Kong Bundy.

Before my wrestling career, I knew him as the monster that chewed on Hulk Hogan’s head inside of a steel cage at Wrestlemania II and the sadistic sicko who body-slammed the diminutive (4’4”) Little Beaver at Wrestlemania III. But, after a while on the indy scene, I knew him as one of a collection of formerly big-league guys having fun and making a few bucks while trying to take as few bumps (or falls) as possible.


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