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‘Survivor’ Castaways Interview: Danielle DiLorenzo and Candice Woodcock

May 10, 2010

The last episode of “Survivor” was a lesson in “twos.” Two immunity challenges, two tribal councils, two shocking votes, and two lovely ladies headed to the jury.

But, it was also a lesson in “toos.” Russell is too paranoid when it comes to his position in the game, Jerri wasn’t too comfortable with her place in the Villains alliance, and Danielle was getting too close to Parvati.

I had a chance to (see, another “to”) speak with the two newest members of the jury, Candice Woodcock and Danielle DiLorenzo, to find out what it’s like to be stranded on a beach with Russell, how Jerri’s moves shocked them both, and who’d really win in a fight between Danielle and Amanda.

Gordon Holmes: Candice, were you shocked when the Villains had agreed to vote Colby out of the game and Jerri got everyone to go against you instead?
Candice Woodcock:
I was actually really surprised. Obviously I thought I was safe or I wouldn’t have gotten down for peanut butter at the immunity challenge. (Laughs) I was very nice to Jerri all the time. I like her, I slept next to her. But thinking about it, I don’t know exactly what their alliance was. Maybe she felt like she was near the bottom of the alliance and I had moved up. If I was in her position I would have done the same thing.
Danielle DiLorenzo: She saw you and Russell and she thought you might have replaced her. I think that’s why she wanted to get rid of you. And also the fact that you flipped. We were thinking that since you flipped once you could flip back.
Candice: Everyone thinks that, but my thinking is once you’ve flipped, the people you flipped against will never take you back. But I guess that’s not what people think.

Gordon: Staying on Jerri and the moves she made last episode, Danielle were you shocked at how easily Jerri flipped against you at tribal council?
I almost felt like Jerri had some sort of jealous thing toward me for most of the game. I thought I’d won her over, but she was very close to Russell. She was riding his coattails. He could make her do whatever he wanted her to do. He was controlling her. He threatened her like he threatened everybody else. I just wish that she’d have thought about our alliance with me and Parvati.
Gordon: Do you think the Villain women could’ve made a move to boot Russell?
Danielle: We could have pulled Sandra in and Rupert and Colby and gotten Russell off. That was my next move.

Gordon: When your names appeared on the “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains” cast list a lot of people (including me) were left scratching their heads. Did you feel like the fact that you weren’t as well known as some of the other players meant you had something to prove?
I didn’t really feel like I had anything to prove. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder about anything. I thought it was kind of an advantage. You don’t want to be the biggest name out there.
Danielle: All of the other people had big targets on their backs, like Parvati and Amanda. It was stressful for them. And I think we both proved our worth.

Gordon: Danielle, during the last episode you said that you trusted Russell 110 percent. It’s comments like that that drive our message boards crazy. Was that game play, or did you actually trust Russell that much in the game?
I did, I trusted him to a certain extent. I knew once it got down to the wire that I couldn’t trust anybody. I was playing him too, I was making him think, “Don’t worry, I’d never turn on you.” They didn’t show it, but I had talked to Sandra and Parvati about voting him out. My next move was to get him off. But I was trying to make him comfortable, to think that I’d never make a move on him.

Gordon: Now Candice, it seems like you were never really able to get a foothold in an alliance. Was that by design so you could play different angles or were you just having trouble clicking with people?
I think I had a problem from the very beginning. A lot of people are friends, and knew each other. I’m not saying they had an alliance or anything like that, but if you know somebody you feel more comfortable with them to begin with. I think that in the beginning the Heroes were all suspicious of me because the biggest thing I was known for was the mutiny and switching tribes. So they didn’t want anything to do with me because they thought I should be a Villain. And to be honest, I thought I should have been on the Villains tribe. And the way I play the game I think I would have done much better if I was on the Villains. The Heroes wouldn’t listen to me from the beginning. I’d say things and JT would pretend like he didn’t even hear me. I was miserable.

Gordon: I noticed at different points you’d go to tribal council wearing body paint that said “I Love Somebody.” I don’t remember the names, but I think both of you did it at one point. I guess my question here is, when are we going to see some “I Love Gordon” paint? Like when you’re both on “Survivor: 30” can we make this happen?
(Laughs) You’ll have to ask my husband.
Gordon: If you could ask him for me, I’d appreciate it.
Danielle: I don’t have a husband, so I can do the “I Love Gordon.”
Gordon: Excellent. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
Danielle: (Laughs) I hope you have your DVR set.

Gordon: Has Colby checked out?
Oh God, yeah. He checked out a long time ago…day two. In challenges, in strategy play, I don’t know, he’s just off. I thought that maybe he’d turn it on and that was part of his strategy. But as the days went on it never happened. He just checked out. He would go on these long walks and sit out and meditate in the water for hours. It was so weird. One time when we were trying to get rid of James I had to drag Colby out of the shelter because they were trying to vote Colby out. I pulled him out of the shelter and pulled him into the circle of conversation. I’d tell him to be part of the team or else he was going home. It was just so weird. And when I watched the show last week, when Colby was strategizing with Sandra my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe Colby was talking strategy with anybody.

Gordon: I spoke with Amanda last week, and I asked her if she had a straight-up fight with Danielle who would win. She said she would’ve won. I’m interested in your prediction on that fight.
She’s from the Midwest and I’m from Boston. I kickbox, box, I’ve fought. I’d kick her butt. Sorry, Amanda.
Gordon: Candice, I’m sorry…but this means you have to be the tie-breaker.
Danielle: (Laughs)
Candice: Oh gosh, here’s the problem with that, I already betrayed Amanda and I voted her off and I feel really bad about that…so I can’t…
Gordon: C’mon, Candice.
Candice: I think Danielle would win.
Danielle: (Laughs)
Candice: Amanda is too sweet. Danielle will get nasty if she has to. Danielle is very sweet, but she has some fight in her.
Gordon: Danielle, I don’t want to cause any trouble, but I’m from the Midwest.
Danielle: Oh no! I wasn’t saying it like that. In the Midwest they don’t fight.
Gordon: Uh-huh.
Danielle: That wasn’t a knock on the Midwest, there’s just a different mentality.
Gordon: I’m not starting trouble. You could probably beat me up too.
Danielle: (Laughs)

Gordon: A hot debate on our forums is whether or not Russell Hantz is the best player of all time. Now that you’ve seen “Samoa” and experienced “Heroes Vs. Villains” how do you feel?
He’s not the best player in this game. Just judging from the way he played last time, getting all the way to the end and not having the respect of the jurors. That to me is not the best player in the game. Part of the game strategy is knowing the people you voted out along the way. So, if you play the game with no integrity, no humanity, no respect for people, then yeah, you played a nice game but then you won’t win a million dollars. That to me is the best player.
Candice: I think there’s something kind of pathologic about him. It’s great to watch how aggressively he plays. It’s very interesting, but if you think about it, in real life, people don’t get in your face and threaten you, that doesn’t happen to people.
Gordon: I’m told that happens all the time in Boston.
Candice: (Laughs) Well, that’s why Danielle knew how to handle him.
Danielle: Seriously!
Candice: But the thing is, when he came up and started threatening me in the episode where I voted for Amanda, I didn’t know what to do. I’m not used to someone being that aggressive with me. It’s weird and it’s kind of creepy.

‘Survivor H.V.V.’ Episode 12 Recap: Is That an Idol In Your Pocket?

May 6, 2010

Last Week: Danielle threw down, Colby let his tribe down, and Amanda’s bid to stay in the game was voted down.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here is the tribe as it currently stands…

The (We’ve got immunity idols out the) Yin Yang Tribe

Rupert Boneham – 45
Colby Donaldson – 35
Candice Woodcock – 27
Sandra Diaz-Twine – 34
Danielle DiLorenzo – 28
Russell Hantz – 37
Jerri Manthey – 38
Parvati Shallow – 27

We meet up with the Yin Yangers after tribal council. Rupert feels like he and Colby are the last Heroes standing now that Candice has sided with the Legion of Troll.

The following morning, Russell tells Sandra that Colby and Rupert don’t trust him.

Ahem… Doy.

Rupert proves Russell’s theory correct by saying that Russell is worse than Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton.


Rupert later calls Russell out for swearing on his kids’ lives. Russell does his trademark job of sweet talking the jury members by telling Rupert that he doesn’t care what he thinks.

Russell then breaks into a pretty weak Rupert impersonation by saying he’s, “The good guy, the second coming of Christ.” We’ve come a long way from Australia’s Keith Famie being a villain for being bossy around the campfire.

Immunity Challenge Numero Uno: All of the players will be standing on a wooden perch. They’ll have one hand in the air. That hand will be tethered to a bucket of colored water. When the arm drops, the water will dump on them, and they’ll be eliminated. Probst also promises a twist after the challenge. Maybe the twist will be that the colored water is actually Hi-C!

Gross Fact: Seeing everyone with their arms raised and sporting 30 days worth of stubble is making me regret purchasing an HDTV.

J-Pro decides to tempt the players with food, but before he can announce what it is, Russell and Sandra both agree to step out. Jeff unveils the food, and they’re both happy to discover a plate of cookies instead of a bowl of sea water.

A few minutes later, Jeff shows up with a plate of donuts. Colby agrees to leave the game for the donuts.

Really, Colby?! Dude has checked out.

Thirty five minutes into the challenge, Probst shows up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bowl of candy. Danielle, Jerri, and Candice take him up on it.

As Danielle gets doused, her bikini bottoms slip off. What is it with peanut butter and nudity on this show?!

An hour and ten minutes into the challenge, Rupert loses his footing and accidentally eliminates himself. Parvati wins immunity.

After the challenge, Probst reveals the twist which is another immunity idol clue. Instead of just handing it to Russell, he reads it out loud.

Another immunity idol…awesome…

Once everyone returns to camp, an idol-hunting free-for-all breaks out. Miraculously, Sandra manages to find it. She smartly decides not to tell anyone.

Rupert hatches a plan to make everyone think he has located the idol. He finds a large rock and puts it in his pocket. Go, Rupert. That’s the best thing he’s done since selling the shoes in the Pearl Islands.

Russell falls for it, telling Sandra that they’ll have to split the votes. She doesn’t let him know that she really has it.

During strategy talk, Jerri tells the others that she’d rather vote out Candice over Colby. Aww…Australia represent.

Rupert and Colby get wind of this strategy and decide to vote for Candice as well.

Quick Aside: Again, very impressed with Rupert.

That night at tribal, Colby and Rupert have it out with Candice over her decision to jump on board the S.S. Villain.

Russell has her back telling J-Pro that the jump was the smartest thing she’s done in the game.

Voting Time: Colby votes for Candice, Candice votes for Rupert, and the rest of the votes are secret.

Jeff asks if anyone would like to play an idol. Rupert decides not to play his rock.

J-Pro reads the votes; three votes for Rupert, four votes for Candice, and the thirteenth person voted out and the fifth member of the jury is…Candice.

The tribe has spoken.

Back at the beach we get an awesome animal metaphor as we’re shown a shot of a crab being picked apart by ants. Very subtle, “Survivor” crew. Emmys are in the mail.

Russell thinks the girls made a horrible decision by letting their hatred for Candice get in the way of their team strategy. He’s also a bit uneasy with the amount of pull Parvati has in the alliance.

Immunity Challenge Numero Dos: Each player will race to dig up a peg. Once they have their peg they’ll have to maneuver it around a maze puzzle. The first five people to complete the maze will advance. From there they’ll use four pegs to reach the top of a climbing wall. The first three people to reach the top of the wall will advance. From there they’ll have to complete a sliding puzzle. First person to complete their puzzle wins immunity.

Rupert, Sandra, Russell, Parvati, and Danielle complete the maze portion first and advance to the climbing wall portion.

In the next round, Russell scales the wall like a ring-tailed lemur! Parvati and Rupert are up next. They’ll all advance to the final round.

Not much to describe during the slide puzzle portion except for some heated puzzle sliding. Russell completes it first, winning immunity.

Back at camp, Parvati lets us know that it’s time for Rupert to go home.

However, Russell seems very annoyed that Parvati and Danielle are so close.

He tells Danielle that it might be time to send Parvati home. Danielle disagrees, but tells Russell that she trusts him 110%.

Bahaha! Danielle is like the 40th person on this show to talk about how much they trust Russell.

In the very next shot, Russell tells Parvati that Danielle just told him that she wants to boot Parvati when they get to the final five or six.

Parvati wants to talk to Danielle about it, but Russell tries to talk her out of it…

…And he isn’t successful. Danielle and Parvati share notes and decide that Russell has been lying to them.

Russell realizes he’s in trouble, so he talks to Colby and Rupert about voting out Danielle. Surely Rupert wouldn’t work with the man he considers to be the most vile villain of all time, right?

Wrong. Rupert’s all for it. They even bumped fists.

“Survivor” is the best.

Now that the gentlemen are on board, Russell makes a move for Jerri’s vote. It’s masterful. He convinces her that if Danielle doesn’t go tonight that they’ll be gunning for her next.

That night at tribal, J-Pro asks who’s running the show. Rupert thinks it’s between Parvati and Russell. Danielle thinks all of the Villains are working together and making decisions.

Really, Danielle?

The Parvati vs. Danielle debate is brought up with Russell sticking to his story. Except, now he claims that it was his way of testing Danielle’s loyalty.  This actually causes Danielle to break down in tears.

From the jury box, Courtney says, “Boo hoo.”

Most entertaining juror ever.

In trying to make peace, Danielle stumbles and says she’s closer to Parvati than Russell thinks.

Can open…worms everywhere.

Russell mouths to Jerri to vote for Danielle.

Voting Time: Parvati votes for Rupert, Russell votes for Danielle, Jerri casts a mystery vote that will “Seal her fate,” the rest of the votes aren’t shown.

Time to read the votes; three votes for Rupert, three votes for Danielle, and the fourteenth person voted out of the game, and the sixth member of the jury is…Danielle.

The tribe has spoken…again.

Verdict: Wow. I thought Colby and Rupert were dead in the water. Shows what I know. Another awesome episode. The post-Boston Rob lull is officially over.

Who’s Going to Win? That immunity idol makes Sandra extremely dangerous. But, I don’t think the jury will vote for a past winner. So, I’m sticking with my Jerri vote.

Power Rankings Update:
Stephen Fishbach had Candice in spot eight and Danielle in spot six for a total of fourteen points while I had Candice in spot five and Danielle in spot two for seven points. The current score is now All Stars 105, Team Gordon 118.

That lead is probably too much for the All Stars to overcome, which is good because the final challenger is none other than the Probsty Award-winning, defending Power Rankings champion Tamara “Taj” George.

What Do You Think?
Was Russell foolish for turning on Danielle? Do you think less of Rupert for siding with Russell? Which player has surprised/impressed you the most this season?

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