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Help for the Fashion Challenged

February 24, 2011

I’m a big believer in experimenting with your look. That’s why I didn’t cut my hair for a year and a half.

Note: Actually, I’ve never cut my hair, but you know what I’m talking about.

Another Note: I’m the guy to the left in that picture. The guy on the right doesn’t have to worry about his hair at all. (But he does have a sweet Web series).

I always assumed I would let it grow until I was sick of it or until the alliance partner put her foot down. Oddly enough, that day never came. Despite how gross it was in the hot Nicaraguan sun, what a pain it was to dry, or how much it drove my frenemy Kerry nuts I still kinda liked it.

Yet Another Note: Truthfully, I loved how much Kerry hated it.


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