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‘Survivor: Samoa’ Episode 4 Recap: The End of the Evil Russell Show?

October 8, 2009

Last Week on “Survivor”: Galu continued to dominate the challenges, Jaison flexed his political clout with Evil Russell, and big mouth Ben got the boot.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here are the tribes as they currently stand…

Foa Foa (wearing yellow)

Ashley – 22 – Spa Sales
Elizabeth – 33 – Attorney
Jaison – 28 – Law Student
Mick – 33 – Doctor
Natalie – 26 – Pharmaceutical Sales
Russell H. – 36 – Oil Company Owner

Galu (wearing purple)

Brett – 23 – T-shirt Designer
Dave – 38 – Fitness Instructor
Erik – 28 – Bartender
John – 25 – Rocket Scientist
Kelly – 25 – Hair Stylist
Laura – 39 – Office Manager
Monica – 25 – Law Student
Russell S. – 42 – Attorney
Shannon – 45 – Sales
Yasmin – 33 – Hair Stylist

We join Foa Foa after tribal council and it seems like the living conditions are starting to get to Jaison. He even describes coming to Samoa as the worst decision of his life. Evil Russell takes this to mean that if Ben had stayed in the game that Jaison would have made good on his threat to quit. Evil Russell disapproves.

Back at Galu, Erik pulls Shambo aside and shares his assumption that the clues for the Foa Foa hidden immunity idol must work for both camps. As he’s trying to get the clue from Shambo, John coasts in using his aerodynamicness (not a real word) and steals Erik’s idea.

Tree mail arrives at Galu instructing the tribe leader to pick two tribe members to join him on a special mission. Mick chooses Evil Russell and Natalie, Good Russell chooses Shambo and Dave. They arrive at the location to find a treasure box and a chicken cage…but no Probst. Maybe he’s polishing his Emmy. (Sorry, Jeff…Emmys.)

Finally after waiting for who knows how long, the tribe members make a break for the items. Dave discovers instructions for the challenge, but not before Shambo has grabbed two chickens by the neck. PETA’s gonna love this. Dave reads the instructions for what basically amounts to a game of bocce ball.

Why no Probst for this? Is it because he’s only signed up for one more season and they want to show him he’s dispensable? Cause he’s not. Two Emmys…count ‘em!

The tribe leaders go first with Mick getting two balls closer to the pin. Shambo and Natalie go next, with Foa Foa keeping their balls the closest. Finally Evil Russell and Dave face off, with Dave sinking the final shot to win the chickens for Galu. Wow, even Ulong won the occasional reward challenge before being swept in “Survivor: Palau.”

Meanwhile back at Galu, Erik takes advantage of Galu’s nap time to find the immunity idol. Maybe during their cookies and juice break he can discuss strategy.

We’re seeing a lot of Galu this week, could this be the week they finally drop the immunity challenge?

When Good Russell and his bocce all stars return from the challenge, Good Russell lets Shambo know she’s in charge of the chickens. Shambo is cool with this because she raised chickens when she was younger. She then proceeds to try to talk to the chickens. Galu’s got their own mulleted chicken whisperer.

Apparently Shambo’s whispering knowledge doesn’t include the words “Don’t escape” as one promptly does. Erik gives chase, and in what is easily the highlight of the season thus far, clotheslines himself on a clothesline. That’s the thing with irony; it’s so ironic.

Back at Foa Foa, Evil Russell lets us know that he can’t trust Jaison to stay in the game. He now wants to align with Natalie, thinking she’ll ride his coattails because, “She’s too stupid to do it by herself.” Boy, between Ben/Yasmin and Russell/Natalie I can not WAIT for the reunion show. They should set up a ring.

Speaking of Yasmin, Kelly is cutting open a coconut while Yasmin watches. When Kelly opens it, Yasmin asks if there’s any milk in it. Kelly says there isn’t. Yasmin walks away and Kelly promptly takes a swig from it. Apparently the word around camp is that Yasmin is lazy and waits for everyone else to do work. Yeah, but how many awful speeches have the Galu members given to Foa Foa? Um…none. Yasmin’s totally pulling her weight in that category.

Immunity Challenge Time: And thankfully, Jeff is back. I was worried he’d been attacked by the wild packs of dogs that roam Samoa (apparently that really happens out there). For the challenge, they’ll race across a net run caring wooden blocks. Then they’ll need to craft a vertical stack with the blocks. From there they’ll have to go across a rope bridge for more blocks. First tribe to complete a second tall stack of blocks wins immunity.

Galu decides to sit Laura, Shambo, Dave, and Good Russell.

Five “Survivor” points says Galu Ga-loses.

Note: “Survivor” points have no cash value.

Both tribes race across the net quickly, Galu manages to get their blocks stacked first. Foa Foa is right behind them. On the rope bridge, Monica is extremely slow while Ashley and Natalie manage to make up a ton of time.

At the second block-stacking portion Foa Foa has trouble untying their block bags, but they eventually overcome Galu’s lead and win their first immunity.

Oh, and you owe me five “Survivor” points.

Back at camp, Good Russell is blaming Monica for losing the challenge. Dave and his crew seem to be leaning toward Yasmin. Meanwhile, I’m giddy to finally learn about the alliances in Galu.

Later on, Yasmin tells Shambo that the reason she doesn’t do anything around camp is because she doesn’t want anyone to say anything bad about her if she does something wrong.

Uh huh.


Sorry, I needed a minute or two with that one. Back to your regularly scheduled recap.

Russell seems to be willing to go to bat for Yasmin. And the others are worried about going against him because he’s the leader. He’s taking this leader thing seriously, which is weird. I’d assume any smart player would downplay that as much as possible. The next coup d’etat could be only a tribal council away.

Speaking of which, that night at tribal council Brett calls Yasmin out for not doing much around camp. Yasmin claims that she might not belong in the jungle because she’s wearing heels. And sure enough, the camera cuts down to show her heels. How are we just learning about this now?! Damn you, Evil Russell and your camera hogging ways!

Afterwards, Yasmin calls Monica out for performing poorly in the challenge.

Dave’s vote is for the good of the tribe while Laura’s vote depends on who helps the most around camp.

Voting Time: Shambo votes for Monica, Monica votes for Yasmin, Yasmin votes for Monica, Laura votes for Yasmin, and the rest are fortunately going to be read by Jeff and not farmed out to Dave like they were before the reward challenge. Two votes for Yasmin, two votes for Monica, three votes for Yasmin, and the fourth person voted out of “Survivor: Samoa” is…Yasmin.

Verdict: We made light of not getting to know Galu, but the edit team totally tipped their hand as to who was going to lose immunity. They need to be more careful with that. That being said, it’s good to finally get to know our friends in the purple tribe. And don’t get me wrong, it was nice to get a break from the “Evil Russell Show.”

Who’s Going to Win?
I think whoever is running things in Galu could win this game, and I think Dave is running things.

What Do You Think? What’s really going on at Galu? Were you secretly rooting for Foa Foa to finally win one? What should matter more; work around the camp or performance in challenges?

The ‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings: Round 3

October 7, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the amount of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 7 points and Gordon will receive 10 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Ben got the boot earning Taj 17 points and Gordon 12 points. The current score is now Taj: 43, Gordon: 45.

Before we get into this week’s rankings, we’re thinking of making this a little more interesting. Any thoughts on what Gordon and Taj should be playing for?

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1 Jaison: After taking a stand against Ben last week Jaison has earned my respect. After watching the first two shows I thought he was cool but now I think he’s amazing. The only thing that concerns me is his ability to throw in the towel so quickly. Next week’s preview makes him look like a chronic complainer which can get someone kicked out quickly in this game. Be careful, Jaison.
2 2 Russell H.: Russell changed his strategy so quickly in the last episode I felt like I had whiplash. Nice! So far, the only mistake I can see from Russell is his ability to pull out his HII for everyone to gain leverage. Eventually people will talk. There might be cracks in Evil Russell’s armor. Next week makes it look like Jaison and Russell will go at it. This match up was coming sooner or later especially if Foa Foa keeps losing.
3 4 Erik: He’s a guy on a winning team. There’s not much we’ve seen from him other than his ability to put the smackdown on Foa Foa. He was really not happy with Russell S’s choice in the challenge. I don’t think I was too happy with it either.
4 3 Russell S.: I love him to death BUT what in the world was he thinking leaving that tarp at the challenge? Dude, it’s going to rain and hard! I wonder if he’s ever watched the show before? Winning might be clouding his judgment. I still like him in the long run because he’s tough.
5 5 Brett: Other than Shambo, no one from the Galu tribe has had any problems since day one. The only problem now for them is what to do when it rains. Oh yeah, their leader left a perfectly good tarp at the challenge. Somebody might be in trouble. At least it’s not Brett.
6 6 Dave: Again, somebody’s pissed off about that tarp. You can kind of see a theme here. There’s nothing else to talk about.
7 10 John: See Dave.
8 7 Laura: Since the Galu tribe seems to win everything it seems impossible to get to know these women. “Pretty”, “likes doing yoga”, “enjoys pretending to be ‘Charlie’s Angels’” and “loves comfort items over a water-blocking tarp” is about the extent of it. I can’t believe that all of the women on the Galu tribe preferred comfort items instead of a dry tarp while living in the wild with nothing for 39 days. Maybe it won’t rain….sike! Clearly, pretty doesn’t always equate to sense. I have to say, I want the Galu tribe to lose the next challenge so I can have something really funny to say about them next week. I’m crossing my fingers!
9 8 Kelly: See Laura.
10 9 Monica: See Kelly.
11 11 Yasmin: See Monica. It also amazes me how this girl is so quiet with her tribe but destroys her social game in one visit with the other tribe. She’s not worried about a merge.
12 12 Shannon: She has already reached the breaking point with her tribe. Even with Russell S’s decision to go with the comfort items, Shambo will probably get the vote before him if the Galu tribe loses the next immunity challenge.
13 13 Mick: He’s such a sweet guy. I think he really believes that he has something with Evil Russell since he has seen his HII. That security will go right out of the window once he finds out that Russell has been showing everyone. Foa Foa needs to win a challenge or it will just be a matter of time before he is voted out.
14 14 Elizabeth: I’m slightly disappointed in Liz. With all of her degrees, Foa Foa has yet to win a challenge. All of them have had a puzzle of some sort that she hasn’t been able to figure out. My Stephen (from Tocantins) has one degree from Yale and he was amazing with puzzles. He was able to come from behind to win immunity by assigning numbers to letters to solve a puzzle in one of our challenges. That’s the kind of greatness I want to see from Liz. Step it up, woman!
15 15 Natalie: She was great in tribal council. I love the way she was able to stay neutral in the midst of so much tension. Good call because Evil Russell is still in the game.
16 16 Ashley: She was able to avoid the torch this time but unless her tribe can find a way to win a challenge she could very well be next on the chopping block. The women are not playing the game aggressively. Ashley needs to make a major move next week. Maybe she should reach out to Jaison for help. I’m almost positive that she won’t.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2
Russell H.: Evil Russell showed me he is capable of letting his ego take a backseat when he agreed with Jaison to vote Ben off. People may be sick of seeing him, but the truth is he’s playing this game on a different level than everyone else.
2 6 Erik: You know how you know Foa Foa is in trouble? Galu managed to win last week’s challenge without Brett and Erik. Erik’s best bet in this game is eventually going to involve a Colby Donaldson-esque immunity challenge run. I wouldn’t bet against him.
3 4 Dave: I think Dave could be the low-key, non-threatening, nice guy who silently leads a powerful alliance into the merge. Keep your eye on him.
4 3 Brett: Now that Brett’s chi has been harnessed during some Samoan yoga, who’s going to rattle him if Galu ever goes to tribal council? My main question surrounding Brett: how hard is it to be a t-shirt designer? Two holes for your arms, one for your head and you’re done. Oh…the funny logos and sayings that go on them. Yeah, that makes way more sense.
5 1 Russell S.: Russell made his first mistake in the game picking the blankets and towels over the tarps and the tools. Will this cost him the game? Of course not.
6 5 Laura: With all of the youngsters over at Galu, Laura would be smart to play a Mom role. Tina Wesson proved that position can be carried all the way to a million-dollar check.
7 7 Elizabeth: If Liz is smart (and…she is) she’s got to see that Evil Russell is running Foa Foa. If she just lays low and does as he says, she’s a cinch to make the merge. And from there, she can become a free agent.
8 10 Kelly: The more I see of Kelly the more I like her (get your minds out of the gutter). She did a very good job defending during last week’s challenge. She could be a threat in the second half of the game.
9 11 Monica: A Tip From Your Uncle Gordon: As soon as an episode of “Survivor” features more than 3 minutes with Galu, you know they’re going to lose the challenge. What does this have to do with Kelly? Not much, I just don’t know enough about her to write anything else.
10 14 John: Has John said anything stupid since his “Wind Resistance” comment? I feel bad judging him based on one comment that was made three weeks ago.
11 9 Mick: Mick seems to be playing a low-key game, which is odd for someone with his looks and size. I don’t see him lasting long, because the Foa Foa members who have left the game haven’t spoken very highly of him.
12 8 Jaison: Good for Jaison for getting rid of Ben last week, but his little stratagem shows me that winning the game isn’t the most important thing to him. He’s gone shortly after a merge.
13 13 Yasmin: Nothing new from Yasmin this week, but I can’t imagine her attitude has been a big hit over at Galu.
14 15 Natalie: The big question that I have about Natalie is this: Is she smartly playing Evil Russell by not expressing her opinion, or does she just have no opinion?
15 16 Shannon: Anyone finding irony in the fact that the person who least gets along with the “90210 Alliance” is someone named Shannon? (OK, maybe it should be “Shannen.” OK, maybe the whole joke was flawed from the start. OK, back to “Rambo” jokes next week.) That being said, she could do well in a merge with how well she got along with Foa Foa.
16 17 Ashley: It can’t feel good to know if your tribe loses another challenge you’ll be the next to go. It must feel worse when your tribe is batting .000 in immunity challenges.

‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview – Ben Browning

October 2, 2009

There are two kinds of villains on “Survivor.” On one hand you have the people who play the game in a questionable fashion like Richard Hatch and Evil Russell Hantz. On the other you have players whose personalities rub people the wrong way like Sue Hawk and “Survivor: Samoa’s” recent castaway Ben Browning. We spoke with Samoa’s resident “Outlaw” the day after his booting to get the dirt on his tribal council debate with Jaison and why some members of Foa Foa are actually quite fond of him…

Gordon Holmes: Last night at tribal council it got pretty ugly between you and Jaison. He felt some of the comments you’d made toward Yasmin such as calling her “Ghetto Trash” were racist.

Ben Browning: I just have to laugh cause it’s so far from the truth. I’m not a racist. I’d say I’m a personality-ist. If you have a bad personality and come at me with something like that, hell yeah I’m going to call you out. It had nothing to do with race whatsoever. Yasmin said she was from the hood and she was from the ghetto and whatever. If you’re going to pull that and then I call you on it and call you “Ghetto Trash” that has nothing to do with the color of your skin. If Jaison wants to think that, then c’mon.
Gordon: He ended up turning that around saying that if you can’t see that as being able to be misconstrued as being racist then you’re ignorant.
Ben: He turned it one way or another, so maybe he’s a better lawyer than I thought in the beginning. (Laughs) Jaison is a really smart guy, but at the same time he overthinks things and I think he’s way too sensitive. And, if that’s his way to make people think I’m racist and they need to get rid of me, then props to him because he worked his magic and I was gone.

Gordon: Were you shocked at all when you were voted out?

Ben: No, I kind of had a feeling.
Gordon: What tipped you off?
Ben: Well, I was wearing the flint around my neck and it caused quite a big stir. And Mick ended up after me for the flint, and Russell came over. It just made me suspicious right off the bat.
Gordon: You’re the only one who knows how to use it, so what difference does it make?
Ben: (Laughs) I guess we’ll see.

Gordon: We’ve been shown all of these negative things about you, but when I spoke to Betsy and Mike last week, they seemed to really enjoy you. So, what aren’t we seeing in the show that makes you a likable guy?
I took care of the girls a lot.  I went and got crabs, I caught a chicken, and all kinds of stuff that you didn’t see.  I made sure the girls were well watered and well fed. I gave the girls my jeans at night so they could snuggle up.
Gordon: Wait, you caught a chicken?
Ben: Yeah, I did with my bare hands. There’s a lot of things you didn’t see…like Jaison throwing temper tantrums in the middle of the night.

Gordon: Now apparently you and Jeff Probst had it out at tribal council a few episodes ago, but we didn’t get to see much of it. What happened there?
You know what? I really like Probst because basically his job is calling people out. And, I just kind of gave him a taste of his own medicine. I’d like to have beers with him, but at the same time there was a lot of shady stuff going on in that challenge (Episode 2’s Schmergen’s Brawl challenge) and what I did was just smart play. Why would I try to tackle Russell (Swan)? He’s just a muscle machine. But if I kick this guy’s legs out from under him he’s going to eat dirt. Jeff wanted to single me out, so I singled him out right back.

Gordon: Jeff does a recap of every episode where he said you could probably take him in a fight. You think you could take him?
Ben: (Laughs) Probably not. That’s so not me. It’s funny.
Gordon: Cause I would think he has a low center of gravity, and he seems to be in decent shape. He could shoot in and snag a leg like a wrestler.
Ben: (Laughs)  I’m not going to have the “Fighting Jeff Probst conversation.”  I’m a lot bigger than Jeff, I’m younger, I fight kind of dirty. Do I worry about myself in an altercation? Absolutely not. Would I fight Jeff Probst? No, he’s actually a pretty cool dude.

Gordon: What were your impressions of Mick?
I think Mick was not a leader at all. I thought he was going to be very athletic, but in the Schmergen Brawl challenge he got his (expletive deleted) kicked by Erik. What they didn’t show was that he was down and out for a whole round pretty much. He and Erik ran into each other and butted heads and Mick was seeing stars for quite a while.

Gordon: We haven’t seen much from Natalie, what do you think of her?
Natalie is probably one of the biggest sweethearts you’ll ever meet. She’s just a little southern belle and I don’t have anything bad to say about her.
Gordon: And Liz?
Ben: Liz is very intelligent. She’s a really smart girl, I thought she was cool. Some of the other girls started ganging up on her and I warned her.

Gordon: Marisa didn’t have the nicest things to say about you when I spoke to her. Where did all that stem from?
Ben: Basically laziness. When you’re camping, there are certain things you need to do. When you’re on “Survivor” you need shelter, food, and water. I was just tired of her being so lackadaisical about stuff. And sometimes you have to be in a hurry, you don’t know when you’re going to be called off to a challenge. It really sucked that she was being so slow. I’m someone if you mouth off to me, I’ll turn it around and make you look stupid.
Gordon: I’m doing my best to not mouth off to you.
Ben: (Laughs) A lot of that comes from working behind a bar and having to work with drunk people.
Gordon: Going into the show, you had to know it was a social game. Did it occur to you to tone those kinds of tendencies down?
Ben: You just kind of have to go along with it once you get there. You can’t make a game plan. Did I have any hard feelings and do I give a (expletive deleted) what people think? Absolutely not.

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Episode 3 Recap: Have You Seen This Tribe?!

October 1, 2009

LOST: One tribe, ten members, one glorious mullet. Last seen on the isle of Samoa. Answers to the name “Galu.” If found, please contact the CBS editing team…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here are the tribes as they currently stand…

Foa Foa (wearing yellow)

  • Ashley – 22 – Spa Sales
  • Ben – 28 – Bar Manager
  • Elizabeth – 33 – Attorney
  • Jaison – 28 – Law Student
  • Mick – 33 – Doctor
  • Natalie – 26 – Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Russell H. – 36 – Oil Company Owner

Galu (wearing purple)

  • Brett – 23 – T-shirt Designer
  • Dave – 38 – Fitness Instructor
  • Erik – 28 – Bartender
  • John – 25 – Rocket Scientist
  • Kelly – 25 – Hair Stylist
  • Laura – 39 – Office Manager
  • Monica – 25 – Law Student
  • Russell S. – 42 – Attorney
  • Shannon – 45 – Sales
  • Yasmin – 33 – Hair Stylist


It’s the morning after the booting of Betsy (Betsy’s booting?) and Jaison and Mick have come to the conclusion that Ben should be the next to go. Jaison thinks Ben came very close to saying something to Yasmin that would have made him lose it. So “Hooker” and “Ghetto Trash” are acceptable?

Next, Russell asks Natalie who she thinks should go next. Natalie has no opinion. Well played, Natalie. Russell tends to vote off those who have opinions.

Later that day, Ben is trying to teach Mick how to start a fire but Mick can’t quite figure it out. This causes Ben to come to the conclusion that without him Foa Foa will probably freeze and starve.  Then Ben lets Elizabeth know that she’s not capable of starting a fire because she’s a woman. But he means this in the nicest possible way.

He also lets us know how fulfilling his bowel movements have been. And right about now I’m missing Coach’s poetry.

Meanwhile at some other mysterious second tribe’s camp, some anonymous tribe members are enjoying some relaxing yoga. One of the tribe members (who has a sweet mullet) does not approve as she’s busy getting firewood and water. This may be all we see of Galu this week.

Back on “The Russell H. Show,” Russell lets Ben know that Ashley was gunning for him.  Ben confronts Ashley with this, but she uses proper grammar, so it doesn’t burst into an argument.

Back at Galu, the reward challenge tree mail includes the tribe’s swimsuits. Oh, I see. Now that Galu has girls in bikinis we’ll get to spend some time with them. I don’t have a problem with this.

Immunity Challenge Time: Two members from each tribe will go out into the ocean to retrieve a crate. A defender from the opposing tribe will try to tackle them to stop them. Wait, wrestling and bikinis? Get the blur button ready! Once they return with the crate, they’ll send out two more people. Once they have all four crates, they’ll have to put them in the proper order. First team to get their crates in the proper order wins immunity and bedding, towels, and candles.

Since it’s a six-person challenge, Foa Foa has to sit out one man and Galu has to sit out two women and two men. Foa Foa chooses Evil Russell to sit, while Galu chooses Yasmin, Shambo, Erik, and Brett.

During the challenge, Kelly and Ashley both do commendable jobs as defenders. And, true to my prediction, the blur made several appearances. Ben on the other hand did a terrible job as a defender. The Galu men had no problem running by him on their way to building a huge lead. During the puzzle portion of the challenge, Galu’s lead held up as they quickly completed the puzzle and claimed their third consecutive immunity victory.

Good Russell is given the opportunity to trade the bedding items for tarps, kitchen items, and other things. Russell chooses the bedding. The female members of Galu are pleased, the male members, including Dave (who refers to himself as “Danger Dave”) would have chosen the hardware.

“Danger Dave?” That’s the worst “Survivor” nickname since the days of Colby “The Colbster” Donaldson.

Good Russell also has to choose a tribe member to visit Foa Foa. Good Russell sends Shambo, thus hopefully saving us from any more racist rants from Ben.

Back at Foa Foa, Shambo is doing things a little bit differently then Yasmin. She tells Mick they call him “Mick Dreamy,” she tells Elizabeth she’s a tough competitor, and she compliments Ben on his smile.  Everyone seems to love her…everyone except for Evil Russell. Russell reminds us that he’s the boss. Got it. I’m going to write that down so he doesn’t have to say it 40 times an episode.

Meanwhile, things aren’t all yoga and rainbows back at Galu. John and Erik are very annoyed that Good Russell didn’t take the tarp and the hardware.

Politicking at Foa Foa takes a strange turn as Jaison says he’s considering quitting the game if Ben isn’t voted out. However, Russell wants Ashley to go next. Mick makes a power play where he says he’ll vote for Ashley this time if Russell promises that Ben is the next to go. In order to solidify his alliance with Mick, Russell shows him the immunity idol.

Jaison lets it be known that he intends to go off on Ben at tribal council to the degree that if Ben stays around it’ll make for awkward times around the campfire. Now Evil Russell has something to consider; tribal harmony vs. breaking up the female alliance that he thinks Ashley could create.

That night at tribal, Jaison lives up to his word by getting into it with Ben. Jaison calls Ben a bully and says that his outlaw persona is a joke. Ben calls Jaison a baby and says that he throws temper tantrums when they lose immunity challenges.

J-Pro asks Natalie what she thinks of this. She again has no opinion. Gotta give Natalie this, she’s consistent.

The comments Ben made toward Yasmin were then brought up. Jaison believes those comments were racist. Ben takes offense to this, saying those comments were not meant to be racist and, “If she’s from the ghetto and she’s trashy, that’s ‘Ghetto Trash.’” Jaison thinks that if Ben can’t see how that could be taken as racist, then he is ignorant.

Voting Time:
Ashley votes for Ben, Ben votes for Ashley, and the other five votes will have to wait until…now. One vote Ashley, three votes for Ben, and the third person voted out of “Survivor: Samoa” and the fourth person to leave overall is…Ben.

Verdict: This vote taught me a lot about Evil Russell. Up until now, it’s been his way or the highway. Someone crosses him, they go home. Now we know he’s willing to take a step back in order to win the confidence of other members of his tribe. He’s a dangerous player, but that Galu vs. Foa Foa numbers advantage may be too much to overcome at this point.

Who’s Going to Win? Now that Monica has her 80s socks and a bikini, I don’t see how anyone can stop her.

What Do You Think? Were Ben’s comments to Yasmin racist? Was it foolish to vote off Ben when Foa Foa keeps losing challenges?  Would you have chosen the bedding items or the utility items?

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