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‘Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway Artis Silvester: ‘I Did Not Like Abi’

November 15, 2012

Artis Silvester and Jeff Probst (CBS)

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I figured I’d be speaking to Jonathan “Normal” Penner this morning. It seemed like a done deal that Tandang would stick together and start picking of the remnants of Matsing and Kalabaw.

I didn’t see it coming. But, Artis did.

I spoke with the Artis Silvester the morning after his elimination to get his thoughts on his alliance with Abi and Pete, how he knew his number was up, and the player that he has a personal problem with…

Gordon Holmes: You tweeted a couple of minutes ago that your whole story wasn’t out there. Well, here’s your chance; what’s the whole story?
Artis Silvester: (Laughs) What I meant by that is my alignment with Pete was a genuine one. The fact that Abi was there probably aided the public perception of me being this horrible, angry person. When I actually had the time of my life.
Holmes: That leads nicely into my next question. You seemed like a delightful fellow in the pre-game interview. What I saw on TV was much different. When I talked to RC she said she wasn’t a fan of Artis in the game, but Artis in real life is a good guy.
Silvester: (Laughs)
Holmes: So, was your portrayal accurate?
Silvester: Well…yes. But in the game things happen. People start doing things. From a physical and a mental standpoint, I knew what I was getting in to. I was prepared to go days without eating and days without sleeping. I was ready for the backstabbing. The problem I had is that we didn’t have to do any of that this season. We really didn’t. A lot of the going off and talking, a lot of the early gameplay was absolutely unnecessary for our tribe. We should have had a vacation all the way through to the merge. But, in order for that to happen we had to stop playing so early. And that was drawing lines in the sand. We were dividing ourselves early and there was no need for that.

Holmes: One of the “Survivor” 101 rules is to keep the people in the bottom of your alliance happy so they won’t flip. But, when Tandang was dominating the early challenges, you guys were still ostracizing RC and Skupin.
Silvester: Let me clear something up. I did not like Abi. Abi was this baggage that I had to take in my alliance with Pete. The problem is when you get in a situation like that and people see people going off and talking, playing the game that early, you pretty much draw a line in the sand. I didn’t go out and make an alliance with anyone. I got approached by the alliance that I was in. At no point in time did I think that our tribe should have been dissolved, even with my distaste for one of the numbers.

Holmes: I thought Penner was a goner last night. Were you as shocked as I was?
Silvester: No. That’s the biggest thing, I was never blindsided. I had ran the scenario that night and prior to Tribal Council. I said to myself, “The logical thing is, they’d gone after Pete twice, and now they’re going to come after me.” There was only one person that I had to convince to stay with me, that would ensure me advancement. There was only way I was going home.
Holmes: So, when you were making the long walk, you knew it was Skupin.
Silvester: When the names started coming up I was looking for that one vote in that one handwriting. And if you watch it, at that point in time that’s where I put my head down and I knew I didn’t do a good enough job in convincing that person to stay with me. But no, I was not blindsided.

Holmes: Let’s get into some word association. We’ll start with Pete.
Silvester: Frat brat. (Laughs)
Holmes: Abi?
Silvester: Abi is unbelievably crazy.
Holmes: Penner?
Silvester: Brilliant.
Holmes: Carter?
Silvester: Gullible.
Holmes: Denise?
Silvester: Fantastic. I love Denise.
Holmes: Malcolm?
Silvester: (Laughs) Smart, got a good game…likable.
Holmes: Lisa?
Silvester: I like Lisa. Lisa wants to be…how can I put this…she’s very persuadable because she’s a fan of the game and she wants to play the game. But, she listens to too many people.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Skupin.
Silvester: Oh my goodness. I’m not going to comment on that one.
Holmes: That’s not how this works.
Silvester: (Laughs) Ohhhh…I want to comment on that one. I have a problem with Mike and it’s a personal vendetta and Mike knows what he did. I do not like to talk about people behind their back. I have a very personal problem with Mike. I’m amazed with how he’s proceeded.
Holmes: Normally when two people have issues in this game, it’s specifically about the game. How is this different? Is it deeper?
Silvester: Yes, yes it is. I can understand anybody’s gameplay. Gameplay is fine. But, when you start dealing with things on a personal level. Like I don’t like you on a personal level, I’m not going to candy coat it and hide it. I’ll confront you about it in case I was wrong, and in this instance, I was not wrong.
Holmes: I find that surprising. I’ve spoken with Skupin on several occasions and he’s always had a reputation for being a likable guy.
Silvester: That’s all it is is a reputation.
Holmes: So, what did he do that rubbed you the wrong way?
Silvester: Actually, I can’t comment on that.
Holmes: Fair enough. The mind races…

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‘Survivor: Philippines’ Pre-Game Interview: Artis Silvester

September 13, 2012

Artis Silvester (CBS) sent me deep into the wilderness on a mission to bring you all kinds of “Survivor” stuff including behind-the-scenes tidbits, pre-game interviews with the cast, insights from “Survivor” host Jeff Probst and Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, a look at the first Tribal Council, and much more. I’ll be cranking out this goodness daily, so be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute updates on all of this season’s “Survivor” fun.

Name: Artis Silvester
Home: Terry Town, LA
Occupation: Computer Engineer
Tribe: Tandang
Awesome Fact: Artis overcame stage-four cancer.

Gordon Holmes: Now, I understand that you kicked stage-four cancer’s butt? Is that accurate?
Artis Silverster: (Laughs) Yes, it is. The way they found it was totally ironic. I used to look like an NFL linebacker. I was huge. Then I got a pain in my shoulder and I thought it just wasn’t healing right. And, I had a little bump on my chin that just wasn’t healing right. One day at the gym I get under this weight that I can normal put up. Blind, deaf, and dumb I can put this weight up. I take it off the bar and it comes crashing down on my chest. I decide I need to get this bump looked at. They couldn’t figure out what it was. They figured it was a cyst. They go to remove it, the doctor says they saw the bump protruding through my neck muscles. So they peeled back the muscles and a mass plopped out the size of a Roman tomato. They sent it for testing, it came back cancerous. They say do you smoke? No. Do you drink? No. Do you lay out in the sun? No. Are you white? No. We don’t understand how you got it.
Holmes: Whoa…hold the phone. You’re not white?
Silvester. I know! It was like, we don’t understand how you got it, but you got it. You should play the lottery. Only an act of God could’ve given me this thing.
Holmes: How did it affect you physically?
Silvester: I went from being able to bench almost 400 pounds to not being able to lift the bar off of the rack.
Holmes: The bar’s what…45 pounds?
Silvester: Yeah.
Holmes: That must’ve been devastating. I’ve heard stories of bodybuilders who are forced to quit steroids. They can literally see themselves getting smaller and it’s too much for them to deal with.
Silverster: Yeah. I literally laid there and cried in the middle of the gym for about an hour. It sent me into a deep depressive state.
Holmes: And now?
Silvester: I’m not as strong as I was, but I beat my doctor’s expectations.

Holmes: What are your plans for the next thirty nine days?
Silvester: The thing is, I have an ability to create a comfort zone around myself. When you look at me, if I’m not smiling or talking, it looks like I’m about ready to take your head off.
Holmes: Let’s test this out; stop smiling.
(Artis stops smiling.)
Holmes: OK, knock it off, you’re freaking me out.
Silvester: (Laughs) With this group, when I walked in I thought, “Oh man, I’m the biggest thing here. That is not going to fare well.” We can’t talk, so I’m sitting there not saying anything. They probably think I’m the biggest (expletive deleted) going. Or, they think I’m going to run over anybody. I can’t do anything until I’m with my tribe, but I need to create a comfort zone to ensure my survival for the first few rounds. After that, I’ve got them. Once we get to the merge I know that I can win every single immunity challenge. But, I’ll have a couple of girls on my side, so I won’t need to win every challenge.
Holmes: What are your first impressions of the cast?
Silvester: They’re incredible. I’ve enjoyed every single aspect. I’ve been playing the game since we got here. I’ve been figuring out who I want on my tribe, who I don’t want on my tribe. Who I can work with. I’ve got all of this worked out. The only thing that’s missing is the twist that evens up the men and the women.

Holmes: Are you a “Survivor” fan?
Silvester: I’ve probably applied to be on this show more than any person in “Survivor” history.
Holmes: How many times.
Silvester: At least 15 or 17.
Holmes: I know Gillian (Larson) from Gabon applied a lot. But you might have her beat.
Silvester: The only seasons I missed applying were because of being sick.

Holmes: I’m going to read directly from your bio, “Pet Peeves: Know-it-all people, bullies, people who prey on weaker people.” I’m betting you’re going to run into some of that in the next thirty nine days.
Silvester: Yes.
Holmes: Can you internalize and keep your cool around these people?
Silvester: No. (Laughs) I will confront a bully. I will confront them head on because they’re just weak. They pick on people they know are scared of them. I’ll show you you can be dominated just as well. If it costs me, it costs me.

Holmes: Will you lie to get ahead?
Silvester: Yes. People lie to get themselves out of situations. It may not be part of their demeanor in everyday life. But we’ll do something out of character to help ourselves.
Holmes: Are you prepared to flirt to get ahead?
Silvester: I don’t think I’m going to have to. I really don’t. This is something that I will not tell anybody out there; I’m probably twice the age of those people. But there are at least two women who are going to try to get ahead by flirting.
Holmes: Who are those two?
Silvester: One will be the girl with the hooker pumps and the dress. She’s changed swimsuits three or four times since we’ve been here today. Barbie may have to flirt, but she’s so young and naïve that she might fall for someone who’ll bring her along.

Holmes: If you could align with any former “Survivor” player, who would it be and why?
Silvester: “Boston” Rob, because he’s not a survivalist, but he’s an expert manipulator of people. His people skills are what got him the win. The ability to make people believe that he cares for them. Nobody can take them deeper than him.
Holmes: You’re not worried about him playing you?
Silvester: He’s got to play me. I know that. It has to happen at some point in time. If you believe that you can align with someone who will never play you, you are foolish.

Holmes: OK, when you conquer “Survivor: Philippines” in much the same way you conquered cancer, what are your plans for the money?
Silvester: There are so many people that have supported me. I have not been able to repay them. So a portion of that money would go back to repaying those people. Naturally, you’re going to take care of your family. Believe it or not, my ex-wife, who I’m still emphatically in love with and trying to hopefully some how get back together. And my little stepdaughter who is the apple of my eye. As far as she is concerned, I am her daddy. I told her I’ll always be her daddy, I’ll never, ever leave her.
Holmes: Why aren’t you and your ex-wife still together?
Silvester: We ended…and it was my fault. It had zero to do with infidelity, but it had to do with me not allowing her to trust me. It was a trust issue. That’s my fault. I don’t think I understood what it took to be a husband. I love her. I’m always going to be there, if she ever opens that door.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Survivor: Philippines” – Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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